COMPROMISE Book Birthday #NewRelease #Suspense @Marsharwest

I’m thrilled to share my friend Marsha R. West’s new release, Compromise! Isn’t that cover perfect for a suspense novel?

Word by Word

Yesterday was the Book Birthday of COMPROMISE, my 9th published book. A very exciting day. It generally takes me a long time to complete a book. My 8th book released in September of 2020 and the 7th book (4th in The Second Chances Series) released in 2019. So it takes right at a year for me. Other authors are much faster than I, but everyone has to work out their on system.

At any rate, that’s why it’s such a joyous occasion when a book is released because of how long the process takes and all the people who make it happen over and above the author. I always say, “It takes a village to produce a book.” And yes, I have started working on the next one. 😊

I want to share some links I think you’ll enjoy. First is my trailer produced by Jody Vitek…

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