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“Enthralling… Readers won’t want this adrenaline-rich story to end. ”
—Booklist (starred review)

Thief. Manipulator. Con artist. Call it what you will—Bianca St. Ives is the best in the business. 

Growing up, Bianca St. Ives knew she was different from all her friends. Instead of playing hopscotch or combing her dolls’ hair, she studied martial arts with sensei masters and dismantled explosives with special-ops retirees. Her father prepped her well to carry on the family business. Now a striking beauty with fierce skills, the prodigy has surpassed the master.

She’s known as the Guardian. Running a multinational firm with her father, she makes a living swindling con men out of money they stole—and she’s damn good at it. She does things on her own terms. But her latest gig had a little hiccup—if you count two hundred million dollars and top secret government documents going missing as little. Her father also died on the mission. The thing is, the US government doesn’t believe he’s really dead. They’ll stop at nothing to capture Richard St. Ives, a high-value target and someone who has been on most-wanted lists all over the world for over two decades, and they mean to use Bianca as bait. With only a fellow criminal for backup and her life on the line, it’s up to Bianca to uncover the terrifying truth behind what really happened…and set it right, before it’s too late.




KAREN ROBARDS is the author of 50 books and one novella. She is the mother of three boys and lives in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. A regular on the New York Times, USA TODAY and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, among others, she published her first novel at age 24. “I read, I write, and I chauffeur children,” she says with a laugh. “That’s my life.”







My Review

This is one fun read!

The story opens with a beautiful woman in the middle of a fancy soiree planning to perform a complicated heist that goes sideways. Cue some fast thinking, acrobatic manoeuvres, and the requisite sexy secret agent bent on capturing our thief and you have the makings of a book that reads like an action movie.

Bianca St. Ives grew up in the shadow of her infamous father who taught her everything he knows- or at least she thought he had.

When an explosion kills her dad, Bianca goes undercover to grieve and decide on her next move. But, things are not what they seem and soon she’s in a life and death race to save those she loves and unravel the mystery of her past.

The Ultimatum is the start of a fast-paced new series and I look forward to seeing where the author takes us next!

I give The Ultimatum 5+ lovely kisses- A highly recommended read!


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Jacquie Biggar

JACQUIE BIGGAR  is a USA Today bestselling author of Romance who writes about smart, sassy females and tough, alpha males who learn the true power is love. Free reads, excerpts, author news, and contests can be found on her web site: You can follow her on at, Or email her via her web site. Jacquie lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and loves to hear from readers all over the world!

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