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Maybe Tomorrow

by Erin Cawood


GENRE: Contemporary Women’s Fiction






Does a heart ever really heal from its first break?


On an unseasonably hot night in late September, Dr. Keon McGowan is called away from a family gathering to a hospital emergency. Amongst his patients that night is a blast from his past he’d rather forget. He’ll certainly never forgive butterfly hunter Darcia Davenport for leaving him alone as a single father while she chased butterflies through the Amazon rainforest.


Coming face to face with the woman who broke his heart after all this time, Keon realises that he has never fully healed from it. But any chance of finding closure is ripped away when Darcy chooses to end treatment and live her final weeks without regret. Can Keon let her go? Or will he fight for the tomorrow they might never have? Maybe Tomorrow is an emotional journey of love caught between fate and destiny.




He handed the patient file to the junior doctor as Sarah snapped, “Why haven’t you confirmed your meeting yet? You’re still coming on Tuesday, aren’t you? Both of you? It’s just, I know what you’re like, Keon, and I can’t wait to see Lily. She’s getting so big.”


“Yes, we’re still coming on Tuesday,” he promised. The whole reason for the trip to New Zealand when the school year had only just started was because he and Lily were looking to move out there come the New Year. “I’m sorry, but it’s beyond frantic in here!” He shouldn’t have answered the call, but the time difference and his long, hectic shifts made catching Sarah just about impossible. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Sarah,” he reassured her.


“You said that yesterday,” she reminded him. “You know,” she began, and he braced for whatever lecture his ex-wife was about to give. “Sometimes, you have to put the rest of the world on hold for a little while, and do what’s right for you and Lily. There are thousands of doctors capable of setting up a minor injuries clinic here in New Zealand, but they’re waiting for you. Do you want this opportunity or not?”


What kind of question was that? Of course he wanted it. When he had quit his family’s practice twelve years ago, Keon had never dreamed he would one day want to go back to being a general practitioner. But the challenge of setting up a new clinic, combined with the idea of working regular hours every day and being home in time to eat dinner with Lily every night, now called to him more than he’d ever thought possible.


His ex-wife couldn’t have said it better if she’d lectured him about putting his job before Lily. The all-too-familiar blackness of guilt swamped Keon’s stomach. It was so hard to manage a career as a single parent; there were days when he went without seeing Lily at all. New Zealand was the answer. He was sure of it. He could have the challenging career he craved, and be with Lily like a normal parent. And the fact that Sarah was there would be a bonus. Although she wasn’t Lily’s biological mother, she was the only mother Lily had ever known, and her new family had embraced Lily like a sibling.


“You know I do, Sarah.” He sighed.


“Then you need to . . .” she started, but her words were drowned out by a voice calling his name from across the Accident & Emergency department. Keon spun around. Men in familiar green-and-yellow uniforms were wheeling a gurney through the doors, towards the resuscitation bay.


The driver of the car? She was alive? Impossible. It had been trapped beneath a toppled, double-decker bus for hours. His feet began to move. “Sarah, I have to go.” Picking up his pace, he headed through doors at the opposite end of the waiting room.


“You have to ring and confirm the meeting before Friday,” she reminded him.


His attention was no longer on Sarah but with the familiar, dark hair and pale skin that had haunted his dreams for years.


“Unidentified female driver,” one of the paramedics began. “Approximate age: mid- to late-thirties. Lacerations to the head, neck, and shoulder. Swelling in the abdominal region. Neurologically responsive but unconscious since emergency teams arrived on scene.”


Keon whispered a name he prayed he’d never say again. He noticed a sickly yellow hue had overwhelmed her otherwise ivory skin. He doubted anyone else would notice it at first glance. Or a second. But Keon saw it. He saw it, because he’d spent ten years looking at the same pale complexion in the daughter she’d walked away from.


“Darcy?” The phone slipped from his fingers, clattering against the floor, but he didn’t care. Darcy? It’s not possible.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:



Erin Cawood is a commercial women’s fiction author, with a taste for dramatic storylines and a passion for strong lead characters she really gets behind, cheering on right to the very end of their story. Her focus? Taking romance into the darker, edgier side of contemporary fiction.


Erin’s Links


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Erin stopped by for a little chat and agreed to answer a few interview questions with me today, thanks Erin 🙂


What do you think is the best way to publish these days?


That’s a tough first question! In my opinion, it’s not about self publishing vs. Tradition publishing anymore. It’s about finding the best platform for your book, and for you. Marketing is always going good to be the elephant in the room regardless of the path you choose. I published my first two novels myself and I’m happy with the results. But it’s very time consuming. I’ve found with hybrid publishing with Booktrope to be just as time consuming for other reasons, because of the approval and production process, but being able to hand over my least favourite part of the process makes up for the time delay by far! I’m also exploring the traditional publishing options for some of my other books to achieve one of my writing goals.
What are your favorite genres to read? Why?


Romance and women’s fiction. I love to be swept away with a love story and a happy ever after. But I also love strong lead characters who live in the “real world”.


Do your characters talk to you?


All the time! One of them woke me up one night and asked me what I was doing? I told him I was sleeping!

How do you approach starting a new book?


I like to get a feel for my characters, who they are, what the do, how they’d react in the main plot outline. But mainly, I listen and write down what they say.
What is your writing process?


I’m a bit of a plot/pansies hybrid. I make a brief outline and then I write. I also jump between manuscripts quite a lot. I go where the inspiration takes me.


What are the best writing books or blogs you’ve ever read?


Joanna Penn has an amazing blog. Stephen King’s On Writing, after Carol Blake’s From Pitch to Publication.


Navy SEAL or cowboy?

Neither… I’m all for a guy in a suit/tux
Chocolate or chips?

Chocolate…. but as I suffer from chronic migraine I opt for popcorn or biscuits
If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Hmm… I’ve never thought about it.


Fancy restaurant or picnic?

Secretly, picnic…

Beer or wine?

Ew! Neither. I don’t like the taste of alcohol. But if I’m picking something mango slush with peach schnapps
Favorite author?

Of all time? Danielle Steel. Right now? Amy Andrews. Until I pick up a YA paranormal by Patti Larsen 
Smooth or hairy?






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    1. It’s not very often I do, but its usually because I’ve written something my character doesn’t like. They have a tantrum. I deal with this in two ways, I go back to the last point of the story that I know the writing flowed freely. Or I just open a new document and free write. I love free writing, no plot, no agenda, just words.

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