Today I have a special guest on my blog, my daughter, Brandy Biggar. She is a third year student majoring in Ocean Sciences, and Biology. Today students have more on their plates than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly important to have a strong background in volunteer work, Co-Operative positions in which the student is paid a stipend while gaining knowledge in their chosen field. And applying for grants and scholarships.

She visits us today to share an essay she’s written to compete for a scholarship,

My name is Brandy Biggar and I am posting this writing assignment in competition for a scholarship from Grapevine Evaluations. I attend the University of Victoria and this scholarship would offer me significant financial help in achieving my degree, by alleviating some of the costs for me as a single mother. For more information about this scholarship, and about Grapevine Evaluations please visit the following link: http://www.grapevineevaluatiowns.com/scholarship.aspx.

Benefits of Employee Evaluations

Communication is the basis to all successful relationships, friendly or professional. In work environments, it is often difficult to take the time to converse about standards, achievements, and shortcomings; and the goal to success may often fall short. Employee evaluations provide an easy solution to this, by opening the lines of communication and allowing both employer and employee to share ideas, and be reminded of the goals of the business.

A business is a collaboration of people striving to achieve the same overall goal, success. There are a multitude of tools that can be utilized to achieve success, and create a highly functioning business. Employee evaluations are one of the most effective tools. Employers benefit from evaluations by having: a quick and efficient review on workers skills and progress, a system to fairly judge rewards, and an easy way to identify need for improvement. Evaluations are also beneficial to employees, especially in having a written account of accomplishments while employed, as well as a tool to encourage them to strive for the necessary high standards of success. Businesses further benefit from employee evaluations by having increased communication between managers and workers, and a decrease in employee’s lethargy. Although there may be a few downfalls to employee evaluations, such as time and restraint by the employee, employee evaluations are highly beneficial and long lasting for both the employer and employee as a way to achieve higher success, especially when using a program such as Grapevine Evaluations.

The most obvious benefits of this tool are to the employer. Keeping an oral and written account of employee work strategies and accomplishments can help an employer to ensure that their team is reaching their full potential. Evaluations can also offer opportunities for constructive criticism in regards to performance improvement strategies. Evaluations can be a helpful tool to the employer in ensuring fairness of worker compensation, such as bonuses and raises or as worker scaffolding with a chance to practice and learn anything that may be causing situational difficulties. Having a written account of employee accomplishments provides the employer with a fair assessment tool to judge those most deserving of reward and those most in need of an extra hand. Employee evaluations are an extremely beneficial tool for an employer to utilize as a way to keep standards met and encourage improvement.

Although the most obvious benefits belong to the employer, they are not the only, or even the most important to be considered. A written work history account can further be a highly beneficial tool for an employee. A document outlining accomplishments and personal improvements can be used in future job searches and educational opportunities, as well as raises and job advancement within the company. Knowing that evaluations are an inevitable part of the job encourages employees to meet the expectations of the business, while setting higher standards for themselves; with an upcoming review in mind, employees may want to work harder and showcase their capabilities. Similarly, an outline of personal shortcomings can also be beneficial since the employee may not be aware of their own inadequacies. The evaluation process further allows employees the opportunity to voice their cares and concerns about the business, that which a manager or owner many not be aware. Vice versa, the employer has the opportunity to share the goals and standards of the company, in the case that an employee is losing their strive for excellence. Employee evaluations are important from a business perspective in decreasing the rate of employee lethargy. It is natural for workers to get comfortable in their positions and become unintentionally lazy if they are not pushed to strive for more. Having something to work towards- whether it be improving your past skills, pleasing your employer, or working towards a bonus- helps to keep away the listlessness that comes with comfort. Opening the lines of communication from both sides, objectively and privately, not only benefits the employer but also the employee so that each can strive and achieve success.

It is evident that there are a multitude of positive outcomes stemming from the utilization of employee evaluations, but why then are they not done more often in more locations? The downfall to employee evaluations is the loss of work time and the lack of reciprocity amongst employees.

A busy manager may not have the time to spend repeatedly evaluating employees, especially in high turnover locations, nor may they not have the time to constantly re-approach the employee for feedback. Moreover, employees may not feel comfortable sharing their feelings or opinions in fear of consequences. These problems can, however, easily be solved by using helpful software tools such as Grapevine Evaluations (http://www.grapevineevaluations.com). Grapevine Evaluations was created to make the evaluation process simpler and less time consuming. Using a computer program to evaluate employees ensures that all the benefits of frequent evaluations can be experienced without lost work hours, and at a fraction of the time for employees.

Employee evaluations are a beneficial and necessary tool in running a highly functioning business; it is a necessary tool to ensure communication and, in turn, success. A clearly written work history document can be helpful in many ways, to both employer and employee. The benefits of this practice far outweigh the mere time spent, and will help a business to run at its optimal level. If a business would like to adopt an employee evaluation program, but is worried about the simple issues, such as time commitment and reservations on behalf of the employee, Grapevine Evaluations services is there to help; to exchange and record successful ideas in a non time-consuming, professional manner. http://www.grapevineevaluations.com.

Needless to say, I’m very proud of my girl and wish her all the best in this endeavour. What is your experience with post graduate education? Any advice you’d like to share?


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