The fireworks between them could get them killed… The Beachcombers-Prequel by @StephanieQueen #RomSuspense #BookReview

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise takes on a new partner for a kidnapping case, gorgeous Scotland Yard detective Shana George. Mistake? Maybe.



Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise takes on a new partner for a kidnapping case, gorgeous Scotland Yard detective Shana George. Mistake? Maybe.

Dane Blaise
When he walks by you, you feel the heat of his energy and then you turn your head and meet his intense eyes.
If you’re a woman, you shiver with anticipation. If you’re an enemy of any kind, you shiver with fear.
Because you know he’s the kind of man who would lay down his life for the woman he loves.
He’s a protector, the kind of man who would have been a swashbuckler with in the days of pirates, or a knight in shining armor in the days of castles and kings.
Now, seemingly invincible and legendary, he leads the life of a loner mercenary. Unimpressed and un-phased by most, the last thing Dane needs or wants is a partner …
Shana George.
Shana is who every woman wants to be, strong and knock-out gorgeous, a wonder woman style crusader—protector of the helpless and fighter for justice. Working in law enforcement for Scotland Yard, she’s a match for any man with her confidence and skill—and long ago stopped looking for that man who would inspire her to lay everything on the line for him.
Will Dane be that man? Will Shana be a match for the legendary Dane Blaise?

The fireworks between them could get them killed before they have a chance to find the missing heiress and whoever is behind the kidnapping. They need to find the heiress before they let their relationship compromise everything. Or is it too late?





About USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen
Stephanie Queen is the USA Today bestselling author of the romantic detective series, Beachcomber Investigations. She lives in the stunning state of New Hampshire with her family, her cat, Kitty and her fun-loving friends. Besides going to the gym sporadically, Stephanie cooks and crochets and loves chocolate covered potato chips (yes, she should go to the gym more often).
She used to be a 9 to fiver working in downtown Boston, but has thrown her stylish suits and fancy heels in a closet and now hangs out in UConn t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. “If I could come back in another life as anything I wanted, I’d be a regency era heroine.” (Not surprisingly) Regency romances are her favorite secret reads.

action beach fun leisure
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My Review

This introduction into Stephanie Queen’s Beachcomber series swept me off my feet!

When trouble comes to Dane Blaize’s island getaway he has no choice but to take on the case. Though he’s tired and jaded, Dane has to admit his new partner is easy on the eyes.

Shana George has a thirst for adventure and her latest assignment is certainly answering that goal– she’s undercover as a rich surfing competitor!

A missing heiress, shadowy kidnappers, danger around every corner, strong characters will keep you turning those pages long after midnight.

I give The Beachcombers-Prequel 4 lovely kisses


6 comments on “The fireworks between them could get them killed… The Beachcombers-Prequel by @StephanieQueen #RomSuspense #BookReview

  1. mrsnnnlight

    I’m such a fan of Queen’s series. It’s so much fun and full of intrigue. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Undercover as a rich surfboarder? That’s a new one for me. Thanks for sharing, Jacquie.

    Liked by 1 person

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