Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Weekly Challenge #TankaProse – Bear Witness by Sally Cronin

A thought-provoking poem by Sally Cronin. Freedom is a privilege many never see.

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This week for Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 241 it is to create in a specific form which is Tanka Prose…

Here is my Tanka Prose –

Bear Witness

Images seared on the mind. Men, women and children fleeing a future they have experienced before. Faith lost in those who swore to protect. Fear that borders crossed only hold more danger. Spectators from afar can only look on powerlessly, grateful for the safety and peace they often take for granted.

Do not look away
bear witness to tragedy
give deepest respect
to those who flee tyranny
do not become complacent

©Sally Cronin 2021

There is still time to participate in this week’s challenge: Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 241 it is to create in a specific form

My latest book is a collection of poetry and was published in July 2021 and here is a recent review.

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  1. Powerful poem from Sally, Jacquie. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You can feel the pain and helplessness in her words ❤️

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      1. Sally writes wonderful poetry, and she has a compassionate heart.

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        1. ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Jan Sikes says:

    I loved Sally’s poem. It is so relevant and filled with truth! Thank you for sharing, Jacquie!

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    1. It’s hard to watch the news without being affected by one catastrophe after another.

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  3. Thanks very much Jacquie for sharing…have a lovely week..♥

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    1. Beautifully written, Sally ❤️

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  4. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader says:

    What’s happening is a tragedy and it’s very well written here.

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    1. Agreed, Sophie. Stay safe, my friend ❤️


  5. Kymber says:

    Sally’s poem is very powerful. I feel its relevance in our current world, too, Jacquie.

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    1. It really struck home with me. We take so much for granted while others fight to simply survive.

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  6. Thanks for sharing Sally’s poem, Jacquie. It is very powerful.

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    1. And sad. Most times it’s the innocent who pay in wartimes.

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