Seven Ways to Spark Your Writing with “Golden Lines”

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Fae Rowen

On the plane home from Atlanta in July, I re-read my notes and handouts, highlighting tips that resonated with me as I prepared for a major edit on my WIP. When I participated in the UC Irvine Writing Project, I learned the technique of highlighting a few word in an article, an essay, or short story that were lessons for me and my writing. The instructors called these highlighted snippets “golden lines.” This method is different from using up the ink of a yellow highlighter as if you’re getting ready for a test. It’s much more selective. Think of it as a “for immediate implementation” list.

Here are my Golden Lines (in no particular order) and how they’ve helped me step it up a level (or two) in my writing:

1. Be grounded in emotional reality. We ‘re human. We feel. I’ve run the gamut of writing…

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