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This week I have three fabulous romance reviews to share, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

My cherry tree is loaded with buds, the birds are singing, and my cat is acting like she’s a kitten instead of nine, lol.

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, the promise of vaccines and an end to the pandemic- yay! (I’m going with positive thinking here)

I’ve been reading some fun, uplifting romances and want to share my thoughts with you today. Let’s start with one from a favorite author of mine, Jill Shalvis.

In this wonderful mystery-romance romp, New York Times-bestselling author Jill Shalvis “skillfully mixes the bizarre with the poignant and the hilarious”


Breanne Moreland gets ditched at the altar and decides to give her ex the figurative finger by going on their carefully planned honeymoon- alone.

Never agree to marry a man because he has potential. Men are not like houses; they do not make good fixer-uppers. —Breanne Mooreland’s journal entry

Get a Clue- Jill Shalvis

Cooper Scott is burned out after years on the vice squad and only wants one week of peace and quiet- alone.

Neither will get what they want, and a lot more than they expect.

A beautiful lodge in the Sierras is the setting for this fun, sexy romp. Breanne and Cooper are mistakenly booked into the same suite. Before they can sort out the problem, the weather steps in with the blizzard of the decade, stranding them without heat or power, and the quirky staff only adds to the strangeness.

And then there’s the dead body.

Dead. The knowledge sort of seeped into her brain in slow motion, and when it finally landed and was processed, she did what any sensible city girl stuck in the mountains in a snowstorm without luggage, who’d found a naked guy and a dead guy within a few hours of each other, would do. She scrunched up her eyes and screamed.

Get a Clue- Jill Shalvis

Breanne is done with men, but there’s no denying the chemistry between her and Cooper is off the charts hot.

I’ve heard that men are like fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with. Me, I just want to do the stomping. —Breanne Mooreland’s journal entry

Get a Clue- Jill Shalvis

It was fun watching these two fight their attraction. Cooper was burned in the past and isn’t anxious to trust again, while Breanne is sure there must be something wrong with her because the men in her life keep dumping her.

The staff are eccentric and create the perfect backdrop to this fun romance with a murder/mystery twist. I wasn’t able to guess whodunit until it was revealed, which added to the entertainment factor,

A great read!

Wyatt Rose can’t overcome his loss—especially after his sister’s murder. When the New Patriots recruit him, he finds a traumatized girl that spirals him down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, drug smugglers, and slavery.

The story opens on the horrific scene of a child abduction. Hannah was lured by a man she should never have trusted and eventually finds herself captured and used in a sex trade ring the spreads across the country.

After months of torture, she manages to escape-leaving her sister behind- and meets a kind stranger (Alyssa) who directs her to safety.

When war veteran Wyatt’s dog leads him to a distraught child hidden in the bushes along the bank of the Potomac, he carries her to his organization’s secret hideaway in order to get her the help she needs and soon learns of the girl’s connection to his deceased sister, Alyssa.

NCIS Director Harper Drake leads a secret faction known as the New Patriots whose goal it is to fight terrorism and corruption. When her ex-fiancé, Wyatt’s, ghost appears and guides her toward the child traffickers, the risks amp up to a new and dangerous level.

The author tackles several tough subjects; war injuries, physcological issues (PTSD), child trafficking, abuse, national safety, but what appealed the most for me was Harper and Wyatt’s journey. They’ve both been through a lot and it’s left scars that take love and trust to overcome.

A page-turning read!

He wants a second chance with his best friend’s sister. She wants him on his knees. The battle of the sexes gets steamy and hilarious as the hot geek and the girl next door dig up their past and fight for their future.

Tori Jarrett has her hands full renovating the house she bought from her parents, as well as caring for the family business while they’re away on vacation. What she doesn’t need is her biggest mistake, Brett Evans, to show up on her doorstep looking for a place to stay.

Brett is in town for a month for his job and assumes his best friend (Tori’s brother) has cleared it with his parents for Brett to rent a room in their house. He’s sick of hotel life (I wish!), and is looking forward to the much-loved homelife he’s never had.

Unfortunately, times have changed and Brett ends up eye-to-rump (Tori is up a ladder when he arrives) with the girl he never should have bedded years before- and she’s definitely NOT happy to see him!

This is a fun rom-com that had my laughing in several places. I actually had more sympathy for Brett than Tori, who carried a major chip on her shoulder.

An entertaining tale!

That’s it for this week. What about you? Have you read these books? Let’s chat 🙂

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  1. Ahh ..your Spring sounds like it’s well on the way and cherry trees are so special. A perfect share of books for the day, Jacquie and they all sound great. ‘Get a Clue’ has intriuged me, I can’t help but smile at the last line of the blurb with the casual ‘Then there was a body’! With your review and this line I’m very interested to read on!

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