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The Appeal of the Avengers by Jennifer St. Giles


First let me thank Jacquie for being so gracious to have me as one of her guests today. I so appreciate authors and their huge hearts. I also value readers who make what I love doing—telling stories—so rewarding. Authors would be lost without you and I am very thankful for you.

Growing up, I did not get the whole comic book thing. I had my head in books that were rich in words where my imagination soared to new worlds. I loved reading from a very early age, and that love eventually led me into the insane life of being an author. Then Marvel came to the big screen in a big way with Captain America…uh Chris Evans and Thor…uh Chris Hemsworth. And then the Avengers Movie came out. Having two boys, it was my duty as mother, of course, to take them to these iconic comic book movies, hunky actors aside. Right? I learned something in that experience that had escaped me before. What makes these heroes so great is they have a power beyond human limits that inspire hope to readers and viewers. And what makes comic books so beloved by many is that hope is brought to victory in the battle between good and evil that is played out upon the pages or the screen. (And might I add that Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter and Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow made dynamic, kick butt heroines.)

So, I get it now. And guess what? As a writer, I had already brought the best of both worlds together in my stories. I write multiple genres under three different names, but in all of my stories, I have the pleasure of giving hope and love the victory over all obstacles and all evils.


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In Kaylee’s Justice, Exposed Series, Case File 1, my heroine, True Crime writer Eva St. Claire is blessed/cursed with a paranormal gift. All of the St. Claires are. Their gifts compel them to fight the faces of evil in the world around them even though history has proven it will lead to their own destruction. Eva is very driven to do what she can, to expose evil as fast as she can, in hopes of saving even just one person from the hands of a killer. One matters in her book. Along with her artist sister, they anonymously send GPS of victims, their portraits, and mugs of their killers to the authorities. To protect themselves, she and her siblings keep their gifts a secret. She’s a strong heroine with a vulnerable side, and is no pushover.

FBI Agent Adam Frasier thinks psychics are lowlife shysters. They took advantage of his mother and played a part in her downward spiral into mental illness. He is haunted by a tragic past and the one person he blames more than anyone else is himself. He doesn’t deserve the good in life. He spends his life on the ragged edge of duty as he hunts for the elusive Artist of Death—a person who sends police the GPS of victims, their portraits, and mugs of their killers.


Adam and Eva’s paths collide when she becomes the target of a serial killer and Eva’s brother has a dire vision of Adam’s fate. Together Eva and Adam fight to stop a killer before he can eliminate them. For Eva, navigating the investigation while keeping her secrets is like swimming in a shark tank with chum around her neck. For Adam, the mystery and appeal of Eva St. Claire is one puzzle he cannot walk away from. The cat and mouse dance between them is just beginning in their first case together. I hope you enjoy the story.


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USA Today Bestselling author, Jennifer St. Giles, aka Jennifer Saints, JL Saint is no ordinary Georgia Peach. She’s a Golden Heart, three-time Maggie, two-time National Reader’s Choice, Marlene, RT Reviewer’s Choice and Daphne du Maurier award-winning author.  Jenni writes in multiple genres, including: romance, paranormal, contemporary, historical and military and time travel.  She is a passionate patriot, event planner and the Vice-President of a charitable foundation which helps women and children’s causes. Jenni believes fervently in following your dreams and never giving up.




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