4 Pieces of Facebook Advice You Can Ignore

the way to work with Facebook instead of against it

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Facebooks, tips and tricks, Lisa Hall-Wilson by Lisa Hall-Wilson

What to do? Facebook has changed – again. There’s more competition than ever for reader attention.

Writers are frustrated and it’s easy to understand why. How do you build a business when the goal posts for success keep moving? What’s the point?

Facebook is probably the slowest platform to build an audience on, and shooting yourself in the foot by listening to bad advice only makes it more difficult.

Choosing to build platform the right way will insulate you from the changes Facebook continues to make because those changes are often intended to deter those who cheat and try to game the system.

Here are 4 of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard when it comes to building a writing platform on Facebook:

Promo your books to every group every day.

This feels a whole lot like spam.

There are three kinds of groups on Facebook:

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Today I want to share a little about life with someone who suffered from the onset of Dementia. My grandmother would have been eighty-nine years old today had she not been taken away from us by this horrible, sad disease. The bad thing is, as was our case, it often times goes unrecognised until too … Continue reading FRAGMENTS


My DH took me on a date. We first went to A&W for some juicy burgers, then we drove to the beach and enjoyed the sunset. We used to do things like that all the time when we were dating, then life got in the way. Work, baby, bills, school, all cut into our great … Continue reading ONE LINE FRIDAY

Kat: Stealing Inspiration

Eight Ladies Writing

Choosing A Word For 2014 While going through some old McD files looking for inspiration for today’s post, I came across the “writing tips” I’ve listed below.  In a fit of self-delusion, I initially thought I’d compiled these tips from discussion posts (by Jenny C and/or my classmates) while attending McD. Just after I congratulated myself on my own cleverness for assembling such a valuable list, doubt began to seep in. I did a quick web search just to confirm that the list didn’t exist out there.

Two clicks later and boom. There they were. These tips was actually compiled after years at Pixar by the (truly brilliant) Emma Coats. They’re a great refresher and very relevant to the process I’m undertaking right now. I hope you find them useful, too. (In the interest of full disclosure, I swiped the graphic from another 8L, too).

The 22 Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar:

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Classifying Your Book: How to Research & Target Literary Agents

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By Chuck Sambuchino

BookStack_photopinOnce your book is finished, it’s time to start submitting to agents. For this, a simple first step is to create a new Microsoft Word or Excel document so you can keep detailed track of your submissions, target agents, resource materials, and more. The document will help you personalize query letters, find more agents to contact, and know when to follow up on submissions.

Now it’s time to create your list of potential agents to query.

As you start compiling agent names and contact info, think in terms of casting a wide net. Scour databases and websites to put together the largest possible collection of reps to contact, then start winnowing down your list as you go along. Understand right off the bat that not every agent is for you. You’ll only be targeting a fraction of the active reps out there—seeking those who represent the specific…

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Survival Friday: Most Water in Nature is Unsafe to Drink

Something we all should be aware of, but how many of us are?

Bob Mayer

Survival Friday: Excerpt from The Green Beret Survival Guide SurvivalFinal

The spread of Giardia has made most water sources that you used to be able to trust, unsafe.  Whatever purification system you use, make sure it will get rid of Giardia.  Giardia is spread through animal dropping (yes, a bear does crap in the woods and sometimes in the stream, lake or pond, or the rain runs into the water).  If you get this bug, it will seriously degrade you physically and reduce your ability to survive.

Then we have industrial and chemical pollution.  You have little idea what run off is going into the water.  So stay away from water:

  • That is near roads.  As a corollary to this, ever notice the sheen on a road as rain starts?  That’s all the oil and other pollutants in the road lifting up.  This is the most dangerous time for…

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4 Tips for the Care and Feeding of Dead Blogs

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Sierra-Godfrey-180x180by Sierra Godfrey

Remember when you started your blog? Maybe you were an unpublished writer and fellow unpublished writers followed your trials with you, cheered you when you got an agent and a book contract, and then became readers. Maybe you’re still unpublished but your focus has changed. Maybe your career was already in full swing, but you started your web presence with a free blog.

However you began your presence on the Web, you might have a bunch of reasons for moving your blog now—you might have a new shiny website with incorporated blog, or maybe your old blog was hacked, or maybe you just want a new way of blogging. Once you have your new home on the web, you’re good to go, right? You can delete your old blog, right?


Let it live. You need that old blog to increase your online profile print, and you…

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One Line Friday

It's my favourite day of the week, Friday. Time to get together with family and friends. Sleep in, 🙂 No school lunches to pack, or kids to rush out the door. Spring is here. The nursery's are filling up with a heavenly assortment of colours and smells. The promise of happiness is ripe in the … Continue reading One Line Friday

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner is serious business. Most other nights you can get away with anything from Hamburger Helper to Spaghetti and your family won't complain. They don't dare. However, tonight is all about family. It's special, and the meal you serve needs to portray this. A lot of houses will be serving ham, scalloped potatoes, hot … Continue reading Easter Dinner