The SEAL’s Temptation- Wounded Hearts Book 7

DEA Agent Maggie Holt knows what Hell is like…

After eighteen months undercover in a Mexican cartel, Maggie is broken. The kickass agent she once was, is gone, leaving her riddled with guilt and nightmares. Forced to take paid leave, Maggie accepts the offer of a vacation on the ranch of the man who’d rescued her from an almost certain death.

Frank Stein knows the signs of PTSD, he’s suffered the symptoms himself as Chief Petty Officer of SEAL Team Five. Honorably discharged from duty, Frank has found peace at the family ranch and hopes it will do the same for Magdalena. Ever since he’d first met her when she was interrogating his buddy, Jared, Frank has been fascinated by the raven-haired beauty and wants the chance to see where their relationship could go.

Adam O’Connor is Maggie’s partner. He knows her. He loved her once and could again, if she’d let him in. But he’s also angry she took the chances she did by going undercover against orders. And now, things are different. She’s different.

When a right-wing militia group infiltrates the area, will DEA Agent Maggie Holt, her partner, Adam O’Connor, and ex-SEAL Chief Frank Stein be able to set aside their differences to stop them before someone dies? And who will Maggie choose, the handsome cowboy, or her charismatic DEA partner?

The SEAL’s Temptation

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“I know what you’re going to say, and the answer is, I had no choice.” Frogs croaked in the background and iridescent blue dragonflies skimmed the murky water’s surface as Amanda faced him with crossed arms.

“Just the fact you’re already on the defensive tells me that’s not true.” Adam wanted to remain annoyed, but she looked stressed enough for both of them. “Why here, Amanda? It would make more sense to be in town. How can we keep an eye on anything in the back of beyond?”

“It’s hardly the back of beyond,” she said. “Look around, what do you see?”

Adam knew what he’d see, acres and acres of green pastures, wildflowers, cows and cowboys. It was about as far removed from his Las Vegas home as it could be, and yet he felt an affinity for the land, a bone-deep connection that surprised him.

So, instead he concentrated his attention on Amanda, taking in her vibrant beauty against the vivid backdrop of a setting sun. Her features were almost sharp, instead of classical, with almond-shaped green eyes, upturned nose, and full, sensual lips that featured in way too many of his dreams. Ever since their passionate kiss on the hill when Maggie was missing, he hadn’t been able to get her out of his head—or treat her with the distance and respect she deserved as his superior officer.

“I can’t see anything but you,” he admitted softly, drawing a surprised gasp.

“You can’t just say things like that,” she cried, fingers cupping her throat as though to hold all the words she wanted to say inside.

“Why?” he asked, suddenly tired of pretending there was nothing between them. He grasped her hand, tugging her off-balance and into his arms. “It’s true. We have a connection, Amanda. One I want to explore. Are you going to deny the attraction I see in those beautiful green eyes?”

She lowered her lashes, blocking her expression from his view, but he could feel the rapid-fire beat of her heart, the trembling in her limbs, the moistness of her barely parted lips. She wanted him just as desperately, he was sure of it.

“Amanda,” he murmured, lifting her chin. “Look at me and tell me I’m imagining this—us—and I’ll never mention it again.” He waited, half hoping she would do just that. End this craziness before it ruined both of their careers and broke their hearts. He’d been through an office affair before, with Mags, and look where it put them now—strained partners who couldn’t get past the distance separating them.

“I can’t,” she whispered, opening her eyes to gaze up at him. “But that doesn’t make it right. I’ve worked hard, damn hard, to get to this position. I can’t allow a temporary affair with a fellow officer destroy my reputation. Not even for you.”

Not even for you.

She cared. He’d hoped he wasn’t alone in this relationship and here was the proof. Even as she attempted to turn him away, she’d opened a tiny gap in her armor. Satisfaction warmed his veins and put a smile on his lips. “It’s too late, boss, I’m hooked.”

He bent and kissed the disbelief from her lips.

What readers are saying

Lots more in this one and the author has managed to describe the brotherhood perfectly that exists between members of a SEAL team…HOOYAH for that.. The topic of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is handled well and the reader feels Maggie’s pain in healing.

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