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Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series Christmas Novella

Luke & Bethany’s Story by Alice Orr



On a cold December day Bethany Miller and her son Michael arrive in Riverton.


She grew up on Riverton Hill in remote upstate New York where her complicated family still lives. She moved away to escape all of that and more. Now she’s back because of complications in her present life with what is best for her son. She hopes the Miller family will be a Christmas blessing for Michael. She’s less hopeful about what this homecoming will be for her.


The last thing Bethany wants is further complication. That means the last person she needs to see is Luke Kalli staring down at her from the roof of Miller’s Inn. They shared a glorious connection before she fled from here. The power of that encounter and the deep feelings she experienced came at a tumultuous moment in her life. They were yet another strong reason to leave Riverton Hill on Riverton Road and never return – until today. She has no idea this place will put her son in peril.



A Vacancy at the Inn is the first Novella of the Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series featuring the Kalli family and now the Miller family too in stories of Romance and Danger.

Buy A Vacancy at the Inn at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B017RZFGWC.


Alice Orr – Bio



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An Amazon reviewer says, “Alice Orr is a brilliant writer who has a Number One best seller hidden in her pocket. I look forward to more of her work.” I say “Thanks!” I love to write. Especially romantic suspense novels and blog posts. I’ve been a workshop leader, book editor and literary agent. Now I live my dream of writing full-time. I’ve published thirteen novels and four novellas – both traditionally and independently – plus a memoir so far. I wrote my nonfiction book, No More Rejections, as a gift to the writers’ community I cherish. A revised edition is now in progress. Amazon says, “This book has it all.” About my romantic suspense, Amazon says, “Alice Orr turns up the heat.” Most of all, I like to hear from readers. Visit my website at www.aliceorrbooks.com. I have two grown children and two perfect grandchildren and I live with my husband Jonathan in New York City.


I’m honored to have the opportunity to interview Alice Orr and share it with you today.

What is my favorite thing to write?

As I say on my website at http://www.aliceorrbooks.com – I love to write suspense because there is such a strong element of “What will happen next?” and “How will all of this turn out?” I like to make a reader think that one thing is going to happen just before I deliver something entirely different. One of my favorite compliments came when a reader said to me, “It seems as if everybody is guilty.” That’s what I want the reader to think until the real culprit is revealed at the very end of the story. Meantime I mix in a good deal of love and romance which adds to the suspense in a different respect. A strong element of the romance is “Will they get together or not?” The truth is I don’t know the answers myself until I’ve written them. Because I enjoy keeping myself in suspense most of all.


Do I like surprises?

I like happy surprises and those mostly have to do with loved ones.

For example my most recent happy surprise happened about an hour ago when my granddaughter called to talk about Thanksgiving dinner. She’s using my recipe to bake pumpkin pies the night before and had a question about the spices I use. The instant I saw her name on the caller identification screen of my phone I dropped everything. We talked and talked – about pumpkin pies and where everybody will sleep over the holiday weekend when we’ll all be crammed together at her house in Boston and what we’ll do the day after and the day after that. I hadn’t expected her to call. I’d been having a good workday before she did. The lovely surprise of her voice made my day even better and I’ve been smiling ever since.


How old was I when I started writing?

I can’t remember when I wasn’t writing. I was eight years old when I was first published. My grandmother submitted a poem I’d written to the Farm and Garden section of The Watertown Daily Times and they published it. I don’t imagine it was a very good poem but Grandma apparently saw something in it. I wish there was a copy of that poem still in existence but there isn’t and I don’t remember what it was about. I do remember Grandma believed in me and was proud of my poem and that makes all the difference.


Do I love writing or hate it and why?

I love writing because it transports me to another place. I may be sitting on the couch in my office or in a chair by the window but that’s the location of my body only. The rest of me – my heart and my imagination and my energetic spirit – are off on the wind and into the universe of my story. It is a heady and breathless experience I can’t seem to get enough of no matter how often it happens. A day when I can’t take that voyage for some reason is a day I miss out on something crucial to a full sense of satisfaction.


What would be my dream job?

I have my dream job – or my combination of dream jobs. I share a partnership with my husband in life as Alice and Jonathan and in business as Orr and Orr Contracting. I am a hands-on and heart-all-in grandma which is another dream profession for me. And finally I’m a writer – the dream job where I make my fantasies into stories and invite readers to dream along.


What was my favorite childhood story?

I had many favorite stories but there was always a special place in my heart for Nancy Drew. Much later on I was able to fulfill a childhood ambition when I wrote a Nancy Drew Files story as Carolyn Keene. It was Nancy Drew Files #33 – Danger in Disguise. It went to number two on the juvenile bestseller list but I’d have loved the chance to write that story no matter what. I was thrilled when I recently discovered it’s still available on amazon.


Where in the world am I home?

I am a New York City girl even though I was actually born and raised in a remote North Country town much like the setting of my Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series. Though – as you may have guessed already – home has a lot to do with family for me. When our grandchildren and their parents moved to the Pacific Northwest – Jonathan and I moved there too. When Jonathan’s company transferred him back east – the rest of the family moved back too. “Home is where the heart is,” may sound like a cliché to some people but for me it’s a way of life.


What is my favorite book and my favorite movie?

I absolutely cannot name a favorite book. There are way too many of them. At any given time I have two favorite books – the one I’m reading right then and the one I’m writing right then. But I can tell you that my favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I watch it at the beginning of every holiday season and then again at the end. I sometimes watch it in between holiday seasons as well. Or maybe I just think about it. Something about that story simply makes me feel good and I do believe that every time a bell rings an angel gets her wings.


What are my greatest pleasures in life?

All of the things I’ve mentioned above – my marriage, my family, my home, my work and one thing I haven’t yet mentioned – my faith.


What is my favorite food?

I just asked my husband the answer to this one and without much hesitation he said, “Cake.” I try to save my arguments with Jonathan for important subjects but I have to add – quietly enough that he won’t hear – I’m pretty partial to pie too.


I love your honest answers to my nosey questions. Thank you, Alice, and happy holidays!



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