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by Stella Barcelona




Cataclysm. Now. Run.

A cryptic, urgent text message turns the peaceful life Skye Barrows has created for herself and her sister into chaos. She must follow her father’s instructions to the letter, but Sebastian Connelly is blocking her way. Telling Sebastian what she must do is not an option.

What He Doesn’t Know Will Get Them All Killed

When a prison break in the midst of a security system upgrade threatens to destroy the reputation of Sebastian’s company, Black Raven Private Security Contractors, he goes on the hunt for escaped prisoner Richard Barrows – a delusional and paranoid computer software genius.

Sebastian’s mission: find Richard Barrows and return him to prison, but stonewalled by Skye, who refuses to give him answers, and with the added complication of her special needs sister, Sebastian finds himself always a step or two behind vicious killers.

Nothing About This Case is Normal

For Sebastian, it should be simple, but this case will test him in ways he never imagined. As probing interrogation becomes urgent protection, the search for Barrows forces Sebastian and Skye into a murky world of shadows and illusions.


Exclusive Excerpt:


“We need results,” the analyst answered, with a glance to one of the gun-toting guards who stood at the doorway, “and we need them now.”

Looking closer, Richard realized that moisture had seeped through the man’s blue button-down shirt. His thin red hair was damp with sweat. The man was anxious, but trying hard to be cool on the exterior. “Who are you working for?”

“We’ve told you. We’re with the National Security Agency. This is all a problem of your creation. You’ve created chaos. You must correct it.”

I’m not falling for it. My programs made sense out of chaos.

The stakes were far higher than his mortality, and Richard’s racing thoughts all collided at a dead end. Help. He needed it, badly. This isn’t paranoia. These men were out to get him. Well, not him, but what he’d created. Shadow Technology and LID Technology. He needed help and, as much as he didn’t want to involve her, there was only one person who could give it.

Alert Skye. The cataclysm scenario is in play.

“Maybe these two words will speed things up.” The analyst stepped closer, bent, and said, “Skye and Spring,” then stepped away.

The two people he’d protect with his life.

Richard’s stomach rolled with sudden nausea. He resumed typing, narrowing his eyes as he read the monitor. Yes. That was enough to make things look good, but not enough to work. The analyst was absolutely correct. The way to ensure his cooperation was by threatening his daughters. By voicing their names, that’s what the man had done.

I have no choice.

Richard almost choked on his fear for his daughters, typing commands that would, without his captors knowing, allow him to penetrate their network. He’d found the vulnerability in their system that would provide internet access hours ago. If he was in and out in a matter of seconds, he had a strong hope they wouldn’t figure out he’d been there or see the message that he sent. He’d always known it would come to this, yet his hands trembled as he sent the message that would alert Skye.

Please God, help her.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Stella Barcelona has always had an active imagination, a tendency to daydream, and a passion for reading romance, mysteries, and thrillers.  She has found an outlet for all of these aspects of herself by writing romantic thrillers.

In her day-to-day life, Stella is a lawyer and works for a court in New Orleans. She lives minutes from the French Quarter, with her husband of seventeen years and two adorable papillons who believe they are princesses. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. Her first novel, DECEIVED, was inspired by New Orleans, its unique citizens, and the city’s World War II-era history.

Her third novel, JIGSAW, a Black Raven novel, will be released in 2016.




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