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Reading has always been an escape for me. As a child, books allowed me to travel to faraway countries and have great adventures I’d never dreamed of in my small-town world.

As an adult, my tastes may have changed but the concept is the same; books take me away from the real-life issues we face today. There’s so much needless violence, climate crisis issues, and starvation that it’s impossible to go a day without something horrible happening somewhere.

While reading isn’t an answer (though there are great ideas for change in the pages of books), it is a way to take a step back and ease a bit of the stress.

Here is this week’s enjoyable reads. For more info click the covers or retail links.

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Free-spirited Jagger has wanderlust, and Deirdra has a career to return to. They’re on different paths, and plans for a future together don’t stand a chance. But when has anything gone according to plan?

Dierdra spent much of her childhood caring for her younger sisters and alcoholic mother. She has no interest in returning to Silver Island and those memories for anything less than her sister’s wedding. Besides, her unappreciative boss needs to realize how important she is to the company and she hopes a couple months away will open his eyes and convince him to make her a partner as she deserves.

Jagger has been through a lot, and it’s taught him the value of soft island breezes, family, friends, and maybe even a summer fling with the beautiful, uppity Dierdra. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Now he needs to convince Dierdra to take a chance on a future together.

This is an opposites attract romance. Dierdra is a perfectionist. A lawyer and city girl, she’s spent so many years controlling all aspects of her life that she doesn’t know how to handle her off-the-rails attraction to a free-spirited cook and musician who goes where the wind blows.

Jagger sees the warm, caring woman under the formidable shell and wants Dierdra to see it, too. He knows if she’ll just let down those thick walls she hides behind, happiness and love await.

While this is a romance, it’s also a lesson in taking risks, opening yourself up to possibilities, and appreciating the people who care.

Betrayal or death. When faced with an impossible choice, Kade can’t lie anymore, at least not when it comes to what he’s about to do the woman he loves.

Rose Guthrie will do anything to protect her young brother, who needs a heart transplant, even compromise herself to deliver a valuable box to a secretive buyer. When the seller disappears, along with the box, Rose enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse, one she’s determined to win.

Ex-army ranger, Kade Dolan, doesn’t care about much, he can’t afford to. Thanks to a debt he owes The Prince, leader of the Fianna, a deadly army steeped in history dating back two thousand years, Kade is living on borrowed time before he must give up everything to become a Fianna warrior. The problem is, he’s attracted to the beautiful Rose. When her life is endangered, he steps in, and becomes ensnared in the lies he must keep if he wants to protect the woman he loves.

This is a fast-paced suspense story including lost treasure, nefarious villains, brave heroes, and a love worth fighting for.

Meet Linda Lockwood: fifty, fat, frumpy and bullied by her horrible husband Ron and the vile students and principal at the school where she teaches English. But her life is about to undergo a total transformation.

Linda Lockwood is stuck in a crappy marriage with an unsatisfying job. She reaches the end of her tether after a terrifying ordeal at the school where she teaches problem children and fakes a breakdown to escape the stress of her life.

After her creep of a husband leaves her, Linda slowly opens her heart to possibilities and begins the journey to self-discovery and new beginnings with the help of friends and family.

This is a story the encourages those going through similar issues that there is a path to happiness if you are brave enough to take the first steps.

I hope I’ve tempted you into trying these fantastic writers- all are excellent reads!

Can you smell the sweet perfume coming from this beauty?

44 Replies to “#BookReview Tuesday- @Melissa_Foster, Sharon Wray, @piketoni1 #readingcommunity”

          1. I’m packing my most precious things and some necessities for the car. I’m definitely hiring movers for the rest. It’s still exhausting. And the move is bittersweet, as I’m leaving my parents, grandmother, extended family, friends… my hometown. Still, I’m excited to be close to my son, my daughter, her family, my dogs, and some friends I didn’t think I’d see again. Change is never easy, but it’s time for this one. Thanks, Jacquie.

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          2. It’s a big decision but it sounds as though you’ve already weighed the pros and cons. And who knows, maybe your parents will follow you at some point 🙂
            If not, thank goodness for Facetime. {{hugs}}

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  1. I also read to escape, Jacquie. I started reading when just a young thing and never looked back. You definitely piqued my interest in a couple of these. thanks for adding to my TBR pile. 😁📚💕

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  2. I completely agree with you about reading as a way to escape, Jacquie. These three books sound wonderful. I’m seeing only raving reviews about Toni Pike’s newest and have it waiting for me on my Kindle. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great reviews, Jacquie 🙂 I have Toni’s book coming up soon. Reading not only relaxes me but reminds me there are other possibilities out there too. I find it healing on many levels. Beautiful yellow roses, mine just started blooming.

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  4. Great books, Jacquie. Loves Last Kiss sounds especially enticing (I’d say Linda’s book, but I know that’s a winner, having read it!). And the flower–a sweet scent, a tad tangy? What do you think?

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    1. I had never heard of the Fianna before Sharon’s series- they have an impressive history!
      Tangy, spicy, sexy? It’s so hard to define the scent of a rose. I breathe it in, close my eyes and picture Heaven :))

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      1. My current WIP includes a boy who is almost blind and ‘sees’ with his other senses, so I’m busy exploring what the visual appears like through smell and sound. Thanks for the suggestions! I love the idea of ‘picture heaven!’

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  5. Hi Jacquie, Thank you so much for that wonderful review of Linda’s Midlife Crisis. It was such a lovely surprise, and I’m over the moon. I agree with you, reading is a good way to ease the stress from everything around us. I will reblog in a couple of days. Toni x

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  6. Aaaah. I can smell your roses, Jacquie, all the way over here. Our weather has been so crappy that mine don’t even have buds yet! And thanks for the book reviews. Love’s Last Kiss interested me the most. The last line of your review clinched it. I’ve already read Linda’s Midlife Crisis and thought it was a great light read, especially for anyone considering making an upgrade in her life. 😀 Have a lovely day, my friend. I hope the sun comes out for you. ❤ ❤

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    1. The only good thing about this cool weather is it’s slowing down the ice pack in the mountains which will benefit spawning fish.
      Hope the sun finds you sooner, rather than later! 🙂

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  7. All three books sound great. I enjoyed Toni’s book as well. Like you, I read from an early age and it expanded my world. I can’t get through a day without reading at least for a little while. Hope all is well with you. xo

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    1. Sorry I’m so late answering your comment, Darlene, the great outdoors is calling my name 🙂
      I still have a few of my children’s books like Sleeping Beauty and Winnie the Pooh, lol

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