One Line Friday

It's my favourite day of the week, Friday. Time to get together with family and friends. Sleep in, 🙂 No school lunches to pack, or kids to rush out the door. Spring is here. The nursery's are filling up with a heavenly assortment of colours and smells. The promise of happiness is ripe in the …

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner is serious business. Most other nights you can get away with anything from Hamburger Helper to Spaghetti and your family won't complain. They don't dare. However, tonight is all about family. It's special, and the meal you serve needs to portray this. A lot of houses will be serving ham, scalloped potatoes, hot …

One Line Friday’s on Saturday

Sorry I'm late. It was Good Friday yesterday and we spent the day as a family doing outdoor activities. It was a very good day. 🙂 Here is my pick for this week's muse, The sky turned turbulent, much like Aurora's emotions as she listened to the horrifying report Cochair had flown through the tumultuous …

Five Warning Signs Your Story Needs Revision

a few mistakes new writers make

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.38.45 AM Original image via Jenny Downing Flikr Creative Commons

We can have the best story ideas in the world, but to be blunt? There’s a lot to be said for delivery. While these problems might seem picky, there are some fundamental errors that can weaken the writing. If our writing loses power, this can become distressing or distracting to readers.

Many readers (not being editors or professional writers) might not be able to articulate specifically why they lost interest in a story, but often the answer is simple. It can be an accumulation of the small things. The little foxes spoil the vine.

Most of us make one or more of these errors, especially when we’re new. Hey, that’s called “being NEW.” No one is born with the natural ability to write brilliant, perfect novels coded into their DNA. It takes time and practice, so give yourself permission to make…

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Love Has Everything to Do With It

In todays fast paced lifestyles people forget to stop and appreciate the love and support of those we're closest to, our families. We don't do it on purpose, of course. We love those who are dear to us. They know that. Or do they? I think we go blithely along, expecting them to understand, to …

One Line Fridays

It's Friday and you know what that means, PAARTY!! Okay maybe not, but it does mean it's One Line Friday again. Here's the deal, I post an adorable picture and leave it to your enterprising minds to come up with a clever sentence for it. READY? Okay, here we go: Colleen wrapped her wind-whipped shawl …

Keywords and Visibility on Amazon

S.K. Nicholls


If you, like me, have been having trouble categorizing your book in order to get better visibility for sells, this link might help.  I was using random keywords related to highlights of my book, but not coming up well in searches.


I had enormous difficulty in getting the correct keywords through KDP for visibility until I ran across this rather obscure piece on KDP’s site.  I was using all the wrong keywords.  The keywords that I was using were all related to my book, but they were NOT the specifically programed words and phrases that Amazon uses.  I was barely able to find my book in search results until I ran across this page.  Now, I have sold more books in the past two weeks than I had in the past two months, just by getting these correct keywords into place.

It seems that Amazon has specific keywords programmed 

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A Synopsis Checklist

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Shannon Donnelly

Years ago I was struggling to try and figure out how to write a synopsis. It took a lot of input from other writers, and some workshops, but I finally became comfortable with syopsis writing—and now it’s one of my favorite tools. I’m now doing my “Sexy Synopsis workshop again for Outreach International Romance Writers, but I wanted to offer up my synopsis checklist.

A synopsis is one of the most useful tools you can have. It keeps you from getting stuck. It starts you thinking about blurb and marketing copy. It can even show up flaws you might have in your plot, as in maybe the conflict really isn’t strong enough.

The checklist I developed came from looking at a bunch of synopses and from taking a lot of classes on synopsis writings. Feel free to take this list and customize for your own use…

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Weak Words

I'm taking a few different on-line courses on editing your manuscript to make it the best it can be. One thing each of the classes all agree on is the necessity of removing weak words from your baby. I thought okay, no biggie, I have a fairly good vocabulary. This should be easy, I thought. …

One Line Fridays

My romantic/suspense writer's group, Kiss of Death, have this great idea going on Twitter every Wednesday where they pick a page number and encourage everyone to go into their WIP to pick one line and post it.   I thought it would be fun to do something along those lines here, with a slight difference. …