Just One of the Groomsmen by @CindiMadsen #NewRelease #Romance @EntangledPub @authorspal

Meet the Author:

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

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About the Book:

Addison Murphy is the funny friend, the girl you grab a beer with—the girl voted most likely to start her own sweatshirt line. And now that one of her best guy friends is getting married, she’ll add “groomsman” to that list, too. She’ll get through this wedding if it’s the last thing she does. Just don’t ask her to dive for any bouquet.
When Tucker Crawford returns to his small hometown, he expects to see the same old people, feel comfort in the same old things. He certainly doesn’t expect to see the nice pair of bare legs sticking out from under the hood of a broken-down car. Certainly doesn’t expect to feel his heart beat faster when he realizes they belong to one of his best friends.
If he convinces Addie to give him a chance, they could be electric…or their break-up could split their tight-knit group in two.
Hiding the way he feels from the guys through bachelor parties, cake tastings, and rehearsals is one thing. But just as Tucker realizes that Addie truly could be the perfect woman for him—he was just too stupid to realize it—now she’s leaving to follow her own dreams. He’s going to need to do a lot of compromising if he’s going to convince her to take a shot at forever with him—on her terms this time.

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Tucker cut across the town square, glancing around for the familiar blond ponytail. He’d put in a solid three days on the boat, and as he’d been forcing his stiff muscles to power through this afternoon, it felt like his arms were a hair from giving out. Now they were in the limp noodle range. Addie had teased him about being out of shape after sitting behind a desk for so long, and while his gym sessions had kept him fit, he was feeling the burn. There was just something different about manual labor, gym or not.
He’d been wanting an excuse to stop while telling himself he couldn’t start his own business and make it successful by taking half a day off partway through the week when his phone had rung.
“So, you know how you’re a bum now?” Addie had asked the second he’d picked up.
Glad for a legitimate reason to take a break, he’d dropped his tools and leaned against the wall of the shed. “Really? A bum?”
Her laugh had carried over the line and made him smile. “It’s my day off, but Lexi roped me into helping her plan the wedding—”
“She asked you to help with wedding stuff?” It was too funny, picturing her picking out dresses and flowers—hell, he bet if any guy tried to buy her flowers she’d hurl them at his head while yelling something like How dare you treat me like a girl!
“Okay, Mr. Incredulous, I had the same reaction, but apparently, much like Obi-Wan Kenobi, I’m someone’s only hope. And it’d help me not be so bored if you came along for the ride.”
Damn, how could he resist such a solid Star Wars reference? Not that he wouldn’t make her work a little harder for it. “What’s in it for me?”
She made an offended noise. “You get to hang out with yours truly, and we might actually get a chance to catch up without being interrupted every five minutes—well, since we’ll be in town, that’s not entirely true, but you get what I’m sayin’. Plus, we can give the rumor mill a push and scare all the older people that we’re together again and most likely plannin’ shenanigans. They’ll bar up the windows, bring their pies in off the sills.”
“So we’re bears?”
She growled, the weakest-sounding bear ever, then snort-laughed. “Pretend I didn’t do that.”
“Not sure I can unhear it.” He’d glanced down at himself, thinking he could use a shower. You know, for shenanigans reasons. Not because he cared about being sweaty and covered in sawdust in front of Addie. He’d told her he’d meet her in thirty, and he even wore the beat-up Saints hat she loathed to keep himself in line. Maybe that would also keep her in line, which was a moot point, because she didn’t seem to be having any trouble.
The shops lining the streets appeared very much the same. A few had new paint and new names, but not much had changed. Not much ever did here, and after years of too much change, too much traffic, and too many people, he took a moment to enjoy the slower pace and nostalgic timelessness.
Then the blond ponytail came into view. She’d paired a simple T-shirt with frayed, cut-off shorts that displayed a whole lot of leg, and he quickly jerked his gaze back to the unchanged buildings.
Now if he could only keep his feelings for one of his best friends from changing, that’d be great. Apparently it was going to take extra effort. “How do you feel about the fact that I’m only here because I had literally nothing else to do?” he joked as she approached.
“Relieved,” she said, without a hint of teasing. “I thought maybe Nonna Lucia would wanna help, but she informed me she has a social life, and then added that I needed to get one, too.”
“Real subtle, your grandma.”
“Right?” Addie pulled a folded paper out of the back pocket of the shorts that he absolutely wasn’t looking at. “Okay, so first up, I need to figure out how many strings of lights and yards of tulle we need to decorate the gazebo.” She looked from the list to the gazebo and then back to the list. “I’m assuming yards means tulle is a fabric?”
He shrugged. “Sounds right to me,” he said, although he was totally out of his league, a feeling he could see reflected in Addie’s expression.

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Lies by T. M. Logan #BookReview #mystery #suspense

What if you have the perfect life, the perfect wife and the perfect child—and then, in one shattering moment, you discover nothing is as it seems?

It’s the evening drive home from work, a route Joe Lynch has taken a hundred times with his young son. But when he unexpectedly sees his wife’s car ahead of them, he decides to follow her—and ends up witnessing her secret rendezvous with another man. The encounter will tear two families apart and leave an innocent man set up to take the fall for a murder.

Joe finds himself in the sights of a ruthless killer determined to destroy everything he treasures. He will do whatever it takes to protect his family, but as the net tightens around him, his life begins to fall apart. Soon, Joe is in a life or death struggle with a cunning opponent who is always one step ahead.

Lies poses the question: Can we ever really trust those closest to us?

In the tradition of The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney and Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris, Lies by T.M. Logan is an unputdownable thriller in which each chapter changes the meaning of what came before, keeping the reader guessing until the jaw-dropping finale.


“Just when you think things can’t possibly get worse . . . they do. And then some. Lies is positively riveting, from the captivating first scene to the shocking twist atthe end.” ―Sandra Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling authorof Seeing Red

“Assured, compelling, and hypnotically readable―with a twist at the end I guarantee you won’t see coming.” ―Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author of The Midnight Line

My Review

Told in first person, this story has so many twists and turns it will leave you breathless!

Joe Lynch is a school teacher, husband and father. His life is pretty near perfect- until it isn’t.

A single event changes Joe’s safe, secure world forever and nothing will ever be the same again.

Faced with a murder charge on a crime he didn’t commit, the possible adulterous activities of his wife-the woman he thought he knew so well-Joe is forced into the car and mouse game of his life.

There’s a surprise twist at the end I guarantee you won’t see coming, and so much suspense it’s almost impossible to set the book down.

I give Lies 5+ lovely kisses- a must read!

Circumstances of Childhood by John W. Howell #Familylife #BookReview @HowellWave



When a former pro football star and broadcaster, now a Wall Street maven is accused of insider trading, will he be able to prove his innocence and expose those who are guilty?

Greg and his boyhood pal dreamed of big success in professional football and then later in business. Greg was the only one to live the dream. Now the founder of an investment fund Greg is faced with a routine audit finding by the SEC. The audit points to irregularities and all the tracks lead to Greg. The justice department hits him with an indictment of 23 counts of fraud, money laundering, and insider trading. His firm goes bust, and Greg is on his own.

His best friend knows he is innocent but has been ordered under penalty of eternal damnation not to help.

If you enjoy stories of riches to rags, redemption, brotherly love, and a little of the paranormal, Circumstance of Childhood will keep you riveted.





John Howell

John began his writing as a full-time occupation after an extensive business career. His specialty is thriller fiction novels, but John also writes poetry and short stories. His first book, My GRL, introduces the exciting adventures of the book’s central character, John J. Cannon. The second Cannon novel, His Revenge, continues the adventure, while the final book in the trilogy, Our Justice, launched in September 2016. John’s fourth book Circumstances of Childhood, launched in October of 2017 tells a family life story of riches to rags, football, Wall Street, brotherly love, redemption, and inspiration with a touch of paranormal to keep you riveted. All books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

John lives in Port Aransas, Texas with his wife and their spoiled rescue pets.



My Review

Greg Petros is featured in this stunning novel narrated by the ghost of his childhood friend and adopted brother, Kieth Petros. The two are inseparable as kids and grow to become football stars with the world on their plate- until there was one.

Kieth dies in a horrifying car accident and Greg must carry on without his best friend. And though his life is one stunning success after another, it’s bittersweet.

This is the compelling journey of love, loss, success, and failure. And how the choices we make in life affect our futures.

John crafts a compelling story told in first person through the eyes of Greg and Kieth Petros. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the drama of Greg’s life and the challenges he faces.

I give Circumstances of Childhood 4 lovely kisses- a great read!


Game on: The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan #SportsRomance #mgtab @Kris10Callihan

the hot shot release date


TheHotShot Amazon-2




TheHotShot Amazon-2First we were friends. Then we were roommates. Now I want more…

What can I say about Chess Copper? The woman is capable of bringing me to my knees. I know this about five minutes after getting naked for her.

No one is more surprised than me. The prickly photographer my team hired to shoot our annual charity calendar isn’t my usual type. She’s defense to my offense, a challenge at every turn. But when I’m with her, all the regrets and darkness goes away. She makes life fun.

I want to know Chess, be close to her. Which is a bad idea.

Chess is looking for a relationship. I’ve never given a woman more than one night. But when fate leaves Chess without a home, I step up and offer her mine. We’re roommates now. Friends without benefits. But it’s getting harder to keep our hands off each other. And the longer we live together the more I realize she’s becoming my everything.

Trick is… Now that I’ve made her believe I’m a bad bet, how do I convince her to give this player a true shot at forever?



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Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she’d rather be. She is a three-time RITA nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer’s Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine’s Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal , best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.


Immortal In Death by J. D. Robb #Mystery #BookReview #mgtab

Immortality can be deadly!




She was one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted — even another woman’s man. And now she was dead, the victim of a brutal murder. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas put her professional life on the line to take the case when suspicion fell on her best friend, the other woman in the fatal love triangle. Beneath the facade of glamour, Eve found that the world of high fashion thrived on an all-consuming passion for youth and fame. One that led from the runway to the dark underworld of New York City where drugs could fulfill any desire — for a price . . .


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About the Author

J.D. Robb is the pseudonym for a number-one New York Times-bestselling author of more than 170 novels, including the futuristic suspense In Death series. There are more than 300 million copies of her books in print.




My Review

Surprisingly, this is my first J.D. Robb story and I have to say… I loved it!

Set up as a who-done-it mystery, this book leads us on a wild ride of drugs, violence, death, and the futuristic world of police procedures in 2058.

Eve Dallas was planning her wedding to billionaire tycoon, Roarke, when her best friend, Mavis, is accused of murder. What’s a girl to do, but don her police uniform and solve the crime?

Roarke is sexy and supportive, and the secondary characters shine with a humorous, sarcastic slant that made this a fun read.

I enjoyed the world the author created and wasn’t a hundred percent sure until almost the end who the bad guy was-great writing!

I’m looking forward to reading more of this series.

I give Immortal in Death 5 lovely kisses


Where have all the good dogs gone? #ilovemydog #mgtab #amwriting

Where have all the good dogs gone?

My dog is driving me crazy!

Seriously, she barks if she so much as thinks there’s another dog in the neighborhood. And it’s not a cute little yap, yap type bark either. She’s a German Shepherd, when she barks you listen.




Don’t let that sweet face fool you. She’s evil incarnate!

Okay, I exaggerated a wee bit. A lot.

Truth is, she’s normally a sweet-tempered, loving, smart-as-a-whip much-loved addition to our family. But she has serious issues with other canines and I can’t seem to break her of it.

Which is bad, very bad. We live in an area where there’s a 2-1 ratio of dogs to humans, I swear! And she is an eighty-five pound, four-foot monster who wants to eat them all. You can see where this can be a problem.

Her name is Annabelle, Annie for short. We took her in as a rescue when she was a five-month old, scared of her own shadow, pup. It took DH a week of countless hours laying outside in the grass waiting her out before she finally got brave enough to check him out. That patience won him her undying devotion. She’d do anything he asks of her- except leave other dogs alone.

We’re not sure if she was the runt of her litter and picked on, or what her problem is, but it is definitely frustrating. Walks are an exercise in restraint, on both sides! I have to keep her in heel whenever a dog comes near, and she has to hold herself back, which she hates and tells me all about. 🙂

I remember when I thought dogs were cute, lovable little critters like 101 Dalmatians:



In the first book I ever wrote, I used Annie as my inspiration. The Title is Tidal Falls and is the story of Nick Kelley, an animal handler with the US Marines.

Nick Kelley spent years working as a dog handler in the U.S. Marine Corps. His sole focus, to keep his team alive in the midst of chaos. When he fails to notice an IED in time and loses most of his teammates, Nick shuts down. It takes meeting and falling in love with a woman in danger to make him realize life’s worth living.




I love her, I really do. I just wish she’d outgrow the need to dominate her fellow mutts.

Any advice appreciated!

Between Home and Heartbreak-Jacqui Nelson #BookReview #Western #Romance @Jacqui_Nelson

Jacqui Nelson brings the Wild West to vibrant life!


Between Home and Heartbreak

by Jacqui Nelson

Genre: Historical Western Romance





Who is Eldorado Jane? Long-lost friend or scheming superstar?

Texas Hill Country — 1879

Plain Jane Dority vanished while riding in a storm beside her childhood best friend. Eighteen years later, Wild West trick-riding superstar Eldorado Jane returns to claim her birthright: the Dority homestead now owned by the steadfast Texan who never forgot Jane or forgave himself for her disappearance.

Lewis Adams would give anything to see his friend come home, but he’s certain Eldorado Jane isn’t his Jane. So why does this mesmerizing woman—with the talent and fame to have anything she desires—want the remote patch of land that he loves? There’s only one way to find out: accept a wager with a deceiver who holds the power to bring back his friend or break his heart. The outcome rests in her hands. Or does it?

Friendship. Betrayal. Blackmail. Eldorado Jane holds every card…except the one that matters most.


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Jacqui Nelson


About the Author:

Fall in love with a new Old West… where the men are steadfast & the women are adventurous. You’ll find cardsharps, scouts, spies & Wild West trick riders in my stories. My love for historical romance adventures with grit and passion came from watching classic Western movies while growing up on a cattle farm. I’ve been nominated for over 20 awards and won the RWA® Golden Heart® & the Laramie® — but my best reward is hearing from readers who have enjoyed my stories.

Connect with me at www.JacquiNelson.com or join my email list (to hear about my new releases, giveaways, events & more) at www.jacquinelson.com/Newsletter.html

Then why not join historical western romance authors and readers on the Pioneer Hearts Facebook group and share your favorite stories, photos, and all things Old West? www.facebook.com/groups/pioneerhearts


My Review:

I’ve always been a fan of take charge women who rule their own destinies, so Eldorado Jane struck a cord with me right away.

Imagine being married to a man you detest for a decade in order to protect the people you love.

Eldora is the star of her husband’s Wild West Show, but that’s not all. She’s also being forced to pretend she’s someone she’s not in order to gain the rights to a piece of land owned by Lewis Adams.

When Lewis meets Eldora he sees a similarity to his old friend, Jane, but quickly realizes the woman pretending to be her has an agenda of her own. Still, he can’t help the attraction that he feels for this mysterious woman.

Can she lead him to Jane? Why is she lying, and why does she want his land? And can he find out all her secrets without falling in love?

What follows is a story of blackmail, heart-pounding excitement, and suspense.

My favorite lines:

Her voice had dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. “I’m sorry. I’m going to have to hurt you again.”

“Eldora, is he dead?” The not-too-distant bellow made them both flinch. The eagerness in that shout rang in his skull like the bells of hell anticipating a funeral.

That’s fresh writing!

I give Between Home and Heartbreak 5 lovely kisses


He had one: Last Chance by @LPDover #Suspense #mgtab

Last Chance: A Second Chances Novel
L.P. Dover
Publication date: August 30th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Suspense

One last chance.

That’s all Luke Collins, local bad boy and motocross champion, has to not only find his redemption, but win back the girl he lost. He’ll stop at nothing to make her his, even if it means playing dirty.

Lara Jacobs doesn’t want her heart broken again and refuses to give Luke a second chance. After he left her after their one night stand, she ran right into the arms of her close friend, Grayson Moore. He’s always loved her, and he’s determined to make her see he’s what she needs.

However, in life nothing goes as planned and tragedy strikes. After a fatal accident nearly claims Lara’s life, she’s left inside a world she can’t remember. Her memories are gone, including those of the men vying for her heart. Grayson sees her loss as a possibility to forget her love for Luke, but Luke sees it as an opportunity to start over. All he wants is one last chance to show her that she’s the one he’s been in love with all along.

*** An updated version of One Taste (prequel to Last Chance) has been included at the beginning of the book with all new scenes. ***

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Last Chance Playlist





“Why can’t I go in there and tell her I’m sorry? She needs to hear it from me.”

“No, she doesn’t because she won’t believe it. You need to do a lot more than tell her you’re sorry. Actions speak louder than words. And until you can show everyone you’ve changed, it’s best you stay away from her. It’ll only make things worse.”

“What if I go in there anyway?” I questioned, crossing my arms over my chest. I didn’t want to fight Evan, but I was getting desperate. I needed her forgiveness, for her to know I never meant to hurt her.

Evan huffed and closed his eyes. “You’ll have to go through me first. Lara doesn’t want to see you. She’s with someone else now.”

It was as if someone had sucker punched me in the gut, the air being ripped out of my lungs as I took the hit. Summer groaned and I glared at her. “Is that true?”

“Yes, but I don’t see how that is any of your business. She’s happy, so leave her be.”

“Fuck that,” I shouted. “I’m going inside.” I tried to push past Evan, but he blocked me. We faced off with each other, the tension rising.

Summer stepped between us with a hand on each of our chests. “Guys, this is stupid. You’re friends.”

I scoffed and backed away. “That’s where I beg to differ,” I said, glaring at Evan. “If our situations were reversed and it was Summer inside, I’d let you go to her. I would give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that you’ve changed. But you’re not going to do that, are you?”

Evan’s face softened and he sighed. “I would, brother, but this night is special for Summer and Lara. The last thing they need is you and Grayson battling it out. I have no doubt he’ll come after you if you go in there.”

I faltered, the anger welling in my chest. “Fucking Grayson? That’s who she’s with?”

“Can you blame her? He was there for her, after everything you put her through,” Summer said.

Peering down at her, I hoped she could see the determination in my face. “You tell her it’s not over. I’m not going to give up.” With those final words, I jumped in my truck and sped out of the parking lot. The thought of Grayson touching her made me so goddamn furious. I didn’t care if she was with him . . . I wasn’t going to give up.



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Author Bio:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.

She loves to write, but she also loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes and white water rafting, and has a passion for singing. Her two youngest fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.

Dover has written countless novels, including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed & Dangerous series, the Royal Shifters series, and her standalone novel Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense, but if she got to choose a setting in which to live, it would be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Amazon / Google + / Newsletter



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The magic of love: The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck #BookReview #Romance #mgtab

A seamless treasure!




The Wedding Shop

by Rachel Hauck


Genre: Women’s Fiction


From New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes The Wedding Shop.


Two women separated by decades. Both set out to help others find their dreams when their own have crumbled.


It’s the early 1930s, but Cora Scott is walking in stride as a career woman after having inherited her great aunt’s wedding shop in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, where brides come from as far away as Birmingham to experience her famed bridal treatment. Meanwhile, Cora is counting down the days until her own true love returns from the river to make her his bride. But days turn into months and months to years. All the while, Birch Good continues to woo Cora and try to show her that while he is solid and dependable, he can sweep her off her feet.


More than eighty years later, former Air Force Captain Haley Morgan has returned home to Heart’s Bend after finishing her commitment to military service. After the devastating death of her best friend, Tammy, and discovering the truth about the man she loved, Haley is searching for her place in life.


When Haley decides to reopen the romantic but abandoned wedding shop where she and Tammy played and dreamed as children, she begins a journey of courage, mystery, and love.


As Cora’s and Haley’s stories intertwine through time in the shadow of the beloved wedding shop, they both discover the power of their own dreams and the magic of everyday love.


Buy Link: Amazon



About the Author:

Rachel Hauck is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author.

A graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism, Rachel and her husband live in central Florida. She is a huge Buckeyes football fan.

Visit her at www.rachelhauck.com or www.facebook.com/rachelhauck



ABC Action News interview with Rachel Hauck



My Review:

I was honored to be gifted a copy of The Wedding Shop by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Tired and worn, Captain Haley Morgan returns to her hometown of Hearts Bend seeking peace and maybe hope of turning her life around. She decides to renovate the old wedding shop she and her best friend, Tammy, fantasized about as children.

What follows is a journey of renewal, second chances, love, and redemption.

Part of the story follows the history of Cora Scott, who turned The Wedding Shop into a well-known name in fine service and apparel during the early nineteen hundreds. Cora falls in love with a boat captain who promises forever, but disappears without word. Another man tries to earn Cora’s devotion, but her hopes and dreams ride with the sea.

This story teaches faith and love and forgiveness and I’m so happy I had the chance to read it!

I give The Wedding Shop 5 lovely kisses



First Star I See Tonight-Susan Elizabeth Phillips #BookReview #Romance @sepauthor

Laugh- out-loud moments team up with charming, seductive dialogue-Romance at its very best!





First Star I See Tonight

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Genre: Contemporary Romance



A no-nonsense sports hero and a feisty female detective go head-to-head in this funny, fresh, seductive novel from the award-winning New York Times bestselling author known for her unforgettable characters, heartfelt emotion, and laugh-out-loud humor

He’s the former quarterback of the Chicago Stars football team. She’s trying to make a success of

her very own detective agency. Her first job? Follow him. Let’s just say it’s not going well.

Not well at all . . .

Piper Dove is a woman with a dream—to become the best detective in the city of Chicago. First job? Trail former Chicago Stars quarterback, Cooper Graham. The problem? Graham’s spotted her, and he’s not happy.

Which is why a great detective needs a first-rate imagination. “The fact is . . . I’m your stalker. Not full-out barmy. Just . . . mildly unhinged.”

Piper soon finds herself working for Graham although not as the bodyguard he refuses to admit he so desperately needs. Instead, he’s hired her to keep an eye on the employees at his exclusive new nightclub. But Coop’s life might be in danger, and Piper’s determined to protect him, whether he wants her to or not. (Hint: not!) If only she weren’t also dealing with a bevy of Middle Eastern princesses, a Pakistani servant girl yearning for freedom, a teenager who just wants to fit in, and an elderly neighbor demanding that Piper find her very dead husband.

And then there’s Cooper Graham, a legendary sports hero who always gets what he wants—even if what he wants just might be an intrepid detective hell- bent on proving she’s as tough as he is.

From the bustling streets of Chicago to a windswept lighthouse on Lake Superior to the glistening waters of Biscayne Bay, two people who can’t stand to lose will test themselves and each other to discover what matters most.


Buy Link: Amazon



About the Author:

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS is a New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today bestseller, whose books are published in over 30 different languages.

If you’d like to know more, including info on her newest book, whether any of her books will be made into movies, how to get an autographed book, where she gets her ideas, please visit her

website http://susanelizabethphillips.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SusanElizabethPhillipsNovels/
Twitter http://twitter.com/sepauthor
To register for her monthly sweepstakes visit http://susanelizabethphillips.com/monthly-sweepstakes-2/


My Review:

Every time I read a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book I say ‘Oh my gosh, this is my favorite!’

This story was no exception.

I love, love the whit and charm she brings to characters who are less than perfect, but utterly loveable.

In a normal world two people like Piper Dove and Cooper Graham would most likely never meet, much less fall in love. But that’s the beauty of romance- anything is possible (especially when you wish upon a star 🙂 )

This is a feel-good story with plenty of depth to tug at the reader’s heartstrings and leave them hoping for a happily-ever-after, which SEP delivers with such skill it left me closing the last page with a smile.

A highly recommended read, I give First Star I See Tonight 5 lovely kisses



Fav quote-Life had grace notes-Family Tree by @susanwiggs #BookReview #mgtab

One of the most emotionally satisfying books of 2016!





Family Tree

By Susan Wiggs


Genre: Women’s Fiction


Sometimes the greatest dream starts with the smallest element. A single cell, joining with another. And then dividing. And just like that, the world changes.

Annie Harlow knows how lucky she is. The producer of a popular television cooking show, she loves her handsome husband and the beautiful Los Angeles home they share. And now, she’s pregnant with their first child. But in an instant, her life is shattered. And when Annie awakes from a yearlong coma, she discovers that time isn’t the only thing she’s lost.

Grieving and wounded, Annie retreats to her old family home in Switchback, Vermont, a maple farm generations old. There, surrounded by her free-spirited brother, their divorced mother, and four young nieces and nephews, Annie slowly emerges into a world she left behind years ago: the town where she grew up, the people she knew before, the high-school boyfriend turned judge. And with the discovery of a cookbook her grandmother wrote in the distant past, Annie unearths an age-old mystery that might prove the salvation of the family farm.

Family Tree is the story of one woman’s triumph over betrayal, and how she eventually comes to terms with her past. It is the story of joys unrealized and opportunities regained. Complex, clear-eyed and big-hearted, funny, sad, and wise, it is a novel to cherish and to remember.


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About the Author:


Susan Wiggs’s life is all about family, friends…and fiction. She’s been featured in the national media, including NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and is a popular speaker locally and nationally.

From the very start, her writings have illuminated the everyday dramas of ordinary people. At the age of eight, she self-published her first novel, entitled “A Book About Some Bad Kids.”

Today, she is an international best-selling, award-winning author, with millions of copies of her books in print in numerous countries. Her recent novel, Marrying Daisy Bellamy, took the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List, and The Lakeshore Chronicles have won readers’ hearts around the globe. Her books celebrate the power of love, the timeless bonds of family and the fascinating nuances of human nature.

She lives with her husband and family at the water’s edge on an island in the Pacific Northwest, where she divides her time between sleeping and waking.

My Review:

This story touched me on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. And such is Susan Wiggs’ appeal.

She seamlessly blends the strands of life she imbues into her characters, and brings them to blazing life on the page.

Family Tree is so much more than a love story, though it’s hard not to cheer on Annie and Fletcher and their on again, off again, love affair.

This is also the story of new beginnings and the strength of family ties. I loved the parts with Annie’s grandma and her pearls of wisdom.

I also liked the alternating chapters showing past and present. It made the story more in-depth and gave us a fundamental insight into Annie’s heart and dreams.

I loved this book and give Family Tree 5 lovely kisses

A highly recommended read!


Friends to lovers in All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause #BookReview #Romance #mgtab @chachack2 @Barclay_PR



Friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element in this humorous and heartwarming romantic comedy!


About All Shook Up:


Title: All Shook Up

Author: Chelsey Krause

Publisher: Tryst Books

Release Date: August 17, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781988387048




Natalie’s world is shaken to its core when she discovers an old photo of a woman who looks like her. Could this woman be related to her birth mother, who put Natalie up for adoption as a baby? When she tracks down the person who dumped the photo album at her thrift shop, she’s shaken again. Especially when the gorgeous fire-fighting guitarist offers to help her find the owner. They quickly become friends – which is all they’ll be, as far as Natalie’s concerned. Her rebellious youth turned her off cheating men, and the new Natalie is looking for true love and a family of her own – something Casey isn’t willing to provide. But how long can Natalie ignore her undeniable attraction to the man with the Irish accent and the broken-down ’57 Chevy?


In Chelsey Krause’s second novel, friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element.


sunny beach


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A breeze picks up and a chill settles around me. I pull my knees to my chest and pull the blanket tighter. Casey looks at me from the corner of his eye, and after a beat, he lifts up his arm.

“Come here.”

I hesitate for a moment, noticing that my pulse has quickened.

“I know you’re cold,” he says. “You have goosebumps.”

“Umm, yes,” I say, feeling like my tongue is slow and awkward, stumbling over my words. My body feels jittery and cold, as if all the blood has rushed to my heart, and my flesh prickles with an intoxicating mixture of excitement and nervousness. There’s no way I’m admitting that these goosebumps are from being around him.

He tilts his head to the side, inviting me in once more. A shiver passes through me. Probably half from the cold, half from adrenaline. I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’m freezing my ass off. I slide over and let him wrap his arm around my body. He pulls the blanket up higher with his free hand and tucks it around us.

“There. Snug as a bug in a rug,” he says.

Casey’s body is incredibly warm. Solid. Reassuring. I catch myself thinking that I wouldn’t mind staying right here for the rest of the night.

“So, did you sleep with her?” I ask casually after my raging hormones have calmed down a little.

“With who?” he asks, sounding genuinely confused.

“Ginormous boobs.”

He laughs. “No, I didn’t. I just walked her back to her trailer and said good night.”

“No good-night kiss?”

“No. She smelled like cigarettes. Yuck.”

It feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe again. The cool night breeze picks up and I shiver. Casey tightens his hold of me.

“Wish I’d brought another blanket,” he mutters.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” I say without thinking.

“Why?” he guffaws.

My heart throbs a quick, panicked pulse. Crap! He can’t know how I feel about him! How can I fix this?

“Oh you know,” I say, my voice sounding high and tinny. “You, uh, wouldn’t want to over pack.”

He grunts, sounding amused. “Okay then…”


My Review:

The cover and excerpt of Shook Me Up drew me in. I liked the retro feel and the story doesn’t disappoint.

Told in first person, this is the story of an adopted woman’s search for her biological parents and the adventures she has along the way.

Sweet and humorous, the author has a great grasp of characterizations. I loved the insights given by the main character, Natalie. And Casey, the new man in her life, is just swoon-worthy!

The bonus for me was a setting of Edmonton, Alberta, close to my hometown, so it was a trip home for me too 🙂

I give All Shook Up 5 lovely kisses and will be looking at this author for more reading pleasure!

I was gifted a NetGalley copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.


View More: http://rhondakrause.pass.us/chelsey



About Chelsey Krause:


Chelsey Krause has a thing for thrift stores and used bookshops. A nurse, wife, Starbucks addict, and mom to two children, she can often be found repurposing other people’s junk or considering whether the library would let her move in. The rest of the time, she’s reviewing for Chicklit Club or writing. All Shook Up is her second novel.


Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon


Fellow Canadian, Chelsey Krause, dropped by the blog for a quick chat today. Thanks for joining us, Chelsey!


Do you have any personal heroes/heroines?

My personal heroines are Dr. Brene Brown and author Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve listened to their TED Talks and podcasts dozens of times.


Have you had any unusual or noteworthy occupations?

HAHA! What a fun question. One of my first jobs was working at Blockbuster video. We had to do inventory every few months, and there were a LOT of barcodes to scan. I was really efficient at doing inventory, so guess who got put onto EVERY inventory shift? Moi. Inventory would start when the store closed at midnight, and carry on until whenever we finished. Sometimes, we didn’t get out of there until 5 AM.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, but my super weird manager (50-year-old guy with beer belly who shared TMI stories with his teenage employees) liked to play ABBA at full blast on our store’s sound system. Don’t get me wrong, I love ABBA. But this was like an “ABBA Worst Songs Ever” album. Stuff no one knew, no one could sing along to. He’d play it on repeat. For 5 hours.


What was your best date ever?

I call it “The Ice Skating Disaster.”

I was 18 and newly single. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years, and a co-worker set me up with her son. He worked out of town, and I hadn’t had a chance to meet him. So, one night, he calls me up, say’s he’s in town for the weekend and wondered if I’d like to join him at an outdoor ice rink. Even though I was in my pajamas and had already washed my make up off for the night, I said “yes.”

I thought to myself, “How fun!” I pictured this exciting, idyllic date, where we’d glide around the ice rink, arm in arm, while the mutli-colored Christmas lights twinkled in the trees around us.

There’s one HUGE problem with this: I can’t skate.

I’m probably the worst Canadian ever, as I don’t know how to ski, skate, or do any winter sport, really. I’m more of the “let’s stay in the lodge and drink cocoa” sort of Canadian.

Anyway, I didn’t care. I figured how hard could it be? So I threw on some clothes, put on some fresh make up, and dashed out the door.

Yah. It turns out that ice skating is like, super-duper hard.

My skates didn’t fit well. The ice was bumpy. I couldn’t find my balance. And, I’d worn clothes that were more fashionable than warm, so I was freezing my arse off.

But the worst part was that I fell every few seconds. I’d barely glide forward a few feet before I’d slip and smash myself on the ice. I was sure I’d shattered a hip bone by the end of the night.

And to make things even more embarrassing, he was an excellent skater.

Now, I’d like to point out that this could have been a great romantic opportunity. He could have put an arm around me, helped me stand up, teach me how to skate. It could have been some story we laughed about later. But, no. Instead, he would skate awkwardly beside me, sometimes take off to do a quick lap (while I stumbled around like a newborn fawn). After maybe an hour, we parted ways. We had one more awkward date after that, and then called it quits.

All I had to show from that date was a bruised ego and even more bruised backside. Seriously, my bum was black and blue for weeks afterward!

Though, I’m happy to say that I’m still friends with his sister! (Hi Lindsay!!!!)

FUN NOTE: I love this story so much that it put it into my first book, when Sophie (the main character) attempts to skate at an outdoor rink.


Tell us something you are really proud of.

The silhouette painting I did of Frida Kahlo. I did a friggin’ amazing job, if I do say so myself.



I agree! That’s gorgeous!


Can you confide something you wish you were better at?

Whistling! I can’t whistle. This is highly embarrassing. Even my friend’s 5-year-old can whistle.

Don’t feel bad, me either 🙂



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Friends become lovers: All Shook Up by Chelsey Krause #Romance #MFRWauthor @Barclay_PR @chachack2



Friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element in this humorous and heartwarming romantic comedy!


About All Shook Up:


Title: All Shook Up

Author: Chelsey Krause

Publisher: Tryst Books

Release Date: August 17, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781988387048


Natalie’s world is shaken to its core when she discovers an old photo of a woman who looks like her. Could this woman be related to her birth mother, who put Natalie up for adoption as a baby? When she tracks down the person who dumped the photo album at her thrift shop, she’s shaken again. Especially when the gorgeous fire-fighting guitarist offers to help her find the owner. They quickly become friends – which is all they’ll be, as far as Natalie’s concerned. Her rebellious youth turned her off cheating men, and the new Natalie is looking for true love and a family of her own – something Casey isn’t willing to provide. But how long can Natalie ignore her undeniable attraction to the man with the Irish accent and the broken-down ’57 Chevy?


In Chelsey Krause’s second novel, friends become lovers over a whirlwind summer of rockabilly rhythms, twirling skirts, and a mystery that takes them hilariously far out of their element.


sunny beach


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I stare up at the house for a moment, my hands shaking on the steering wheel, wondering what I’ve got myself into. I do some breathing exercises to calm down, pick up the box, and get out of the car. I can barely stand, my legs are so wobbly.


Maybe I’m working myself up over nothing. So what if the woman in the picture looks like me? It could be a coincidence.


Or maybe, just maybe…


I walk slowly up the driveway and knock on the door, my heart racing. After a couple of minutes, I knock again. Maybe they aren’t home? Maybe they didn’t hear me? I try the doorbell.


After a minute, I hear heavy, muffled footsteps.


Oh god. I should have worn a better outfit. I quickly smooth my hair with my free hand and stand a bit taller. Am I going to meet my birth mother? Or, at the very least, an aunt or something? Or my grandmother? Although, if someone cared enough to take these pictures and put them in an album, why would they throw them away? Is that the sort of person I want to meet?


The door swings open. The person standing in front of me is most definitely not a granny.


“Can I help you?” he asks as he rubs his eyes.


“Oh, I, umm…”


My brain has stalled.


He shouldn’t be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. But for some reason, he is. He looks like he’s in his late twenties, maybe early thirties. He isn’t wearing anything that spectacular, just a plain T-shirt and fleece pants. And his dark eyebrows are a bit thick for my liking.


But those lips…thin on top, full on the bottom, framed by a cleft chin and dark stubble. And those brown eyes fringed with black lashes…


He blinks. “Okay, then. Well, if that’s all…” He starts to close the door.


“Does this belong to you?” I yelp. I shove the box into his chest. He takes a half step back and sneezes as the dust flies up around him.


He frowns. “Is this the crap I took to the thrift store?” With a confused look on his face, he hands the box back to me and crosses his arms. He leans on the door frame, making his biceps strain against his T-shirt. His entire left arm is covered in swirling blue and green tattoos. “How did you find where I live?” he asks cautiously. He has a hint of an accent. Scottish, maybe?


I roll my eyes. “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m not stalking you.”


He smirks. “Good. I’ve already got too many stalkers.”


View More: http://rhondakrause.pass.us/chelsey



About Chelsey Krause:


Chelsey Krause has a thing for thrift stores and used bookshops. A nurse, wife, Starbucks addict, and mom to two children, she can often be found repurposing other people’s junk or considering whether the library would let her move in. The rest of the time, she’s reviewing for Chicklit Club or writing. All Shook Up is her second novel.


Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon


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Tryst Books is offering one (1) lucky grand prize winner a paperback set containing the following titles: All Shook Up, Sweet Bliss, Drawn Through You, Ms. Conception, & Lessons in Pure Life and ten (10) runner-ups will win an eBook copy of their choice from the Tryst Books publishing catalogue! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter below:

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A secret could change everything: Sweet Little Lies #Summerreading #BookReview @jillshalvis



Choose the one guy you can’t have . . .

As captain of a San Francisco Bay tour boat, Pru can handle rough seas—the hard part is life on dry land. Pru loves her new apartment and her neighbors; problem is, she’s in danger of stumbling into love with Mr. Right for Anybody But Her.

Fall for him—hard . . .

Pub owner Finn O’Riley is six-foot-plus of hard-working hottie who always makes time for his friends. When Pru becomes one of them, she discovers how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of that deep green gaze. But when a freak accident involving darts (don’t ask) leads to shirtless first aid, things rush way past the friend zone. Fast.

And then tell him the truth.

Pru only wants Finn to be happy; it’s what she wishes for at the historic fountain that’s supposed to grant her heart’s desire. But wanting him for herself is a different story—because Pru’s been keeping a secret that could change everything. . . .


Buy Link: Amazon



About the Author:

Jill Shalvis

New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s bestselling, award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit http://www.jillshalvis.com for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.
or email her at contact@jillshalvis.com


My Review:

Jill Shalvis is my go-to author for contemporary romance that’s funny, yet endearing. Sweet, yet smokin’ hot. As satisfying as a cool glass of ice tea on a hot summer’s day.

Pru feels responsibility for an accident that destroyed lives when she was a child. She makes it her mission to correct the wrongs she feels her family is guilty of committing. When she meets the O’Riley’s, specifically Finn, there’s fireworks.

How can she do her duty and help him without falling for the hard-working hottie?

Finn noticed Pru the moment she walked into his bar. He’s drawn to her sweet body and feisty attitude, but Finn has responsibilities- he doesn’t have time for romance. Too bad his body didn’t get the message.

As this story unfolds there are many laugh-out-loud moments, and times when the emotional connection between these two gave me the warm fuzzies.

I give Sweet Little Lies 5 lovely kisses



Dariel Raye shares her #RomanticIdea #MFRWauthor @Pendarielraye


#RomanticIdea Exchange

Dariel Raye

My romantic idea comes from a tradition between me and one of my best friends. Our common love of music acted as safe ground, allowing us to share some of our most poignant thoughts and memories. It’s a great, fun and simple way to get to know another person without lots of questions. Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Each person creates a playlist of some of her/his favorite music dating as far back as they can remember (can even be pre-school).
  2. Plan a picnic (in a neutral, safe place so you can dance if the mood hits you, and each of you bring some of your favorite foods).
  3. Take turns sharing your playlists one song at a time, and tell what was going on in your life at the time as well as why the song is one of your favorites. Remember to keep it positive, i.e., nothing about old lovers who broke your heart, please 😉 In fact, if you bring up past relationships at all, be sure to focus on what you learned and how it helps you with present relationships.
  4. According to the length of your playlists, this can span several dates and provide quite a few conversation prompts.



Destiny's Favor cover via Cora Blu

Destiny’s Favor (Orlosian Warriors Bk. 2)



Destiny’s Favor synopsis

His world shifted the moment she was born. Now, nothing can stop him from making her his.

Imagine meeting a man who looks like an angel, wings and all? What would you do if this man told you he existed with only one purpose – to claim you and only you?

Destiny Carter is a feisty, take charge, Rubinesque beauty with a tough façade, who finds herself in that age old quandary, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” A string of lackluster relationships leave her hopeless and ready to settle…Until she meets Japheth, the man her fiancé claims is his best friend! Japheth’s arrival is heralded by an attack on Destiny’s life, and instinctively, she knows this is just the beginning.

Born more than 200 years ago, Japheth looks like an angel but he’s far from it. In his world, the ratio of men to women is 500 to 1, and although he’s a superior being, he’s willing to break the most sacred law of his brothers, even drink human blood, to have one meant for him alone.

When he meets Destiny, he knows she’s the one he’s been searching for. To claim her, he will have to betray a friend, risk his life, and hardest of all, humble himself enough to win her love.



Available for Pre-order

 Only $0.99 for a limited time

Calm Assurance cover with Malina Iridescent


 Get a FREE review copy of “Calm Assurance (Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1) to catch up on the series now! Enter the Rafflecopter below to find out how to get your free copy + win other prizes!

Calm Assurance (Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1)


Calm Assurance synopsis

Two hearts, two different worlds, uncompromising love.

A straight-laced Nephilim-descendant and a human trouble-magnet?

When Asriel – Orlosian Warrior, descendant of Nephilim, law enforcer – is sent to guard Malina, a human with a penchant for drawing trouble like a tornado, she becomes his obsession.

With no hope of finding love in his dimension, he breaks the cardinal rule, leaving his home to protect her, but she has also drawn the attention of his enemies, and he is forced to face demons from his past. If Asriel chooses to stay with Malina, not only does he risk forfeiting his right to ever return to his dimension, but he will need her blood to survive.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble



Dariel RayeDariel Raye3

Dariel is an animal lover who writes IR/MC (interracial/multi-cultural) paranormal and dark urban fantasy romance. She is presently writing a shifter series, “Dark Sentinels,” a reluctant hell-dweller series, “Kushiel’s Keep,” two Nephilim series with vampire-like heroes, “Orlosian Warriors” and “Cain’s Progeny,” “Lifegivers,” a paranormal romance series with a variety of beings, a crossover paranormal thriller shifter trilogy with romantic elements, “Gateway,” and an erotic fantasy newsletter serial. To learn more about Dariel and her books, visit her blogjoin her newsletter, and follow her on Amazon.


Dariel on the Web

Dariel’s Blog        Dariel’s Website

Dariel’s Newsletter         Dariel on Twitter

Facebook Page  Dariel’s Amazon Author Page

Dariel on Goodreads      Dariel on Tumblr    Dariel on Tsu 

Rafflecopter link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/204547f642/?


Take Time for Simple Pleasures #Summer #Family #mgtab



One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to pack an impromptu picnic lunch and go for a drive with DH until we find that perfect spot to while away the afternoon.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life we let the simple pleasures go by the wayside.

Funny thing though, looking back on my life it’s those sort of days I remember the most.

Rising early and driving deep into the forest to my dad’s favorite fishing spot, then walking through the bog, losing my shoe and having him rescue it for me. 🙂 Catching a creel full of trout and grayling and then stopping for lunch along the riverbank.


Attribution: By Sobebunny – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7274675


Or going for a drive up and over the Great Divide to pick raspberries with my aunt who had a condition that had us kids giggling, but must have been frustrating and possibly dangerous for her. You see, she had a condition where she would be talking and all the sudden she’d fall asleep mid-sentence! When she woke up, she’d continue the conversation even though it might be fifteen minutes later.




One of my favorite times was a picnic into the Cadomin mountains with my grandparents. My grandpa was sick with cancer at the time and wouldn’t see the next summer, but for that day, life was good.




Don’t forget to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures, they’re the ones that matter the most.

Jacquie Biggar


Always My Girl by @SamanthaChase3 #Beachreading #Romance #mgtab @BPICPromos


Always My Girl
by Samantha Chase
Series: The Shaughnessy Brothers, #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 5, 2016



Sometimes the love that’s closest to you is the hardest to see.

Quinn Shaughnessy’s two older brothers have found their true loves … but Quinn’s not about to join that parade. Nope, as he tells his best friend Anna, there’s a lot more to life than getting tied down to one person. He’s positive tomboy Anna will be on his side – except she’s inexplicably developing other interests – even dating! Suddenly Quinn is seeing Anna in a very different light.

Quinn has been Anna’s buddy since they were both five years old. She can tell him anything – except the one big secret she’s been hiding for years – that she’s fallen in love with him. Now Anna is determined to make a life for herself that doesn’t include pining for Quinn. Falling in love with your best friend? Easy. Telling them how you really feel? Impossible.




Quinn reached out and tugged her away from the car before she could sit. “Dan who?”
“Dan Michaels. From high school. Remember him?”

Quinn thought for a moment. “Pretty boy. Played baseball with me junior year. When did you see him?”

“Tonight. That’s who I was with earlier. He’s looking at the Stanley’s place on the beach. The house is like a damn showplace—like something out of a magazine!—and if I can convince him to buy it, the commission will go a long way in giving me some breathing space. Now with this car thing? I need it more than ever.”

“So you dressed up for him in hopes of enticing him to buy?”
“What?” she cried with disbelief. This time she shoved at his chest with both hands. “What is the matter with you? What the hell have I ever done to you to make you be such a complete ass to me?” They were both breathing hard as they glared at one another.
Quinn cursed under his breath and stormed back into the shop through the garage. Anna quickly followed. It wasn’t an easy task in the dress and heels – which she cursed the entire time. She found him in his office, throwing the rag down on the desk.
“Hey,” she snapped, slamming the office door closed behind her. “I asked you a question. Quinn’s blue eyes flashed with fire as he looked at her. Anna had seen that look before, normally directed at other people. It was the first time she was on the receiving end of it and she wasn’t sure if it scared her or just served to make her madder.
“Oh, yeah? Well I asked you one earlier and you didn’t answer. I guess we’re even.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he waited her out – a smug expression on his face.
“Seriously? Are we really going there? The whole I’m rubber, you’re glue thing? Aren’t we getting too old for this crap?” And then the fight started to leave her. This wasn’t getting her anywhere. The man clearly had an issue with her that he wasn’t going to share and she was just tired of the whole thing. “You know what? Never mind. Just…never mind,” she said wearily and turned to open the office door and leave.
“Did you kiss him?” he called after her and waited until she turned around and looked at him. “Did you kiss him, too?”
Slowly Anna stepped back into the office and looked at Quinn as if he’d lost his mind. “Are you high or something? Kiss him?  Kiss who? Could you please explain to me what the heck you’re talking about?” She was completely confused by the turn in the conversation. Did he think she’d kissed Jake? She hadn’t even been out on a date in what felt like forever, so what was he even referring to?
He moved in close and kept going until Anna’s back was against the wall. “Is that your new thing? Just kissing guys to pass the time?” Quinn’s breathing was ragged as he looked down into Anna’s wide eyes.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I…I haven’t kissed anyone,” she said shakily as her tongue came out to moisten her suddenly dry lips.
“You kissed me.”
Those brown eyes got impossibly wider as she softly gasped. “No I didn’t.”
Wait…did I? Was that not a dream the other night?
“Yeah, you did,” he said lowly. “You fell asleep on the couch and then I carried you to bed and you kissed me.”
She shook her head no, unable to find her voice. But even as she tried to deny it, the image came to her mind that she would have sworn had just been a dream.  Not that she was going to share that bit of information with Quinn.
He continued to watch her, his eyes never leaving hers. “Yes. You. Did.”
“I…I don’t believe you,” she stammered, wishing like hell she could just escape and die of embarrassment.
“Let me remind you,” he growled fiercely as he closed the distance between them so they were pressed together from head to toe. His hand reached up and anchored itself around her nape as his mouth crashed down on hers.





Book One: Made For Us


Book Two: Love Walks In


Available December 6, 2016 – Pre-Order Now!
Book 4: This Is Our Song 





New York Times and USA Today Bestseller/contemporary romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan’s Return, in November 2011. Although she waited until she was in her 40’s to publish for the first time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her students: teaching creative writing to elementary age students all the way up through high school and encouraging those students to follow their writing dreams gave Samantha the confidence to take that step as well.

With twenty-three titles currently to her name, she has no plans to slow down. The success of the Montgomery Brothers series has her working on six new titles in that collection as well as two new exciting series set to start popping up on bookshelves in 2015. You won’t find her books with the erotica or paranormal titles, all of her works are pure contemporary romances.

When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading contemporary romances, blogging, playing way too many games of Scrabble on Facebook and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.








She escaped Hell: Running Scared by Christy Reece #BookReview #Suspense #mgtab @ChristyReece

Running Scared


To Have A Future, They Must Face The Past Together

Riley Ingram escaped hell, taking secrets with her that could get her killed. As an Elite operative for Last Chance Rescue, Riley’s single-minded focus is on saving others from a similar fate. A survivor of unspeakable horror, she hides behind a cool mask of indifference, vowing to never let her guard down again.

A family tragedy brought Justin Kelly to LCR. Saving lives and protecting others is a way of life for him. The phenomenal connection he shares with his intensely private LCR partner surprises everyone but Justin. He knows that beneath Riley’s icy façade is a warm, caring woman with tremendous depth.

When the past comes calling, colliding with the present, the LCR duo have no choice but to face it together. Relying on each other’s strength and courage, they’ll work to destroy one of the most horrific monsters LCR has ever faced.

But some secrets can’t stay hidden. And sometimes plans fall apart. It’ll take every bit of their grit and fortitude for Riley and Justin to stay alive to have the future together they’re just now realizing they want more than anything.


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Christy Reece

About the Author

NYT Bestselling Author Christy Reece lives in Alabama with her husband and a menagerie of pets. When she’s not writing or reading, she loves going to the movies or cooking the occasional (really simple) meal. Christy’s books feature sexy alpha males, smart, courageous women, evil villains, plenty of steam and sizzle, action, adventure, and always a happy ending.

There are ten books in her award winning Last Chance Rescue series, Rescue Me, Return To Me, Run To Me, No Chance, Second Chance, Last Chance, Sweet Justice, Sweet Revenge, Sweet Reward, and Chances Are.

The LCR Elite series, a spin-off of her Last Chance Rescue series, includes Running On Empty, Chance Encounter, and Running Scared. Another LCR Elite book, Running Wild, is in the works.

The Grey Justice romantic suspense series features a small, secretive group of dedicated individuals who help victims of crime seek justice. There are two book in the series, Nothing To Lose and Whatever It Takes. Two more more books, Too Far Gone and A Matter of Justice, will follow.

Christy has also written a steamy, southern suspense series under the pen name, Ella Grace. The Wildefire series consists of three books: Midnight Secrets, Midnight Lies, and Midnight Shadows.

Visit Christy at http://christyreece.com to learn more about her upcoming books.


My Review:

I happened to pick up a Christy Reece Last Chance novel, Run To Me, a few years ago and was instantly hooked. I have read and watched for her books ever since!

Running Scared is the story of a woman’s strength and endurance against all odds, and the group of elite operatives who take her in and give her a reason to live.

Justin Kelly has been Riley’s partner since she became an operative. The two shared an instant connection that transcends words and is invaluable in the field. Both come with baggage, but as their relationship grows it helps to create an indestructible bond between them.

I loved the budding romance between these two almost as much as I enjoyed the comeuppance of the assholes who hurt Riley.

Another winner by Christy Reece!

I give Running Scared 5 lovely kisses


What Romance Means to Me #MFRWauthor #mgtab #Love



My love of romance began as a young teenager with a subscription to Harlequin Romance. I remember being so excited when that familiar rectangular box came in the mail. I couldn’t wait to peel the tab and see the exotic adventures in store for me.

I’d admire each cover, read the back blurb and the inside excerpt, and then came the big decision- which one first. 🙂

From Margaret Way to Janet Dailey, Anne Mather to Violet Winspear, these authors taught me to have high expectations when it came to love and happily-ever-afters.

The heroes were always strong, often taciturn, men who protected those under their care with a fierce devotion. And when they fell in love… it was magic.


I swore I would never settle for second best. I was convinced when I found the man of my dreams the stars would shine brighter, there’d be dancing in the streets, bands playing our song- well, you get the idea.

I wanted the fantasy.




We met on DH’s eighteen birthday and corny as it may sound, we knew.

There was a huge gathering at a mutual friend’s place celebrating the end of school and when I turned around, there he was. We clicked right away. He spent the night making me laugh, and we ended up talking until dawn.

The next day I went through the “Is he going to call? Why hasn’t he called?” most of my shift at the cafe (the same one we bought many years later, coincidentally) and then he walked in and my heart pounded.

That’s when I knew this wasn’t a simple affair. I was already committed. It scared me, but it was also exhilarating.

Two years later, on June 16, 1984, we were married.




It’s been a tumultuous thirty-two years, but I wouldn’t change a single moment. He is, and always will be, my very best friend, my lover, my soul mate.

Happy anniversary, babe.

I love you more,



Love isn’t something that you find

Love is something that finds you.

Loretta Young