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Only One More Day!

To Protect and Love goes live tomorrow and we already have some rave reviews!

From N.N. Light:

This box set is right up my alley and includes some of my favorite authors including Jacquie Biggar. Here is my review for Jacquie’s story.

The Sheriff Meets His Match

Jack Garrett is the sheriff in Tidal Falls and he’s seen his fair share of heartbreak. After his wife left him and his daughter, he vowed never to let it happen again. But one look at his new receptionist in her killer red heels, he knew he was in trouble.

Laurel has a serious case of wanting to escape her dysfunctional family, so much so that she up and moved from Florida to Tidal Falls to flee. But like a persistent itch, her uncle finds her and disrupts her happy life. He’s got his eye on an easy mark and Laurel is helpless to stop him.

Her uncle she can handle but the heat cranks up when the sheriff kisses her at the station. She tries to rationalize her feelings as lust but the more she’s around him, the deeper she falls in love. Can she come clean with Jack before he discovers what her family is up to or will he see her for the criminal her uncle is?

I love holiday romances and if you add a few drops of sizzling romantic suspense, I’m all yours. This novella by Jacquie Biggar has it all and more. True, it’s part of the Wounded Hearts series but can be read as a stand-alone as well. But I must warn you, once you’ve had a taste of Tidal Falls and their residents, you’ll want to gobble up the other books in the series.

Favorite Character: Laurel. I loved her sarcasm, her wit but most of all, her heart. She’s got a heart of gold and even though she’s indebted to her uncle for taking care of her when her parents died, she wants to get away from the scams her family pulls on innocent people. She’s got some deep-seated pain from her childhood but she’s a positive person. Plus, her favorite color is pink. 😉

Favorite Quote: You can’t live with them, and you can’t shoot ’em. It’s a felony. ~Laurel speaking about men

My Rating: 5+ stars

I highly recommend this box set and give it 5 stars!


From Paula Genereau

I loved every single book . Some made me feel crazy things while others made me swoon.


We’re so excited to share this set with you that we decided to throw a party!

Wednesday, May 4/16 from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm EST

I hope you join us 🙂


Protect and Love

When the oath to protect and serve tangles with love, expect sparks and lots of heat! 

Hot firemen, alpha cops, sexy detectives, and dashing federal agents…this anthology from 9 best-selling and award-winning authors will have you rooting for your favorite heroes and heroines as they step up to the greatest challenge of their lives–to protect and love.


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Today’s sneak peek comes from best selling author Bonnie Edwards

Love in a Pawn Shop

For Dix Dixon life is about joy-killing obstacles and family obligations. Why did Dane Caldwell walk in when all she wants is out? Dane must prove love is more than another complication.


Love in A Pawnshop CoverFINAL



April 1 Seattle, WA

Dane Caldwell ignored his better judgment at 3:45 p.m. and walked across the street into Dixon’s Pawn Shop. Like millions of others in every city in America, the shop sat in a row of storefronts with overhead apartments. Except for the signs, they were all identical. Each one had a door at the side for the apartment stairwells, and he’d bet each one also had a rear entrance to the apartment from an alley in back.

Cops liked to know where the exits were, but since he was here without backup, he’d take the most direct approach and walk in like any other customer. He was so far out of his jurisdiction, he might as well be from Mars.

He’d watched the place since arriving from Philly this morning. But at 3:10 p.m. waves of school kids had begun to visit the store and he had to see for himself what drew them in. He didn’t know much about children, but a pawn shop was a damn strange hangout for nine-year-olds.

Three boys went inside, and he slid in behind them and kept his back to the window as they barreled up to the counter in the darker recesses of the store. He planned to hang back and observe, nothing more.

Then he saw her.

Dark red hair fell in slight waves across her face. Her mouth, pursed in concentration, sat over a strong chin with a slight dimple. It had to be her. His information said she worked alone every weekday.

The woman must be Dix Dixon. She bent over her cash drawer with a screwdriver in her hand.

As the boys raced toward the counter, papers fluttered in their hands. “Hey, Dix! We got our report cards! Wanna see?”

Her chin dimple disappeared when she smiled at the boys. Warm, friendly, and bright enough to clear the gray Seattle sky, her smile packed a punch. He narrowed his gaze as she patted each head affectionately and read their report cards in turn. Each boy preened at her compliments. Dane frowned. She could charm the birds from the sky.

And his grandmother out of the family jewels. For a woman like Dix, conning an old lady would be a piece of cake.

The boys were busy petting some kind of animal; from where he stood, he couldn’t tell if it was a cat or dog.

Dane hung back, surprised that a woman he was half convinced was a con artist would give this kind of attention to neighborhood kids. He supposed that her wide-open smile worked its magic on most people. It was certainly working on him. He fought the urge to smile along with the boys and feigned interest in a carpenter’s tool kit. He’d given in to his curiosity and come into the shop, but he wasn’t idiot enough to move closer.

“I’ll be right with you,” she said to him. After one more set of oohs and ahs, she handed the boys back their report cards.

He gave her a nod and studied the front of the store while listening to the conversation behind him. Older computers, household appliances, and sports equipment filled the front half of the space. Closer to the counter, he saw electric and acoustic guitars hanging from the ceiling. Amplifiers lined the walls.

She clapped her hands, pulling his attention to her again. She said, “Okay, troops, line up single file and head for the exit. I’ve got work to do.”

The boys groaned and she grinned at them. When they turned, he could see them better. Identical triplets.

“Now,” she said. “If you see my brother, tell him to get his butt home. I want to see how he did on his science quiz.”

“Ah, Dix,” one of them said, “Quit worrying. Riley’s gonna make it. All the way.”

“Yeah,” the other two chimed in. “All the way, Riley, all the way, Riley!” they chanted until she whistled loud enough to be heard over the din.

“Like I said, line up and get a move on.” She clapped her hands again to shoo them along.

The boys trooped past him single file until they reached the door. Then they jammed up, arms and legs and elbows wedging their way through.

He was hard-pressed not to laugh, but he managed. He wasn’t here to be amused. He was here to get an overall impression of the woman.

As soon as the boys squeezed their way out the door, he was alone with her.

Center stage.


About the Author:



Multi-published author Bonnie Edwards lives with her husband and pets on the rainy coast of British Columbia. She believes life should be lived with joy. That joy shows up in her earthy, irreverent love stories. Bonnie uses long hikes to bounce ideas off her husband and her standard poodle, who almost always agrees with her.

She has written novels, novellas and short stories for Carina Press, Harlequin, Kensington Books and Robinson (UK) although now she publishes her work herself.

Sometimes her stories have a paranormal twist, likes curses and ghosts, other times not. But they’re always entertaining and guarantee a happy ending.

For more info and sample chapters:

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