19 Replies to “Missing my kids #WordlessWednesday #FamilyFirst”

  1. What a gorgeous photograph. My ‘much-loved’ three sons are fifty and over now and loved just as much as when they arrived on this planet. Luckily, two out of three live only a mile from husband and me (in Spain), while the third lives in Denmark and we email, Skype and talk regularly. He is – hurray – due a visit soon. For whatever reason, it is so sad to read of split families and more especially to read of abused and neglected children. Love is all.

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    1. I’m happy your children are mostly nearby, Joy. Family is so important- something we appreciate more as we grow older.
      My girl had to move across the country for her schooling. We do keep in contact through Facetime and texts, but it’s not the same as actually seeing them. My grandson is a tween now, he’ll be a young man soon. I wish we were closer to offer support- he’s type 1 diabetic. I worry about him.
      You’re right- love IS all ❤

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    1. Me, too! Before he was diagnosed as Type 1, I assumed Diabetes was simply a case of watching your diet and exercising.
      T1D is so much more than that. Without the pancreas it’s a constant life and death battle. My daughter is a single parent. I have NO idea how she manages on a daily basis. She’s amazing!

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