Anatomy of a Winning Book Cover: #mgtab #MFRWauthor


What is the first thing that draws you to a book?

Is it the title? Author? Description?

For me all three play an important part, but the cover is the first to catch my attention.

Color, theme, contrast, each needs careful consideration.


What sort of mood do you want to portray? Dark, light, moody, sensual, humorous, suspenseful, time period, your cover can say so much about the words within and lets readers know what to look forward to.


Color is one of the most important aspects of your cover. Too dark and it will be impossible to read, especially in thumbnails when readers search Amazon- you don’t want that.

Look for strong, bright colors to draw the eye and catch your readers attention. After all, you want them to stop and take a closer look, right?



Layers of color, textures, and visual perception play an important part in catching a potential reader’s attention.

Make it count.

Just as the picture plays a role in portraying your book’s subject matter, so does the font.


Some, like this, tell the reader they’re looking at medieval or historical novels. While other fonts create strong mood.


And some make us feel good.


What draws your eye first when it comes to a cover?

Here are the covers for two new releases coming in May. Which attracts your attention more? Why?

full box No shadow

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