I’ve joined Book Boyfriend’s Cafe Friday blog hop. Every week we post an excerpt with a different theme. This week our characters have a Hot Encounter! Whether it be the first time they meet, or one of the many times after then that they come across each other, the choice is yours!

For my choice of HOT ENCOUNTERS I decided to post an excerpt from my WIP. This is book #3 in the Wounded Hearts series. 



Ty would always remember his first taste of heaven. A warm honeyed mouth coated in sweet juicy berry. Soft pillowy breasts and the silken slide of peach scented hair. The breath-stealing feel of her hourglass figure beneath his hands, and the sexy little cries she couldn’t quite control. A gauge that told him better than any words how much she wanted him. His heart thundered like an Indy car on a perfect oval track. If he didn’t slow this down soon, Ty worried he’d crash and burn. Been there, done that, had the scars to prove it, thank you very much.

His lips refused his call to action. They were intent on mapping every crease and crevice of her mouth, inside and out. Powerless against the onslaught of memories mixing with the uncertain present, Ty gave up on backing away. Instead he delved within, on a mission to replace another man’s kisses, and determined to stamp his mark upon her soul.

He couldn’t seem to fill up on her taste; it reminded him of a decadent dessert. He knew it was bad for him, but lacked the strength to set it aside. One more lick here and a nibble just there, at the cupid’s bow of her lip. When her tongue flicked out to soothe the ache, Ty sucked it into his mouth in a game of tag where they both came out the winner.

His hands performed braille on every inch of skin they could reach. From curvy hips to the underside of her more-than-a-handful breasts, there wasn’t a spot he didn’t crave to learn. Ty loved the little breathy catch, then sigh, she did every time he came to a particularly sensitive area. Like now when his fingers spread out over her ribcage while his thumbs lightly tweaked hardened nipples.

His lips worked a path along her jawline to the shell of her ear, and he smiled when her head fell back to grant him more access. He well remembered her sensitivity to this erogenous zone on her body. Her skin was velvety soft, nearly translucent. He could almost feel the blood pulsating through her veins beneath his lips. His own heart throbbed in response, speeding along his cells to pound a message to his engorged cock. Take her, take her now.

His arm swept out and shoved the salad bowl aside. Ignoring her startled gasp, he lifted her onto the counter and edged between her legs.

“Ty,” she hesitated, her hands on his shoulders to hold him at bay. “We shouldn’t.”

Caught in a cloud of lust, it took him a bit to comprehend her words, and a much longer moment to admit the validity. His head dropped and he heaved a frustrated sigh.

Her hand came up and brushed gentle fingers through his hair, and he leaned into her touch, helpless to resist.

“Ty, talk to me. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on.” He raised his head and met her worried gaze. A ghost of a smile touched her lips. “On the kitchen counter? Really?”

He laughed, then groaned at her bemused expression. Time to step back before he showed her just how possible it could be. He leaned forward and gave her one last, lingering kiss, then straightened and turned back to his now overdone noodles. Yep, there had to be a metaphor in there somewhere, for sure.

Ty Garrett once loved Katy Fowler to distraction, but they were young and impressionable. When her parents created tension between the two lovebirds, their relationship couldn’t withstand the strain.

Ty made a pact with himself to never get that involved again, it hurt too much. Then Katy returns.

I love reunion romances, don’t you? Look for Twilight Theatre this summer!

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