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My post today was going to be something light and holiday themed, but in light of recent events I felt the need to write about something much more serious in nature.


Our lack of respect for each other as humans astonishes and saddens me.


Almost every other night on the news we hear of mass shootings and suicide bombers.

We’re so blessed to live on this planet we call earth, yet we continue as a race to destroy both it and ourselves. Why?

I listened to a report the other day where President Obama said that if we don’t do something soon there would be tens of millions of climate refugees.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  It’s been a great pleasure to meet with several of the leaders of island nations who are vital to the work that we’re doing here in Paris.

Their populations are among the most vulnerable to the ravages of climate change.  If sea levels rise at currently projected levels, or the pace that is currently projected, some of their people will be forced to flee their homes.  Some of their nations could disappear entirely.  And as weather patterns change, we might deal with tens of millions of climate refugees from the Asia-Pacific region.




Global warming will create flooding, drought, fires, and will force thousands out of their homes.


What can we do to change all these dire warnings?


I think it’s more important than ever to reach out in some way to show that you care about this world we share.

We can do this in a number of ways:

  1. Find the nearest shelter and offer your time.
  2. Bake some holiday cookies, package them up in little bags and leave them in an area where the homeless might find them.
  3. Support you local Santa’s Anonymous and donate a toy.
  4. Donate food and time to the food bank.
  5. Avoid using plastic.
  6. Walk more instead of driving.
  7. Look at your fellow man, really look. You might be surprised by what you see. We all have families we love, no matter our race or religion.
  8. Don’t judge many by the one.
  9. Smile more: it’s contagious 🙂
  10. Don’t take what you have for granted. Life is precious.


Happy Holidays all and love one another,

Jacquie Biggar


2 thoughts on “Love One Another #mfrwauthor #RSsos #Holidays

  1. This is awesome, Jacquie. So well said. I’m doing something similar for our SOS blog on Monday. A German preacher said during the days leading up to WWII (I’m paraphrasing), All that evil needs to flourish is for good people to be silent. We are in an unusual position as authors. We depend on people’s good will to buy our books, so taking the chance of offending by saying how we see things is dangerous. But dare we remain silent?
    I’ll share.

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    1. Thanks Marsha, and I agree. I hesitated over writing this because it’s so easy to put people’s back up any more. Case in point: We have a football team in Canada, the Edmonton Eskimos, who are being asked after years of having this name to change it because suddenly the indigenous people find it offensive. Really? And then there’s Donald Trump. It’s so over the top any more. I hope we can change our hearts and minds before its too late for our children to enjoy this beautiful place we’ve been given to live upon.


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