Hanging Writing Rules Out to Dry

Loved this blog, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed lately with all the rules of the trade that I’ve stepped away from my work. I know, cardinal sin. This article made me feel so much better, I think I’ll go look things over again, maybe revise a little, maybe write a little, 🙂

Writers In The Storm Blog

Note: Congratulations to Jeannie Intrieri. She’s the winner of the giveaway from Chuck Sambuchino’s November 1 post.

By Kerry Lonsdale

First off, I have to credit Natalia Sylvester’s October 8, 2013 post at The Debutante Ball as the inspiration for this post. It was the first post I’ve read where an author confessed they don’t write every day.

Hallelujah! That post kicked a 50 pound self-inflicted guilt monkey off my back. Do I write every day? Heck no! I have a life that includes a husband and kids and more animals than I ever thought I’d adopt.

When I write I go deep in my head. It takes a lot of energy, and time, for me to write well. Even if my schedule permitted, I am mentally incapable of writing every day. While writing for me is a necessity—we’ve all heard the expression: writing is like the air we…

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