One Line Friday

It’s my favourite day of the week, Friday. Time to get together with family and friends. Sleep in, 🙂
No school lunches to pack, or kids to rush out the door.

Spring is here.

The nursery’s are filling up with a heavenly assortment of colours and smells. The promise of happiness is ripe in the air. The bluer than blue skies, flowering trees, fresh mown grass.

I Love Summer

In honour of Mother Nature’s renewal here’s the picture for this week,


One Line Friday

“Don’t worry Amanda, I’ll take care of you. Always and forever.” Seth assured her, as he wrapped a sun-warmed arm around her shoulders in a brotherly hug.

Okay gang, let’s see what you’ve got. Give me your best line.
Have a great weekend all.

9 Replies to “One Line Friday”

  1. “Don’t worry, Felix, nobody can hear the kitty in the canoe. I’ll even stay here until she get’s back to shore. Now you just run along home and tell Aunt Betty everything’s just fine.”


  2. I’m late, and it’s more than one line… but I wanted to play 🙂 …….Their brief affair had been like a forest fire. Raging hot, engulfing, defining and then… gone. Leaving behind nothing but ashes and a desolate landscape.


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