The Player- Men of WarHawks Book 2

Sometimes, love happens when we least expect it

NHL defenseman Roy Donaldson lives for the game. When an ex-girlfriend/stalker causes trouble for the team, Roy gets benched.

And the only way he can return to the rotation…? Accept help from sassy, sexy PA Patience Kennedy.

Patience is one step away from a junior partnership– all she needs to do is restore a sullen, annoying, attractive hockey player’s image.

Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

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“A couple of days ago, just after we arrived, your girlfriend made an announcement—ex,” she hurried to correct, flicking him a glance beneath her lashes. Yep, definitely, not a happy camper.

His teeth ground together audibly. “What kind of announcement, Kennedy?”

He used her last name like a curse. Was it wrong she found it kind of hot? “Umm, well, Olivia did an interview with the Times Colonist and declared she’s pregnant—with your child. She says that’s the real reason you dumped her and that when she told you about it you threatened her if she didn’t get an abortion.”

It wasn’t true, of course it wasn’t. Still… Patience slid her glasses back on and his grim face came into sharp focus. “Did you know she was pregnant, Roy?”

His fists slammed down on the table, upsetting the water bottle. “Seriously? Is that what you think? That I would turn away a woman in need? One carrying my child—which is bullshit, by the way. I use protection. Every. Time.” He rose and clenched his hands on the back of his chair. “She’s going to ruin me, isn’t she? How am I supposed to beat this?”

The bleakness in his eyes cut her heart to ribbons. He’d just taken a body slam and it was her fault. She could have, should have, prepared him for this setback. What kind of personal assistant left their client to wander around in the dark? It was her duty to ferret out anything detrimental to his image and counter it before it could gain traction. She’d failed.

And that pissed her off.

“Okay—” she said, righting his water bottle and rising to meet him eye to chest, “new plan. We’re going change tactics. Instead of ignoring the problem, you’re going to face it head on. What do you call it? A face-off. Yeah,” she lifted a finger and shook it, “a face-off. She’s the opposing team and you’re going to do what you do best—beat her at her own game.”

His brows had slowly risen at her outburst and now those firm lips quirked. “Whoa, remind me not to get on your bad side—you’re a tiger in disguise, Patience Kennedy.”

Heat suffused her cheeks. “I’m sorry, Roy. I let you down. If you want to fire me, I totally understand.” She refused to lower her chin, though it was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

Roy shook his head and moved around the table to grasp said chin. The pad of his thumb feathered her lower lip before coming to rest along her jawline. Her silly heart performed cartwheels at the intimacy. She froze, everything within her leaning into the touch, and waited. Wanted. Anticipated.

“I’m not letting you go just yet,” he murmured. “We have a contract.”

His words had the undesired effect of cooling her ardor. He was right, they had a contract. And if she wanted to keep her career, she’d better remember that.

Just then, her cell phone buzzed from its spot on the table, saving her an awkward retreat. She took a step back, figuratively and literally, and turned the screen so she could read the text: thirty seconds to airtime.

“It’s the station, they’re ready for you.” She kept her gaze down, opening the computer and dragging it out of sleep-mode. Sadly enough, she could see similarities between herself and the machine. Time for both of them to wake up.

“Patience…” Roy looked at her with something like regret. “I didn’t mean to suggest anything.”

Could her face get any hotter? “I know. Could we get down to business, please? My advice is to shoot straight from the hip. If someone asks you about… you know, Olivia, tell them the truth. Diplomatically, of course,” she hastened to add.

He hesitated, then nodded and resumed his seat. “Sure, if that’s what you really want.” He looked at her meaningfully before turning to the computer. “Let’s get this over with.”

Feeling like she’d lost something precious, Patience keyed in a response to the waiting announcer: We’re ready.

“And we’re back with WarHawks defenseman Roy Donaldson. Roy, are you ready for your next caller?”

Roy locked eyes with Patience. “Bring it on, Sam.”

“Great. Caller number two, you’re live on KPLY Sportsdesk. What would you like to ask our hockey hero today?”

There was a brief spurt of static, then a woman’s voice came through, sharp as cut glass. “I want to ask my fiancé when he plans to quit running like scared chickenshit and step up to the blueline—the one on my pregnancy test, that is.”

Patience’s eyes widened even as Roy’s expression turned arctic cold.


What Readers are Saying

Jacquie Biggar mixes all the right ingredients, even touching on mental illness and family relations both good and bad. The author’s breezy writing, witty observations and dialogue are a pleasure to read. Many times, I stopped to marvel at a particular turn of phrase or reread a section for sheer enjoyment. I’ve enjoyed everything Ms. Biggar has written. She is a skilled author who knows her craft, but The Player may just be my favorite to date. What a feel-good gem!

Mae- Amazon Reviewer

I love these two working together and their obvious chemistry. All the little details like Patience’s strong family ties, including her protective brothers, a stray cat, and Patience love of shoes, really drew me into the story.

D.L.- Amazon Reviewer
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