The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou. A small-town contemporary #romance series by @LiviaQuinn #reading

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The Calloways of Rainbow Bayou. A small-town contemporary romance series.

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“I have to say this is one of the best written stories I’ve read in a while. I loved the way this was written and the story it tells…I can NOT give this book enough praise.“ The Naughty Librarian

“If you’re looking for a good romance with dashes of humor, military and living out your dreams, pick up this book! There’s one surprise that will endear you to Buffy, as it did me. Another gem by Livia Quinn!” NNLightsBookHeaven


The first three books release this month and until September 17th you can get books 1-6 at just #99. After that, the rest will be #99cents during preorder until their release dates.


Rainbow Bayou is home to the Calloways and Larues, a large family of military servicemen and women who are heroes at their core and steadfast in their loyalty to their family, community and country. If you love heartfelt small town romance series with plenty of emotion and humor, try Livia’s contemporary romance series. Though the books are standalones, many characters reappear and their stories progress throughout the series so some readers may prefer to read them in order.


When the Right One Comes Along (Ridge and Buffy, book 1) Former Army Ranger, now billionaire CEO is on a mission for vets. He meets Buffy under very unusual circumstances which complicates and threaten that mission and their relationship. The Calloways have always know when the right comes along but will Buffy be the exception?


Too Good to Be True. (Luc and Delilah, book 2) Former Naval officer, Luc Larue left the service to open a teen center to help disadvantaged teens in his hometown. But when tough cop, Delilah Burke, discovers Luc in his mercenary “uniform” at a crime scene, she’s undeniably attracted to the sexy hero. But is he too good to be true?


Only the Heart Remembers (Nick and Brenna, book 3) Brenna McLaren has a really bad feeling, is it the approaching tropical storm? Nope. When a stranger attempts to break in to her cabin she whacks him with a fireplace shovel and he awakens thinking they are a couple. But as their relationship grows, images from his past begin to surface and danger threatens their future together.


Christmas Wishes (the holiday get together, book 4). Miracles and second chances happen for Beau and Maddie, Jed and Sam, Del and Luc and Buffy and Ridge. Join in the festivities and get a taste of upcoming books.


At Long Last Love (Beau and Maddie, book 5) Madison Hart has been in love with Beau for most of her life. When he comes home from unexpectedly, Maddie’s traitorous heart leaps at the thought of a second chance. But an accident on Beau’s Hollywood movie set has sent him home a changed man, in more ways than one. Maddie makes a sacrifice that pushes Beau even farther away. Will her love be strong enough for both of them?


It Had to Be You (Jed and Sam, book 6) When Jed started dating Samantha Larue he knew she was pregnant and still he found her wildly attractive, but when their relationship turns more serious, Jed broke it off saying he’d sworn off marriage and kids after an abusive childhood. Then six months ago, he delivered Sam’s baby and now, every time he sees little Nina he wonders if he made a mistake. New developments from Jed’s past turn his long-held ideas upside down. When Sam is threatened and her secret is exposed, can he convince her to give him a second chance?


Livia Quinn is a DC native transplanted to the wilds of the Louisiana bayou. She’s protected from the alligators, bears and snakes by her husband and their Cajun husky (Pom), Dusty.


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