Shades of Blue- #SundayStills #Photography

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge from Terri Webster Schrandt is Glacier Blue. Check her awesome blog out here!

This is from a couple of years ago off the coast of Newfoundland. My grandson is awed by the size of these behemouths!

My daughter is in 7th heaven, lol

The goof showing off with a couple of smaller icebergs in the background.

This ‘glacial’ display is taken from a storefront in Butchart Gardens. If you ever come to Vancouver Island, the gardens are a must-see!

A gorgeous Mustang at a car show with glacial blue paint.

Glacier colors on street art.

Cool sea critter in shades of blue.

One more cool blue car with the backend raised for Becky’s ‘UP’ Squares Challenge for January.

How about you? Are there shades of blue around you?

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  1. Simply wonderful, Jacquie! How cool to see a real iceberg sporting its glacier blue! Your daughter and grandson were having a wonderful time! I love that last blue car, too! Gorgeous and a great variety of blues! I can’t wait to get over to Vancouver Island when we can travel again!

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  2. I love the family photos, especially the one with you and your grandson. We were at Vancouver Island two years ago. (my first time) We had tea at the Empress, road a carriage through town, and visited the Butchart Gardens. Then we went up to Alaska on the same trip. You have found a little slice of heaven there, Jacquie.

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    1. Thank you, Pete. That’s actually my daughter, I’m super proud of her! Even though she’s the single mom of a Type 1 Diabetic (which is a 24-7 job all on its own) she’s putting herself through university to get a PHD in biology.
      I agree, Victoria, and the island, is about as close to perfect as I can imagine. I’m glad you had an enjoyable time while you were here 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Darlene. No, unfortunately it’s too cost prohibitive for us. At least the internet gives us a way to see each other, and I’m grateful she has the opportunity to chase her dream ❤

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  3. Hi, Jacquie – I adore Butchart Gardens…and I love the glacial blues that you have displayed here. You are right, these blues are all around us — often hidden in plain sight. I’m glad to have been connected with another Vancouver Islander via #SundayStills!

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  4. What a delightful venture into the blue … of waters and gardens and autos and life! I love Butchart Gardens. It’s been quite a while since I visited, but decades ago, I lived on Salt Spring Island in Canada, just a short ferry ride to Victoria. Magical area! 💙

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  5. Such Fabulous photos…..Wow Canada is such a beautiful place and so many interesting things to see. I would love to visit one day.

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      1. I know. There aren’t many gravel pits that look so wonderful. There’s a little town north of Sacramento, Rockville, that has turned its gravel pit into a playground for adults – zipline, rock climbing. I thought I had a post to share about it, but alas, I never wrote it! LOL

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          1. I looked up all my pictures of Quarry Park. They’re not spectacular, but I might work up a post. The idea is great. It doesn’t look amazing like Butchart Gardens, but then that it not it’s purpose.

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  6. Wow, I am so impressed with all the actual ‘iceberg’ entries for Terri’s challenge this week. What a treat it must be to be so close to such exquisite beauty. I visited Butchart Gardens many years ago, in the Spring. I imagine it must be pretty any time of the year. Thanks for the link.

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