I’m excited to introduce you today to a ‘new to me’ author, Guy Ogan.


Born in Washington D.C. during the early stages of WW-II, Guy & his mother moved to Texas while father went off to war as a member of the Office of Strategic Services later to become the C.I.A. After the war, mother and child returned to Arlington, VA to join father back in Washington and on “temporary duty” in spots around the world. Guy was interested and involved in long-distance running, which he continued when the family moved to Northern California in the late 50s. He graduated from Los Altos High School, obtained an Associate of Arts from Foothill Junior College and Transferred to Texas Christian University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission in the U.S.A.F. while in the military he obtained a Master of Arts from the European Campus of Ball State and upon his retirement from the service completed a second graduate degree, Master of Education, from Hardin-Simmons University. While in this program he taught undergraduate Psychology, Sociology and Counseling at local colleges as well as wrote a book on the assessment and treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder. He was then employed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TX Prison System) writing treatment programs for inmates with addictions and later as an Associate Clinical Psychologist. He retired early to care for his disabled mother upon the passing of his father. He and his wife have two grown children and four grandchildren as well as three Pomeranians.
To read more about the books or the author, check out these sites: or

Do you outline your books or wing it?  Describe your process.

I guess you would say I wing it. I often dream or day-dream about the characters in my series and when I’m at my computer the action in the stories just comes to me. Since I have always had an “overactive” imagination “writers-block” is a concept I’ve never suffered…I have the opposite problem…my mind is flooded with action sequences all competing for space on the pages!

How do you decide on setting?

Again, these just come to me (I have to pick which of the ones swirling through my imagination to use).

What genre(s) do you write in?  Why?

When I wrote my first novel, “Immortal Relations” I felt it was a strong action novel about a group of good vampires who fought to protect humans from the bloodsucking types, human criminals and evil politicians. It was an editor who told me that what I had was a multi-genre, Paranormal-Romance with some erotic content wrapped in an action novel. As for “Why,” it is what my characters like to do…I am just the scribe who tells their stories.

What is your favorite part of writing?

When the story really get rolling and all the characters are together and telling of the things they have done or are currently doing as I type at maximum speed to keep up with the story.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

Aside from “Blogging” which I find enjoyable (especially when I can respond to a reader on the blog)I’ve never met an author, writer or story-teller who didn’t say the same thing: “Trying to get the word out about his or her novel(s).” Social Media is a quagmire that sucks the author’s valuable time away from his or her writing into what seems to be the “Black-Hole of the Universe”…information goes in but nothing comes out…it’s maddening!

Some writers edit excessively as they write; others wait until a novel is finished to do the bulk of editing.  How about you?

I do both. It depends on my characters…if they’re “on a roll” I just have to mentally leave a marker on the page & paragraph to come back later, but if there is a break in the conversation or action I can take a few moments to go back and make a change. I just try not to interrupt the flow of information from my characters.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever done in the name of research?

This is a bit embarrassing. Male anatomy is so straight forward and the intimate areas are plain to see; however, it is less so with female anatomy and since there are some rather detailed comments in the first book, I had to research locations of certain parts discussed by my characters (only in book one).

E-books, print, or both?  Any preferences?  Why?

Currently my stories are available in both E-book and print. Historically, print has been THE media for writers and I understand those who love the feeling of a book in their hands; however, I have over two hundred books loaded on my Kindle and it would be awkward to try and carry around even half that many print books. I think eventually, E-books will become the preferred media if not the only media for novels and perhaps even for non-fiction as well. It may not be a Kindle, a Nook, etc. It may be in the form of holographic projection from a watch or some other small item or even something as futuristic as an implant into the cerebral-cortex with which we can select from the Library of Congress, etc..     

Please tell us your experiences with social media.  What are your favorite and least favorite parts of it?

I have normal Facebook and Twitter accounts, they are my personal sites not solely used to advertise my books (although I do a little of that on both). A lot of my political views come out there (as well as somewhat in the second book and strongly in the third). My BlogSpot is where I post the most about the novels and the characters from which the novels come. I LOVE MY CHARACTERS AND HAVE A VERY STRONG EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO THEM! 

What do you read? Do you read different genres when you’re writing versus not writing?

I read many genres, but prefer Paranormal when the characters have some “redeeming social value” (in other words I’m not a fan of “slasher stories” although I’ve read Bram Stoker’s works). I don’t believe all vampires are evil anymore than all humans are evil, there has to be some balance. I do read Sci-Fi, love military history and Tom Clancy’s books, will read books by author friends in order to leave comments and these range from Fantasy to Westerns. I try to help other authors even if they are far better known than myself. 

Social Media Links: (must have the final forward slash) is the best place to find out all about the stories I write and has a few bits of information about the books as well. My Facebook is but I don’t go there often and hardly ever on Twitter as too many people leave too many ads and other stuff on it which means what little I’ve tried to leave there is off the main page in about twenty minutes or less.


Blurb or Excerpt from book:

Here is what Richard Rasmussen (one of those who read the book) said, on Amazon, about my first novel “Immortal Relations”: Being a bit of a vampire-phile, I find myself constantly searching for the next vampire series to reach out and grab, or, more appropriately, bite me. I believe I have found my holy grail of vampire novels. You see, the Vlad books are typically a bit gory for my tastes, while the Twilight series is campy, sophomoric, and I feel, is most appealing to teenage girls. Mr. Ogan has delivered a tale at breakneck speed, one that jumps out of the starting gate and never loses steam. A tale filled with life lessons, love, sex, action and adventure. Complete with new insights into the powers of the immortal vamps, and fresh takes on the complex inner workings of their existence. From page 1 until the very end, Immortal Relations promises to have you on the edge of your seat and begging for more… is the “buy site” for the first book.


Nancy Bell, left this on my BlogSpot about the second novel, “Immortal Relations, Love and War”:

Immortal Relations is NOT just another vampire story! An unusual blend of vampire fantasy, world politics, and political statement in defense of human civil freedoms, this book is a quick read that takes you through the story as a voyeur of one man’s extraordinary imagination. You will not predict the outcome of this story, nor do you want to, as you sit back and let the story unfold insights into human nature, vampire nature, and the unusual relationship between the two. Looking forward to reading book three as the crescendo of poetic license plays itself out on a global scale. Thanks to Guy Ogan for an enjoyable read! is the “buy site” for book two.


At this time I have yet to have a comment on the third novel, “Immortal Relations Coming Out” is the “buy site” for book three.

An excerpt from my third book, pp. 147-149 Vlad Dracula (reformed long before Bram Stoker’s story) is talking with one of his newer vampire friends, Gary Logan. Vlad has explained how he and other of the oldest vampires have progressed to the point where they need little if any blood. Gary has asked (through thought transference) why the out-of-control vampires continue to attack humans?
Vlad replies (through thought transference) They get a thrill from the hunt and then, as the life drains from their victims, it provides a rush from the feeling of power over the living.

I thought, If I may be so bold, have you had such feelings in the past?

Vlad smiled and nodded slowly, It was a very, very long time ago Gary. We were fighting what you would call “an asymmetrical war” against Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror and his Muslim invaders who outnumbered us at least three to one. I was looking for anything to slow them down. I guess you would say I used psychological warfare by building the “forest” of impaled enemy soldiers we had defeated in previous battles. While we had numerous successes against units of the invaders we unfortunately were unable to hold off so large an invading army. It was about this time I was changed into what I am today. I was always in the front lines of battle and routinely soaked in blood. Perhaps that is what changed me into a vampire. One of my own Generals saw me surrounded by enemies and saw blood spurting up in the air. Thinking it was my blood he sent word that I’d been killed. My dear wife was distraught and threw herself from the heights of our Poenari Castle into the Arges River below.

Then my second cousin, Matthias Corvinus, King of Hungary, from whom I had sought help in prosecuting the war, imprisoned me. Locked away, I soon became crazed with the desire for blood I would have otherwise found on the battlefield. Many fellow prisoners died because of it and after my escape I was a plague on the land. It took all too long before I regained some sense of my lost humanity.

With downcast eyes Vlad thought, That is where the myths, legends and stories about me started – I’m afraid I earned them all.

I reached over and patted him on the arm saying, “I’m sorry I brought up a topic that has induced clearly painful memories for you.”

Vlad smiled at me, “No, it is alright. If you haven’t heard the story before I think you need to know the type of vampire you follow. I hope it won’t detract from our relationship.”

“Never fear of my continued admiration and respect for you. You were a great leader fighting to free your people from an oppressive invader. Since you had no one to guide you after you were changed, as a ‘newborn’ vampire you did what came naturally. However, it begs the question, how did you stop?”

“I married again and she helped me overcome the constant thirst, giving me some of her own blood, and she lead me back to God.”

With tears in my eyes I thought, in reply to Vlad, Women are clearly the superior gender, without them we men would be little better than wild beasts.

Wow, powerful excerpt.

It was a true pleasure getting to know you, Guy. What about you, gang? What’s your favorite genre to read, and why? If you have any questions about Guy or his books, he’d love to answer them for you.

13 thoughts on “MEET THE AUTHOR: GUY OGAN

  1. Thanks for the interview! I love reading about the processes that other authors’ utilize. It sounds like you have tons of ideas to choose from. Thanks so much for allowing us a glimpse into your writing life.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Linda…since my main male character is myself under the alias “Gary Logan” I’m not sure who took over whom. Through Gary I respond to different scenarios using what I learned in the military and later working with medical personnel while in psychology. I have hopes of keeping the friendship of my characters as well as my real, flesh and blood friends until I escape this mortal coil. (-:

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  2. Great blog, you two. I really enjoy listening to other authors describe their process. I think we all love, or hate, our characters. But what a wonderful background, Guy to be able to use it in your story creation. Good luck with it, Sylvie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sylvie, I think that’s one of the reasons you can take the same storyline, give it to ten authors, and they’ll all come out with completely different books. We each bring something unique to our work. 🙂


    2. Thanks Sylvie. As jb said, you can give a storyline to ten authors and likely find ten completely different books when they are finished. Someone who knows about “high fashion and home décor” would likely place a lot more emphasis on what the vampires wear and the furnishing of their apartments in the castle. I did my best along those lines but had to ask my wife what some of the items pictured in my mind would have been called. (-:

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