#Holiday #Recipe Easy Peach Cobbler by @pat_preston

  #Holiday #Recipe Easy Peach Cobbler by @pat_preston   1 c. self-rising flour 1 c. milk 1 c. sugar 1 stick butter 1 can of sliced peaches (lite or heavy syrup)   Heat oven to 350 and melt butter in baking dish Mix flour, sugar and milk together with whisk. Pour this on top of … Continue reading #Holiday #Recipe Easy Peach Cobbler by @pat_preston

Exchange of Power by Andrea Bills #RomSuspense #amreading @XpressoReads

Exchange of Power Andrea Bills Publication date: August 10th 2016 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Hannah Mackenzie is married to the love of her life Nick, and they’re beginning to think of starting of a family when that dream comes to a tragic end with the sudden death of her husband. Just when Hannah believes her … Continue reading Exchange of Power by Andrea Bills #RomSuspense #amreading @XpressoReads

A Holiday Traditional #Recipe from #USAToday Love, Christmas author @jacqbiggar @mimisgang1

    The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. An air of festivity takes hold as stores bring out their holiday decorations and old time favorites play on the television. One of my favorite Christmas recipes came from my grandmother, Waldorf salad. Every year I'd look forward to seeing that fancy glass bowl … Continue reading A Holiday Traditional #Recipe from #USAToday Love, Christmas author @jacqbiggar @mimisgang1

Diabetes! Diabetes! Diabetes!

Great post on the turbulence of Type 1 Diabetes by Literary Dust

I don’t have diabetes myself, but my husband does. Before I met him I didn’t really know anything about it. He is Type 1, so there is absolutely no cure or getting rid of it. EVER!


This is just the stuff in the daily life of a diabetics own personal hell. Besides the insulin pens, he has the cheapest brands possible because even with insurance coverage to have a better brand is still a rip off. Also on another note there is not a generic prescription for insulin either. It is funny or rather not funny since if he doesn’t take the insulin he would obviously die.

Info on Diabetes!

Sorry Hansel, but you don’t develop diabetes by eating too much candy!

The thing is people just don’t get it. Diabetes isn’t just something you can take medicine in the morning for and you are good for the day. No! Sugar is constantly…

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