The Guardian- Mended Souls Book 1

Can two lost souls stop a crazed madman?

Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson had it all, money, fame, and fortune. But one night’s stupid mistake takes everything they thought they cherished and dumps it upside down.

A car accident ends Lucas’ life and leaves Scott injured and bitter.

As the local ME, Tracy York, investigates the case, discrepancies begin to point to more than a simple drunk driving incident.

When threats are made to Tracy’s life can Scott and his guardian angel, Lucas, protect her?

 Or will she become another casualty of a crazed madman?

The Guardian: Paranormal & Romantic Suspense!  💔

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“Look, Trace…”

“Don’t you ‘look, Trace’, me.” She sighed, and moved to his side. Her fingers sent tingles upward from where they rested on his arm. “You may be used to playing the hero for damsels in distress, but that’s not me, okay?” Her eyes were emerald green, mesmerizing in their brilliance. “I’m used to taking care of myself. I don’t need coddling.”

No, maybe she didn’t. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t use someone to take the burden away. He wanted to be that someone.

He raised a hand and brushed a velvety soft cheek, reveling in her body’s response. Eyelids fluttered and lips parted as though waiting for a kiss. Maybe she didn’t want the fairy tale, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be her prince.

He leaned down and accepted her invitation.


Her taste reminded him of blue skies and endless meadows. Of songbirds and bubbling brooks. She was his fire when he got cold and food when he was hungry. She made him weak, yet superhero strong, all with a look or a touch. And he couldn’t get enough.

“Take me home with you,” he whispered.

Tracy gazed at him, her eyes conflicted. “We should…”

“What? Slow down? Deny what’s happening between us?” He tunneled his hand into her hair and cupped the side of her head, relieved when she leaned into the touch. “I can’t. If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past couple of weeks, it’s that there are no guarantees.”

He leaned forward until their foreheads touched. Until every breath was shared. Until there was no room for misunderstandings.

“I want you.”

What readers are saying

In the first Mended Souls paranormal, Biggar (Tidal Falls) pursues both romance and mystery, leaving readers wanting more of both. Lucas and Scott have the world at their feet. The two men, who grew up in difficult circumstances together with Scott’s sister, Natalya, are now bona fide movie stars. Their lights, however, are quickly snuffed out in a car crash in Chicago that only Scott survives. Tracy York is the medical examiner responsible for determining the cause of the crash. What begins as a very simple investigation takes a turn when unexplained incidents threaten her life. A not-so-chance encounter between Tracy and Scott gives them both a chance for justice and romance. A parallel story line, which gets equal time, features Lucas’s adventures in the afterlife: he is offered a chance to redeem himself by acting as Scott’s guardian angel. The ending of the novel leaves open more questions than it answers, paving the way for future installments that seem destined to explore Lucas’s postdeath experiences in greater detail– PUBLISHERS WEEKLY APR 17, 2017
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