He’s a lethal machine: Recall by David McCaleb #Military #Thriller @Goddessfish



by David McCaleb


GENRE: Contemporary Thriller





Meet Red Harmon, a special ops veteran who learns he never left the call of duty . . .


To a trio of muggers, Red looks like just another suburban dad. But when they demand his wallet at knifepoint, something snaps. In the blink of an eye, two muggers are dead, the third severely injured, and Red doesn’t remember a thing. Once an elite member of the Det, a secret forces outfit whose existence is beyond classified, Red thought his active service was over.


But his memory is coming back—and a lethal killing machine is returning to duty . . .


Facing an unthinkable nuclear threat, a volatile international power play, and a personal attack against his family, Red has no choice. He must rejoin his old team, infiltrate the enemy camp, and complete the biggest mission of his life . . .












“Tony!” Lori said again. Only now did Red realize she’d been screaming it. Her eyes were wide, pleading. She pointed to the ground. One of the gangbangers lay on his belly, blood running from his legs and a small pool forming under his head. Red was bent over, knuckles clenched in the man’s hair, pulling him off the pavement. His forearm was bloody and he pressed a snub-nosed revolver at the mugger’s brain stem. Where’d the pistol come from?


The thug’s eyes were closed; he wasn’t moving. Dead? Resisting the urge to let go, Red laid the guy’s head on the asphalt.


“Tony, you don’t have to kill that one.” Her voice was shrill.


He backed up, pointing the pistol at the still body. Red licked a metallic taste from chapped lips, breathing fast and shallow as a panting dog. What the hell was going on? A tall man an aisle over held up leather-gloved hands, backing away. He ducked into a Dodge Charger, tires squealing as he accelerated out of the parking lot.


Red slowed his breathing, then turned to Lori. “The kids?” Where was the Explorer? He spotted it a few spaces away. The shopping cart lay to one side, three boxes of number two pencils scattered across the pavement like pickup sticks. He jumped over the mess, landing next to two bloody heaps, the bodies of the other muggers. He squinted as the light reflected off one of the scarlet pools and stifled a retch.






AUTHOR Bio and Links:


David McCaleb was raised on a rural farm on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He attended Valley Forge Military College, graduated from the United States Air Force Academy, and served his country as a finance officer. He also founded a bullet manufacturing operation, patented his own invention, and established several businesses. He returned to the Eastern Shore where he currently resides with his wife and two children. Though he enjoys drawing, painting, and any project involving the work of hands, his chosen tool is the pen.


Recall is the first novel in the Red Ops series. Please visit David McCaleb on Facebook or at www.davidmccaleb.com.


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First Star I See Tonight-Susan Elizabeth Phillips #BookReview #Romance @sepauthor

Laugh- out-loud moments team up with charming, seductive dialogue-Romance at its very best!





First Star I See Tonight

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Genre: Contemporary Romance



A no-nonsense sports hero and a feisty female detective go head-to-head in this funny, fresh, seductive novel from the award-winning New York Times bestselling author known for her unforgettable characters, heartfelt emotion, and laugh-out-loud humor

He’s the former quarterback of the Chicago Stars football team. She’s trying to make a success of

her very own detective agency. Her first job? Follow him. Let’s just say it’s not going well.

Not well at all . . .

Piper Dove is a woman with a dream—to become the best detective in the city of Chicago. First job? Trail former Chicago Stars quarterback, Cooper Graham. The problem? Graham’s spotted her, and he’s not happy.

Which is why a great detective needs a first-rate imagination. “The fact is . . . I’m your stalker. Not full-out barmy. Just . . . mildly unhinged.”

Piper soon finds herself working for Graham although not as the bodyguard he refuses to admit he so desperately needs. Instead, he’s hired her to keep an eye on the employees at his exclusive new nightclub. But Coop’s life might be in danger, and Piper’s determined to protect him, whether he wants her to or not. (Hint: not!) If only she weren’t also dealing with a bevy of Middle Eastern princesses, a Pakistani servant girl yearning for freedom, a teenager who just wants to fit in, and an elderly neighbor demanding that Piper find her very dead husband.

And then there’s Cooper Graham, a legendary sports hero who always gets what he wants—even if what he wants just might be an intrepid detective hell- bent on proving she’s as tough as he is.

From the bustling streets of Chicago to a windswept lighthouse on Lake Superior to the glistening waters of Biscayne Bay, two people who can’t stand to lose will test themselves and each other to discover what matters most.


Buy Link: Amazon



About the Author:

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS is a New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today bestseller, whose books are published in over 30 different languages.

If you’d like to know more, including info on her newest book, whether any of her books will be made into movies, how to get an autographed book, where she gets her ideas, please visit her

website http://susanelizabethphillips.com/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SusanElizabethPhillipsNovels/
Twitter http://twitter.com/sepauthor
To register for her monthly sweepstakes visit http://susanelizabethphillips.com/monthly-sweepstakes-2/


My Review:

Every time I read a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book I say ‘Oh my gosh, this is my favorite!’

This story was no exception.

I love, love the whit and charm she brings to characters who are less than perfect, but utterly loveable.

In a normal world two people like Piper Dove and Cooper Graham would most likely never meet, much less fall in love. But that’s the beauty of romance- anything is possible (especially when you wish upon a star 🙂 )

This is a feel-good story with plenty of depth to tug at the reader’s heartstrings and leave them hoping for a happily-ever-after, which SEP delivers with such skill it left me closing the last page with a smile.

A highly recommended read, I give First Star I See Tonight 5 lovely kisses



Every Yesterday- @NancyNaigle #Romance #WomensFiction #mgtab @BPICPromos


Every Yesterday
by Nancy Naigle
Series: Boot Creek, Book Two
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publisher:  Montlake Romance

Release Date: August 30, 2016



Join Nancy on August 30th at 5:30pm PDT for the EVERY YESTERDAY RELEASE PARTY!


Megan Howard used to be a successful painter—but that was a long time ago. These days she’s struggling to move forward, convinced her heart is permanently broken after her last relationship and grief stricken over the loss of her father. Clinging to memories of happier times, she holds tight to her father’s most cherished possession: a 1958 DeSoto Adventurer. Though she needs the money, she’ll never sell it—even loaning the prized automobile to her best friend on the day of her wedding stirs up painful memories.

Avowed bachelor and car collector Noah Black has never seen a car he can live without…or a woman he can live with. Reluctant to see his best friend condemned to matrimony, he flies to Boot Creek from California to be the best man in the wedding. But after discovering that the gorgeous maid of honor owns the car of his dreams, Noah makes a pricey bet that he’ll add the DeSoto to his collection, no matter what it takes.

Despite their determination to stay single, Noah and Megan soon find they can’t resist each other. His attention turns from getting the car to getting the girl, and thanks to Noah, Megan can imagine a life in the present. But when the truth about Noah’s wager comes to light, will it threaten to throw Megan’s new perspective into reverse?





The oppressive heat took a toll on folks this time of year in Boot Creek. The humidity hung on Megan’s skin and permeated her hair, now three times its normal size. As she sorted through her mail, the envelopes clung to each other, damp and lacking that crisp sound of paper she’d normally expect as she opened them.
August. It was always hot in North Carolina in August, but for some reason this summer seemed heavy—like winter and spring had gorged on too many baked goods. Megan missed the normal hustle-bustle of neighbors out on Main Street grabbing lunch and finishing up errands, but it was so stifling that people were staying inside. The mayor had even suspended the road-crew work until this heat wave passed.
Megan dropped the junk mail in a trash can next to the light post on the corner of Main Street, then ran her freshly painted nail under the seal on an envelope from the town of Boot Creek. They hadn’t wasted a moment billing her for Daddy’s prized possession. She’d only had the 1958 DeSoto Adventurer convertible for a few weeks.
Apparently since the old car had antique tags, she got a flat rate regardless of the value. She wasn’t sure how much the car was worth, but word had traveled fast that it was hers now and the offers she’d already received were impressive.
Johnny Morris had offered to put in a whole new air-conditioning system with dual zones at Balanced Buzz, her candle business, in exchange for Daddy’s car, but there was no way she could part with that car. Daddy was a lot of things, including an embarrassment at times, but she was a daddy’s girl and that car meant the world to him, so it meant the world to her.
That car wasn’t going anywhere, even if Balanced Buzz could really use that air-conditioning upgrade. This time of year it just didn’t pay to make candles in the hot part of the day. The air-conditioning in her old building worked hard enough without her adding heat from melting beeswax to the equation. So Megan adjusted her hours to keep the expenses down and profit margin wide. And that was fine with her, because she always had been a night owl.
To her, the value of Daddy’s car lay in the memories they’d shared riding around in it. Enough memories to fill that car, and that was really saying something. That model had to be one of the longest two-door cars ever built. Darn thing just barely fit in her garage bay.
And seeing’s how she lived in what used to be a gas station with commercial-sized mechanics bays . . . that was saying something. It wouldn’t surprise her to learn that this car wouldn’t fit in the garage of a modern-day home.
Lucky for her, daddy had hooked her up with the gas-station-turned-house and workshop when she graduated from college. Maybe that was the reason he’d left the car to her and not his way-too-young-for-Dad, go-go-dancin’ bride, Tiffany.
The thought of that girl made Megan bristle. To be fair, Tiffany wasn’t a dancer anymore, but it was no secret that Daddy had discovered her at Headlights Bar off the interstate a few exits down. Not one of his finest days.
Tiffany had no clue how special the car was. She’d begged Daddy to sell it and buy a new sports car. Something flashy and red. No surprise that Tiffany had gone right out and bought herself a bright red Corvette as soon as that life insurance check cleared the bank. Thank goodness Daddy had updated his will. Tiffany never would have let Megan have the car otherwise. Even though everyone knew that was Daddy’s intention. Tiffany was a gold digger from the word go.
Standing there on the corner of Water Loop Way, Megan felt her heart squeeze. A rush of heat soared through her body. Don’t let this be a heart attack. This wasn’t the first time she’d had that sinking feeling and pain in her heart right down to her gut since Daddy died. Now the DeSoto was hers, and that was all she had left. This bill made him being gone feel that much more final. Was that enough to give a gal her age a heart attack?
She pressed her hand against her heart and took in a breath. Relax. Sweeping a hand under her nose to chase that tickle that came right before tears fell, she straightened and inhaled deeply.
Tucking the rest of the mail into her purse, she shifted on her feet. How long had she been standing there? The pavement was scorching. She wished she’d worn her tennis shoes instead of these strappy heels. When she’d put them on, she’d thought it would be a good short walk to break in the shoes she’d be wearing in Angie’s wedding so her feet wouldn’t be killing her all night at the reception next weekend. Bad idea. She crossed over Cabot Street and tugged on the door to Mom’s shop, Bootsie’s Bouquets.
Brightly colored summer blooms filled tall hand-painted cones that Megan had painted for Bootsie, her mother, years ago. They’d held up well. Next to the flowers, racks of beautiful ribbon that Mom made special buying trips to pick out looked like a kaleidoscope of texture and color. Across the room, an antique breakfront painted whimsical lavender and distressed with turquoise accents held a hefty inventory of Balanced Buzz candles. Mom was Megan’s biggest fan. She hand sold a fair share of candles each year, but most of Megan’s sales came from her storefront on the Internet.
“Good morning, Mom.” She forced an easy smile, hoping that Mom wouldn’t notice the panic she’d been feeling just moments before.
Bootsie raised a hand in the air from behind the counter where she was ringing up a customer.
Megan headed straight for the glass-front refrigerator where the fresh flower arrangements were stored. She opened the doors, holding her arms out to the side. Her skin drank in the cool air, and thankfully her heart rate began to slow. It was only three lousy blocks from her house to Sew ’n Sew Formal where she was meeting Angie and the others for the final dress fitting. And after only one block, she was sticky with sweat. Crazy. How gross to go to a dress fitting feeling like you just finished a hot yoga session? She watched her mom walk her customer to the door. The man carried a long white box with a generous lipstick-red ribbon tied around it. Roses, no doubt.
“There a movie playing in there?” Bootsie asked.
“Real funny.” Megan smirked, but the truth was that phrase gave her pause. Not because it was something Mom had always said. No, it reminded her of Dad. And Mom knew it. Her parents may have been divorced for going on eight years, but no one knew Daddy better. He’d made that comment a million times when Megan was growing up—and that memory tugged at her. But not like most dads would have said it, because he wasn’t complaining. He knew looking in the fridge for a sweet treat was a waste of time. She got her sweet tooth from her Dad, but Mom had been such a health nut there’d never been anything besides fruit and yogurt. Luckily, he’d rescue her from the waste of time standing there wishing for a cupcake or soda, suggesting they go out and hunt down a snack together. Living one block off of Main Street had made life very convenient for that, and it was probably all the extra time they’d spent together dodging Mom’s health-nut kicks that had made her closer to him.
“It’s hotter than h—”
“Don’t even say it.” Bootsie narrowed her gaze.
“Heck. Hotter than heck out there.” Megan let the door slam, thankful for that last rush of cool air that pushed against her. Even now, close to thirty, Mom ruled.
“You trying to make some sort of new fashion statement?”
Megan looked down at her soft pink blouse, opened over a bright pink tank top and faded blue jeans. “What’s wrong with this?”
Her mom homed in on her feet.
“The shoes?”
“Yes. I can’t say that high heels and blue jeans is exactly a good look. Although it is nice to finally see you wearing something a little ladylike.”
Mom was always hounding her about being a lady. It was old when she was thirteen, and now closer to thirty . . . it was still not welcome advice.
Bootsie’s lips bunched. “You know you can’t wear open-toed shoes without your toenails painted. Totally taboo.”
Megan wasn’t sure what made her mother think she was the fashion police, but still, there she was, ready to make an excuse. “I’m just wearing them to the fitting, and we have pedicures set up for Thursday. I promise I won’t let anyone see me. Besides, I thought I’d break them in, but there’s not much to these things for as much as they cost. About burned my toes off out there.”
“Fine. Well, since you’re here, Angie’s ribbon finally came in. I’ve got it over by the register.” Bootsie turned and hurried to get the ribbon. She made up for being short by walking two or three steps to the one of any average person, which had always made Megan think of the Energizer Bunny, the way she scampered. Bootsie lifted two large spools of ribbon for Megan to see. “Sure hope it matches this time.” She bounced the two big spools in separate hands, looking a bit like a scale of justice. “I got this roll of white with pearlescent seed beads along the edge, just in case we have to go to plan B. Take them with you, so Angie can decide what she wants to go with.”
“You always think of everything.” Megan walked over and took the two spools of ribbon and tucked them into the top of her oversized leather handbag. “Thanks, Mom,” she said, leaning over the counter to kiss her on the cheek. “Love you.”
“You’re welcome, darling.” As Megan headed for the door, she called out, “Send me a picture of you in your gown. I’m dying to see you in it.”
“Come with me. You know Angie won’t mind. It’ll be fun.”
“I can’t,” Bootsie said. “This weekend is the first high school football game of the season. I’ve got orders for thirty-eight corsages to make for that, plus putting together all of the bouquets and arrangements for Angie’s wedding. I can’t get away. Text me, though.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Megan knew what the unspoken words that followed would have been. High time you walked down that aisle too, Megan.
Since Daddy’s unexpected passing, even Mom had been gentler. Megan’s heart ached for her dad. He drove her half-crazy most of the time; Mom had always said that was because Megan was so much like her daddy, but knowing he’d never be back made it darn near impossible to breath sometimes.
Megan crossed over at the second block to Sew ’n Sew Formal and Tailoring. When she walked inside, soft music filled the store. Funny she hadn’t noticed it the last time they’d all met there to pick out the dresses, but darned if it didn’t sound a lot like the funeral home. She shook off that thought. Maybe everything felt like a funeral lately.
Last night she’d decided that she needed to be honest with Angie about the DeSoto. It wasn’t going to be an easy discussion, but ever since the car had been delivered to her, she’d been a nervous wreck about it.
Daddy had agreed to let Angie and Jackson use his prized convertible as the getaway ride for their wedding. It had really surprised Megan, because Daddy never let anyone drive that car. It had been a generous gesture on his part. But then Angie had been like a second daughter; she and Megan had spent so much time together.
Yet now that Megan had the car tucked safely in her garage, she wasn’t sure she could risk taking a chance on it getting damaged. The Adventurer had never even seen a raindrop. What if something happened? What if it rained? Dad leaving her that car came with an unwritten agreement that she’d love it just like he had.
Written or implied, she took it seriously.
So, after a lot of thought, she’d decided to rent a limo for Angie and Jackson’s big day. She’d even sprung for the champagne package. Five hundred dollars for the fanciest car they had was a small price to pay for protecting her last connection to Daddy.
“There you are,” Carla, the owner of Sew ’n Sew Formal, said, sounding a bit stressed.
“Fashionably late,” Angie said with a laugh. “Carla was worried to death. I wasn’t.”
But Megan knew better. Angie had been just waiting for something to go wrong and ruin her perfect happily ever after. She was so darned certain that if she’d only paid attention to the warning flags when she married Rodney, her good-for-nothin’ first husband, she could have spared herself a lot of heartache. So now, Angie was hyperaware.
Carla waved her hands in the air, clearly frustrated to be off schedule. “Come on over here, Megan. Everyone else is already in the back waiting. You’re the maid of honor, dear, you’re supposed to be the first one here.”
None of them lived more than a couple miles away. What was the big deal? Okay, so she’d dawdled the whole way over. And she’d intended to be on time today. For a change. Maybe she wasn’t quite as ready to have that conversation with Angie about the car as she’d thought.
“I stopped and got the ribbon Mom reordered.”
Angie held up her hand and crossed her fingers. “I’m praying it matches.”
“Me too.” Megan held up the ribbon that was supposed to match and the white, pearl-edged ribbon. “We’ve got options. It’ll work out.”
“Brilliant!” Angie heaved a sigh of relief. “You always have a backup plan.”
Carla led Angie and Megan to the fitting room area.
Katy sat on the love seat next to Flynn, who owned the B and B in town.
“Megan! Finally!” Flynn, the teetotaler of the group, spun around in such delight that if Megan didn’t know better, she’d think she’d been sipping champagne, but that was highly unlikely for any of them in this bridal shop, since Carla was the preacher’s wife.
Carla moved through the room as if she were on roller skates. “Now that we’re finally all here, we can begin.”
“Sorry.” Megan was pretty sure Carla still hadn’t forgiven her for the time Megan had accidentally ridden her bicycle through the woman’s treasured rose garden. It had been no picnic for her either. Dr. Hansen had had to dig stickers out of half of Megan’s right side that day. The woman had been snippy with her for the next fifteen years. Talk about holding a grudge.
Megan lowered herself into an old velveteen Queen Anne chair. The hodgepodge of fine antiques and practical things, like the tall plastic oscillating fan, held its own kind of charm. The air-conditioning was no competition for the heat in this old draft building. Wispy fabrics fluttered every time the fan made a thankful pass from left to right.
“Here we go.” Angie followed Carla into the bride’s dressing room. The heavy door clicked closed behind them. The elegant etched glass that adorned the back of the door had to have been from the early nineteen hundreds—the glass wavy and scratched.
Megan’s nerves fluttered as they waited for Angie. Katy and Flynn chattered about potato salad recipes, but Megan only half listened. Her mind was on Angie and the wedding. Jackson was so good for her best friend, but her own anxieties about relationships and weddings wouldn’t quit nagging at her. Why couldn’t she just be happy for Angie and not worry so much?
A moment later the mirrored door opened and Angie stepped out onto the raised carpeted platform.
A collective hush fell across the room.
Angie’s smile was wide, but a nervous twitch played at her lips. She held her arms out and turned slowly, the ivory chiffon gently sweeping the floor. “What do you think?”
A simple sleeveless A-line, with subtle beading at the waist, looked as elegant as her dark hair, which Carla had swept up into a loose chignon.
“Oh, Angie.” Megan blinked. Why am I so emotional today? “You look beautiful. Jackson is going to fall in love with you all over again when he sees you in that dress.”
Carla walked around her, tugging and smoothing Angie’s gown. “Looks perfect. How does it feel?”
“Perfect,” Angie whispered.
 “It sure is,” Flynn said, then reached over from the love seat to where Megan was seated and grabbed Megan’s hand. “I hope I’ll be as beautiful when I’m a bride.”
“You will be.” Megan hoped Flynn would find a suitor soon. Bless her heart, the girl was dying to be married. Why was it the girls who wanted to get married never attracted the settling kind, and yet it seemed like every guy Megan went out with wanted a committed relationship? And she was never going down that road again. She’d found her soul mate, and Kevin had not only broken her heart, but wrecked her soul. A loss she still carried around like it happened yesterday.
Angie pointed toward Katy. “I have a feeling Katy might be your next customer, Carla.”
Katy blushed. “We haven’t gotten that far yet.” Katy, the newest resident of Boot Creek, had made fast friends with Angie the first week Katy happened into town. And even though Katy had only meant to stop for gas in Boot Creek, she’d come on the day of the Blackberry Festival and met Derek Hansen. It had been the day she was running away from heartbreak, and what she’d found in Boot Creek was a second chance at love and a whole new career.
“You will,” Angie said. “I know Derek. And yeah, he was broken when Laney died, but he is whole again with you.”
“He completes me too,” Katy said. “We’re not rushing things, but when the time’s right, all of you will be there at my side too. Right?”
“Of course,” they all agreed.
Megan lifted her hands in the air. “Angie, I think it looks like I can check off final wedding dress alterations from the list.” Her goal was to complete every single thing on this project plan on time with zero problems. Yes, everyone kept saying that was an impossible goal, but she took her goals seriously and was determined to make that happen.
Angie pressed her hands together and raised her fingertips to her lips. “It’s all coming together. Thank goodness. I’d already told myself that if there were any hiccups, I’d heed the  signs and throw this all in reverse.”
Megan certainly wasn’t going to be the one to start that. That limo would just have to be cancelled. “It’s going to all go according to plan, Angie. I promise.”
“And I put together all the paperwork and itineraries for the honeymoon,” Katy said. “I brought the packet with me. I’m jealous that y’all are going to Alaska for two whole weeks. That is so on my bucket list now.”
“We could never have planned a two-week honeymoon if you and Derek hadn’t offered to keep Billy. I’m still so anxious about leaving him so long,” Angie said. “I know he’ll be fine with y’all. He’s so excited. But . . . ”
“And he’ll be fine. He loves Derek, and you know how I feel about him. The practice sleepovers have gone fine.”
“I know I’m a worrywart when it comes to him. I can’t help myself—he’s a handful. All boy. I don’t think you know what you’ve got yourself into.”
“Are you kidding me? I’m excited,” Katy said. “Derek and I are going to have a blast playing house. It’s good practice for us. And I’ve always wanted to go school shopping. Now I have Billy as an excuse. Usually I pretend I’m stocking up for children that I don’t have so I can take advantage of all the amazing deals. I mean really. Who doesn’t go gaga over school supplies?”
“True,” Angie said, her brows knitting together. “Maybe I could squeeze in taking him school shopping this week.”
“Don’t you dare steal my fun, Angie! You can do school prep with Billy for the next ten years. And you’ll be home in plenty of time for his first day of school.”
“I would have never been able to plan this wedding without y’all. I have the best bridesmaids ever.” Angie’s eyes glistened, and as much of a pain as Megan could imagine her own mother would be in planning a wedding with her, she couldn’t imagine not having her mom around to do it.
A tear spilled down Angie’s cheek. “I love y’all. You’re the best friends any girl could ask for.”
“As maid of honor, I forbid any sappy crying jags. Even though we are pretty awesome.” Megan stepped onto the platform and handed Angie a tissue. “Don’t be getting weepy on us, you’ll stain your dress.”
Angie dabbed at her eyes. “We might need some wine on Saturday. Do you think they allow wine in the brides dressing area? I’m suddenly very nervous.”
“Not like back out nervous. Right?” Megan asked.
“No. Not like that. Maybe nervous isn’t the right word. Excited. Anxious. Insanely lucky. Too-good-to-be-true lucky.”
“No such thing,” Megan reassured her.
 Carla walked over to the door at the far side of the room, then clapped her tiny hands together. “Okay, ladies. Let’s get your dresses on and check them one last time for fit.”
“Y’all’s turn,” Angie said. “I’ll be waiting right here.”
Carla rushed the girls along.
Megan, Katy, and Flynn followed Carla into the large dressing room. Their blue gowns, the color of summer skies in Carolina, hung on shiny silver hangers from hooks, one next to the other, along the wall. In the center of the room, a tall pedestal table gave the girls a little bit of privacy as they changed.
As soon as Carla left the room, Flynn said, “I hope my dress fits this time. Carla took it in the first time and out the second. I swear she got the measurements mixed up with one of y’all’s. I hadn’t gained or lost a pound.”
“Wouldn’t doubt it.” Megan laughed. “Old lady Carla has to be pushing her late seventies. She did the alterations on my mom’s wedding gown and that was over thirty years ago.”
As a little girl, Megan used to stare at the bridal portrait of her momma that hung in the hallway of their home. She’d looked so beautiful. And Megan dreamed of wearing that pretty white dress with the layers of chiffon. That was a long time ago. And all of those fairy-tale dreams had been shattered that summer night seven years ago.
Megan was the last one to step into her dress. Katy zipped her up just as Carla came back in carrying a box of silk flower bouquets that had seen better days. Years-old dust caked the green silk leaves in the stand-in bouquets. Megan’s mouth twitched in amusement as she rolled ick off of one of the petals. Flynn’s shoulders rocked as she got a fit of the giggles over it too.
Katy and Flynn lined up at the door, and Megan fell in behind them. Megan wasn’t the cry-at-a-Hallmark-movie kind of girl, but she had to admit this was pretty exciting. And realizing how very different Angie’s life was going to be now filled her with joy.
The door swung open and the girls filed out of the dressing room.
Angie gasped, a wide smile spreading across her face. “Y’all look beautiful.” She swept at a tear with the balled-up tissue she held in her hand.
“You’re crying,” Flynn asked.
“Again?” Megan said.
“She’s fine,” Katy said.
“Happy tears, right, Angie?” Megan forced a smile. This was going to be one long week.
“Totally happy tears. It’s overwhelming. Everything is so perfect. After being married to Rodney, and the hell he put me through to get that divorce, I never thought I’d be happy again. And now, not only do I have a son who brings joy to me every single day, but also I have the best friends. Y’all are so special to me. And I have Jackson. He loves me. He gets me, and I love him. The perfect guy. Perfect family. Perfect wedding venue, caterer, flowers, photographer, and even the perfect car to drive off in after the wedding. Could it possibly be any better?”
Megan swallowed hard. Probably not the perfect time to mention not letting Angie use the car.
“Not one red flag,” Angie continued. “I mean, it’s got to be some kind of sign when everything falls into place like it has. I know you remember, Megan. There was problem after problem planning that wedding. Right up to the day of. Why didn’t I see those snapping red flags?”
“Because you were in love with the idea of being in love, and the man you wanted Rodney to be,” Megan said. “Let it go. But I do remember you crying when the justice of the peace croaked on you the morning of the wedding, and you had to scramble for a new one. And that the cake was chocolate instead of almond, which I still say Rodney had something to do with.”
Angie’s lips curled. “Had to have been him. After all, it was his aunt who made the cake. You don’t just mix something like that up.”
“And why we’re not using her for your cake this time,” Flynn piped in. “You don’t have to worry about that nincompoop anymore.”
“Unfortunately, I still have to deal with him because of Billy, but my boy is worth every aggravation that man ever caused me. This time there aren’t any warning flags. Not one last-minute hitch.” She reached her hand for Megan’s. “And that reassures me that things are going to be different this time. I really am this lucky.”
Megan’s heart shrank. How can I let Angie down? She’d been so excited to use Daddy’s car for her wedding. What kind of maid of honor am I? “I won’t let anything ruin your day.” Megan hugged Angie. “And I know Jackson is right for you. Don’t you worry.”
“Let me get a picture,” Carla said, waving her hand to get them to scoot in. “Smile, and say happy.”
“Happy,” they said in harmony.
Carla waved her arm toward the group, then clicked off a couple pictures. “Okay, you girls all go get changed. Angie and the rest of y’all, do you want me to have the dresses delivered over to the bridal area at First Baptist Saturday morning?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Angie said. “That’ll be a big help, Carla.”
Katy was the first to get changed and leave. Megan hung back, hoping to get a minute alone with Angie where she could discuss the car with her, but between Flynn talking about the arrangements for all of the out-of-town guests that would be arriving the next day to stay at her bed and breakfast and Carla running down a punch list of things with Angie, Megan finally begged off.
Probably a sign.
Megan still had to finish several special orders including the guest gift votives that Angie had asked her to make for everyone coming to the wedding, and that meant she was going to need to pick up an extra order of beeswax from the local apiary to fill the orders she’d get this week.
With a couple quick hugs, and promises to catch up later, Megan stepped outside. At least a slight breeze was kicking up now. In the last hour and a half, it had at least turned bearable out here. The breeze blew through her hair, cooling against the hot sun. It was during these dog days of summer like today that Daddy would have taken her for a ride in the Adventurer. There’d be no ride today, though. She hadn’t even had the heart to start the thing since the tow truck had delivered it and maneuvered it into the tight quarters of her garage bay.
Daddy, I wish I knew for sure what it was you wanted me to do with this car now that you’re gone, because riding in it will never be the same without you.







USA TODAY Bestselling author, Nancy Naigle, writes love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense in hopes that readers will find an escape from their hectic day-to-day in the make-believe worlds she creates.







The Darkest Link by Scarlett Cole #Romance #amreading #MFRWauthor @Barclay_PR @ItsScarlettCole


When a pin-up worthy tattoo artist meets a car mechanic on a Florida roadside, it feels like the start of a great one-night stand. But when feelings grow, and secrets are revealed, both of their lives will be at risk. The only question is from who? Find out in THE DARKEST LINK by RITA finalist, Scarlett Cole.



Author: Scarlett Cole

Series: Second Circle Tattoos #4

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Pub. Date: August 30, 2016




When her car breaks down off the side of a lonely highway far from her sunny Miami home, tattoo artist Lia never expected her very own white knight to ride up on the back of a barely street-legal motorcycle…and she never expected to fall for her dark savior. After a string of failed relationships and a bruised heart Lia is not looking for forever, and the hot mechanic, with his sexy scruff and shaggy hair, is simply impossible to resist. He’s the perfect candidate for a mind-blowingly-perfect, no-strings-attached one-night stand.


Reid left his life in Chicago far behind him and hasn’t been back, but he’s never been able to escape the guilt he feels about his own painful role in inviting a monster into his baby sister’s life. A monster who almost destroyed her. Being with Lia is an unexpected gift, one he doesn’t feel he deserves, and their one night together has him wanting more than he should. When he surprises her at her tattoo studio, Second Circle Tattoos, in Miami, he’s in for a shock—and a fist to the face—when his past and present collide.


With secrets coming to the surface, Reid and Lia are thrown into a world of betrayal and lies that threatens to pull them under, and the last link to his former life may be the darkest of them all.


Darkest Link Cover


Find out more at: Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK | B&N | iBooks



Copyright © 2016 by Scarlett Cole


Reid’s phone rang. He pulled it from his rear pocket and saw Lia’s name flash on the screen. He smiled as he answered.

“Hey, babe,” he said, walking through the open double doors of the garage. He perched on the low retaining wall that separated the garage from the unit next door. It needed knocking down and rebuilding, but neither he nor his neighbor really had the funds to do it.

“Did you just call me babe?” Lia said. From the way her voice went up at the end of the sentence, he took it that “babe” wasn’t a good thing.

“Guilty,” he said. “You don’t like it?”

“The sentiment, yes. But babe has always struck me as the kind of word a guy calls all the girls he dated. I can never decide if it’s just habit or he just doesn’t want to get my name wrong.”

Reid laughed. “Believe me, Red, no one could ever forget your name. How’s your day going?”

“Oh . . . you know,” she said, in what he assumed was her fake-it-’til-you-make it tone. “It’s going.”

“You know, if you just put a fraction more excitement into that, I might just believe you.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m fine. There’s just a lot going on, but for some totally messed-up reason, you were on my mind. So I decided to give you a call.”

“I like that,” Reid replied sincerely.

“What? That there’s a lot going on in my day?”

“No, of course not. That for whatever totally messed-up reason, I’m on your mind.” He couldn’t help the grin spreading across his face.

“Funny,” she replied.

“I like to think so. So is this a booty call? Because I need to know if I’m about to be taken advantage of.”

Finally, she laughed. “No. It’s just a call call. No booty.”

“Pity. I’m here to serve. You want to talk about my booty, I can get down with that. As long as I can talk about yours in return.”

“There was definitely no booty in the purpose of my call.”

“Damn, because you do have a pretty spectacular—”

“Kenny,” she warned in a tone just like his mother used to use when he was in trouble, and he rubbed a hand around the back of his neck.

“Well, whatever it is, I’m glad you called called me. Are you at work?”

“Yeah. Just sitting outside for a ten-minute break, but I’ll be done at five. I should head back inside.”

His chest tightened a little at the thought that she had called him for absolutely no reason at all. “Okay, babe. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“Don’t babe me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” he said, before hanging up the phone.


Check out the other books in the Second Circle Tattoos series!


THE STRONGEST STEEL, Second Circle Tattoos #1

Available at: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


THE FRACTURED HEART, Second Circle Tattoos #2

Available at: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


THE PUREST HOOK, Second Circle Tattoos #3

Available at: Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


Scarlett Cole Photo[1]




Scarlett Cole is a writer of contemporary romance and a two-time RITA finalist. Her debut, THE STRONGEST STEEL, has already become an Amazon best seller in romantic suspense, was a Best Debut Goodreads Author Finalist 2015, and Authors On The Air Global Radio Network Contemporary Romance Pick of 2015.


When Scarlett isn’t writing, she spends her time reading, hoarding mason jars, and working out to off-set an epic sour candy habit. She likes hot men, cold beer, and expensive shoes.


Having travelled the world for work and fun, Scarlett is a citizen of both Britain and Canada. A true city-dweller, she considers Toronto and Manchester home and likes to set her books in vibrant locations such as Miami and Los Angeles.

Rep’d by Beth Phelan at The Bent Agency, and published by St. Martin’s Press.

She’d love to hear from you on twitter @itsscarlettcole


Connect with Scarlett: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Follow the blog tour from August 29th – September 9th! Two grand prize winners will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card and the runner-up prize will be all four ebooks in the series.



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Visit all the stops for more chances to win!



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underneath the covers


Fav quote-Life had grace notes-Family Tree by @susanwiggs #BookReview #mgtab

One of the most emotionally satisfying books of 2016!





Family Tree

By Susan Wiggs


Genre: Women’s Fiction


Sometimes the greatest dream starts with the smallest element. A single cell, joining with another. And then dividing. And just like that, the world changes.

Annie Harlow knows how lucky she is. The producer of a popular television cooking show, she loves her handsome husband and the beautiful Los Angeles home they share. And now, she’s pregnant with their first child. But in an instant, her life is shattered. And when Annie awakes from a yearlong coma, she discovers that time isn’t the only thing she’s lost.

Grieving and wounded, Annie retreats to her old family home in Switchback, Vermont, a maple farm generations old. There, surrounded by her free-spirited brother, their divorced mother, and four young nieces and nephews, Annie slowly emerges into a world she left behind years ago: the town where she grew up, the people she knew before, the high-school boyfriend turned judge. And with the discovery of a cookbook her grandmother wrote in the distant past, Annie unearths an age-old mystery that might prove the salvation of the family farm.

Family Tree is the story of one woman’s triumph over betrayal, and how she eventually comes to terms with her past. It is the story of joys unrealized and opportunities regained. Complex, clear-eyed and big-hearted, funny, sad, and wise, it is a novel to cherish and to remember.


Buy Link: Amazon




About the Author:


Susan Wiggs’s life is all about family, friends…and fiction. She’s been featured in the national media, including NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and is a popular speaker locally and nationally.

From the very start, her writings have illuminated the everyday dramas of ordinary people. At the age of eight, she self-published her first novel, entitled “A Book About Some Bad Kids.”

Today, she is an international best-selling, award-winning author, with millions of copies of her books in print in numerous countries. Her recent novel, Marrying Daisy Bellamy, took the #1 spot on the New York Times Bestseller List, and The Lakeshore Chronicles have won readers’ hearts around the globe. Her books celebrate the power of love, the timeless bonds of family and the fascinating nuances of human nature.

She lives with her husband and family at the water’s edge on an island in the Pacific Northwest, where she divides her time between sleeping and waking.

My Review:

This story touched me on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start. And such is Susan Wiggs’ appeal.

She seamlessly blends the strands of life she imbues into her characters, and brings them to blazing life on the page.

Family Tree is so much more than a love story, though it’s hard not to cheer on Annie and Fletcher and their on again, off again, love affair.

This is also the story of new beginnings and the strength of family ties. I loved the parts with Annie’s grandma and her pearls of wisdom.

I also liked the alternating chapters showing past and present. It made the story more in-depth and gave us a fundamental insight into Annie’s heart and dreams.

I loved this book and give Family Tree 5 lovely kisses

A highly recommended read!


Unleashed by Penelope Marshall- he lives for his missions #Suspense #MFRWauthor @PenelopMarshall

Penelope Marshall
(Mr. Black, #1)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Elijah Black, a hardcore Navy SEAL, eats, sleeps, and lives for his missions—and little else…

The self-proclaimed playboy has no time for relationships, unless it’s between the sheets. So he’s more than happy to leave for his newest mission, a quick extraction of a terrorist believed to be responsible for a series of bombings in Europe. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and the terrorists take Elijah prisoner.

Nasima was only supposed to care for his body, not his heart…

As the nurse charged with keeping the prisoner alive, Nasima is alone with Elijah every day. Sparks fly between them, but Elijah makes it clear he cares little for Nasima’s traditions and only wants her for her body. Still, she grows to care for the broken soldier, and it isn’t long before she begins to dream of abandoning her strict upbringing for Elijah’s tempting embrace.

A passionate encounter leads to more than just feelings…

After Elijah’s failed escape and another beating, Nasima is found comforting him and suffers the consequences. Just as Elijah realizes he will do whatever is necessary to save her, but before they can get to safety, Nasima reveals a secret that may be Elijah’s undoing.

Will Nasima’s secret keep her from breaking through Elijah’s tough exterior in time for another escape, or will he decide to make the journey alone?

Add to Goodreads

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**Designed by Deranged Doctor Design**


Author Bio:

Penelope Marshall was born in the Philippines, and raised in Southern California.

She picked up writing in early 2016 and instantly fell in love with the craft. Her writing runs the romance gamut from sweet romantic comedies, to tough alpha male military suspense thrillers, with a little young adult, and paranormal thrown into the mix.

A good plot twist is what drives Penelope’s writing, striving for that jaw dropping moment at the end of each book.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



The Lost Eye of The Serpent by Jeremy Phillips #Mystery #YA #MFRWauthor

The Lost Eyes of the Serpent
Jeremy Phillips
(The Rose Delacroix Files, #1)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: August 8th 2016
Genres: Mystery, Young Adult

It may sound crazy, but Jonathan Delacroix is certain his sister Rose really is Sherlock Holmes…

Girls are not detectives. But in the summer of 1893, in the small western town of Hope Springs, Rose Delacroix is bound and determined to prove them all wrong. When the famous Emerald Serpent Jewels are stolen from the Delacroix family hotel and the blame lands solely on her older brother Bill, Rose recruits Jonathan as her Watson-like counterpart to solve the case.

Proving your brother innocent is difficult when the evidence keeps stacking up against him…

Before Rose and Jonathan can properly start their investigation, another robbery is committed. The rusty revolver purported to have once belonged to Wild Bill Hickok has been stolen from the general store and found hidden amongst her brother’s belongings. With Bill in jail, and the owner of the Serpent Jewels planning to sue the Delacroix hotel, Rose knows she has to find a lead, and soon.

A witness comes forward claiming they saw Bill steal the jewels, but Rose isn’t about to be bullied into ignoring the facts…

Rose and Jonathan must put their sleuthing skills to the test or witness their family fall to ruin due to…

…the lost eye of the serpent.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble

Bonus Scene (short story):

Rose Delacroix Versus the Box

By Jeremy Phillips

Rose Delacroix sat on a stump in the bare and dusty yard behind the Delacroix Hotel, staring at a metal box sitting on another stump, a few feet away from her. She regarded the box with an ever-increasing intensity, not sure how to proceed. Time was very short, and she wished that she had more of it available to her right now.

“Whatever am I going to do with you?” Rose said to the box.

The box didn’t look like much. It was the size of a shoebox, but constructed of solid steel, with tight, straight corners. Its only visible feature was a place for a key to fit, in the front of the box. Really, it seemed simple enough. But looks, as Rose knew very well, are often deceptive.

In her hand, Rose held a couple of metal clips from out of her hair, clips which she had straightened out to use for this particular purpose. Except, it hadn’t worked yet. Rose approached the box again, the box which had at first glance appeared to be so simple, and yet had thwarted all of her prior attempts at entry.

Rose shook the box, which was deceptively heavy in addition to being deceptively difficult to break. Something solid thunked around inside of it. Whatever it was, Rose meant to have it out of that box, and soon.

Drawing a deep, calming breath, Rose tried once more to pick the lock on this thing. The books she’s been reading, the Sherlock Holmes mysteries in addition to other lesser Detective tales, always make this seem so simple, don’t they?

Using one of the hair pins that she had straightened out, Rose carefully massaged the top of the lock, to where she believed the pins that she needed to trick ought to be. She could feel the pins moving, so that was good. With a second hair pin, she applied a constant pressure on the bottom of the lock in the hopes of popping it open, when the pins were all equally deceived into believing that the proper key had been applied into the keyhole.

After another long effort, she stopped again. What time was it getting to be, now?

Really, she needed to pop this lock open. She needed, rather desperately, to know what was inside of this thing. All of her logic told Rose that whatever was inside of this deceptively secure box, was of vital importance to her investigation. Even as she sat there in this yard, monkeying around with this locked box, her brother Jon was confronting the box’s owner. Jon needed her, and he needed her now, not whenever it was that she managed to finally get this thing open.

Perhaps the problem was too obvious. This box, which she had confiscated, perhaps inappropriately, from its hiding place in a guest room of the Delacroix Hotel, belonged to a man who liked to think of himself as the world’s greatest “cracksman.” This was a term that Rose had only recently learned, but which referred to the man’s impressive ability to break into locked safes. Given the great trouble that this person had managed to cause to Rose and her family in the last few days, he had a point concerning his abilities, after all.

Rose took a moment, and tried to think about the problem logically. She had in her possession the small personal safe of a man who considered himself to be the greatest safe-breaker in the world. It only stood to reason, that the security on the safe of such a person would defy any normal attempts at lock picking.

Really, attempting to pick the thing was ridiculous, given the fact that she was an amateur at this sort of thing in the first place. Rose was self-taught, having only popped a few locks around town during her free time when no one was looking, to see if she could do it. To Rose’s way of thinking, skills such as lock picking were just the sorts of things that a self-styled Detective simply ought to know, after all.

Not that everyone was likely to understand this. She put this into the same category of small-minded thinking as seemed to possess most people that she met, the same type of small-minded thinking which implied that, given her status as a female, she was simply incapable of actual logic thought. Or much else, either. This was in the category of things that she simply refused to agree to wholesale, in other words.

Turning the safe around and looking into the keyhole with the aid of the heavy summer sunlight, Rose suddenly understood the problem more fully. The lock itself seemed to run deeper than most locks did, and what’s more, there appeared to be pins on the right interior side of the lock too. Those extra pins were placed at a different angle than were normally seen, in all of the others locks that Rose had encountered around the town of Hope Springs. This was actually a rather extraordinary lock, which would take a rather extraordinary key. It was a lock the likes of which Rose had never encountered before.

Given enough time, Rose was fairly sure that she could have broken the lock anyway. It would require another hair pin, and perhaps another hand too, to apply pressure to the lock with the tension wire while she worked at the pins from two different angles at once. But, time was something that she simply didn’t have much of. This was going to require a different approach.

Rose placed the box back on the tree stump, then went into a large work shed, which was attached to the barn in the family’s back yard. She returned a minute later with the heaviest wood chopping axe that she could find, and took a mighty swing at the top of the metallic box.

The first blow did nothing but mildly dent the box, causing it to bounce a foot or so up into the air with the force of her assault. A second and third blow did little more. But on her fourth attempt, after getting a reckless running start at the metal box from the other side of the yard, Rose managed to lodge the blade of the axe into the top of the steel box. Rose’s arms were feeling sore already, from the exertions of trying to break this thing.

It was almost comical. The axe was now lodged directly into the lid of the steel box. Feeling her anxiety increase, Rose wondered what time it was now getting to be. She wondered how things were going for Jon, who was even now confronting the burglar…a man who, the night before, had proven that he was not above pulling a gun on her brother. He might not be above murder, even.

With great effort, Rose was able to pry the axe blade back out of the top of the box. This left a large cut along the middle of the lid of the thing, but she could still not get to the contents of the box, or even really see what those contents were, rolling around inside of that damned box.

Rose set the box up on its edge. This time, it would have to work. She stepped back again, hefting the axe up over her head. She stepped back farther, and farther yet. An absurd feeling came over Rose, as though she were a baseball player up at bat, facing the third strike in the last inning of a tight game.

Well, and wasn’t that pretty much what this was, after all? How much time did Jon really have, facing off with that criminal? This was her last inning, and what all was on the line? Only the freedom and future of her other brother, Bill, who had been framed for two robberies and one attempted murder that he didn’t commit. Oh, and the possibility of the entire Delacroix family losing their ownership of the Delacroix Hotel to another criminal, and being kicked out into the streets of Hope Springs in the summer of 1893; there was that minor detail, too. Only those things. And Jon.

Steadying herself, Rose took a deep breath. In her mind’s eye, she imagined the cut that she would have to inflict to make this thing happen. She’s read someplace about the power of the mind, the power to make things happen by carefully visualizing them, first. This was something she believed in wholeheartedly.

The blow would have to be perfect. It would have to land squarely on the edge of the lid, to exactly where the hinge must be. Only that. Or else, perhaps she could go over to the Blacksmith’s shop and see if he couldn’t pop the thing open for her somehow. But there would be a lot of questions asked, then. And a lot of precious time wasted. She thought again of Jon, headed over to the Bromwell Hotel, across the street.

With a cry, Rose ran wholeheartedly up towards the box, to where it sat there on the tree stump. She brought the axe down with all her might, producing a bone-jarring ringing in her hands clear up to the shoulder, an ear-cracking SMACK when the unstoppable force of her axe came down on the immovable object of the steel box’s lid…and then the miracle happened.

The blow was perfect, more perfect than seemed fair. The hinge of the box gave way, and the contents of the box flew everywhere, scattering around to land everyplace on the dusty ground.

Rose quickly rushed around the yard, ignoring the ringing pain in her arms, picking up the box’s former contents and placing them back in the now-broken box.

There was a little leather pouch full of lock picks, proper ones, made of some fine thin steel that Rose had never seen before. These she would keep, if things turned out as she hoped they might. There was also a collection of paper money and coins. And there, sitting separate and apart from the rest of the stuff, was a round object about the size of an apple.

Quickly picking the object up, Rose examined it closely.

After a few moments a large smile came across her face, as she realized what the object in her hand was…and what it meant, for her and her all-consuming Investigation. This was becoming like a Sherlock Holmes story after all, Rose thought, which filled her with excitement and a powerful sense of adventure, although she might not have admitted this to anyone, perhaps not even to her twin brother John.

Holding on to the object and rushing out to Main Street, Rose found herself running as quickly as she could to go help her brother. Yes, this might help fix things. It might help fix things very well.


Author Bio:

Jeremy Phillips has been interested in Buddhist philosophy for more than twenty years, and attends services at a Shin Buddhist temple in Spokane, Washington. When he isn’t writing or keeping busy being a father and husband, he works as a Respiratory Therapist at several different hospitals. He lives in Spokane with his wife, children, dogs, and bonsai trees.

Facebook / Twitter


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Alpha Beta Omega #BoxSet #PNR #mgtab @Barclay_PR


10 Sizzling Shifter Stories From Today’s Hottest, Bestselling Authors

On PreOrder Now – Alpha Beta Omega: A Shifter Box Set


Title: Alpha Beta Omega: A Shifter Box Set
Anthology Authors: Lia Davis, K.N. Lee, Marissa Dobson, Beth Caudill, Misha Carver, Xandra James, Laxmi Hariharan, Bethany Shaw, Nicole Morgan, Lily Marie
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: September 13, 2016
Format: Digital

From today’s hottest USA Today and Bestselling authors comes a collection of 10 novellas, featuring hot alpha, beta, and omega shifters. If you like tigers, bears, wolves, and more you’ll love this box set. Each story is either a first in a series or a stand-alone novella.

AND it’s only on sale for a limited time so be sure to grab while it’s available. #99cents

Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks




What’s inside:

A Tiger’s Claim by Lia Davis

As the Alpha’s only daughter Shayna Andrews has always been treated like a rare gem, protected like royalty, and she’s suffocating. Her longing to be independent has driven her to sneak out one evening after dinner. After relishing in being able to run free without an escort, she finds herself face-to-face with the enemy, miles from home, and nearly loses her life until a lone wolf comes to her aid. But when he discovers she wears the enemy’s brand, things will go from bad to worse.


The Scarlett Legacy by K.N. Lee

Wizards. Shifters. Sexy mobsters with magic.

The arrival of Avalon Prince brings a century-old feud to a dangerous climax. Scottish Old-World magic, mixed with a dangerous obsession with Evie and a sinister plot for revenge threatens to bring the Scarlett family to its demise.


Tiger Time by Marissa Dobson

Tabitha Leigh has no idea her mundane life is about to change or that danger stalks her every step. Now as the Queen of the Tigers with a bounty on her head, she must embrace her future and her mate. If she doesn’t, it will mean the end of everything she’s come to know and never realized she needed.


Healer’s Fate by Beth Caudill

Corliss Rumdone’s the healer of her werewolf clan, destined to save lives and live in the shadows. He’s the alpha’s son, destined to mate to cement his status at the top of the pack. What happens when he chooses her instead?


Bearly Smitten (The Alpha’s Bride Book 1) by Misha Carver

When bear shifter Jed Barton’s keynote speaker engagement and his role as pack alpha require him to  have a wife, he does what any other tycoon would do – he hires one – the  last thing he wanted to do was fall in love with her.


Reluctant Revenge – Under the Demon’s Skin by Xandra James

Demon-hybrid Nash is hungry for revenge. Promising to protect the daughter of his sworn enemy, he’s torn between his duty as an Alpha Enforcer and his desire to avenge his murdered fiancée. Can Nash forgive the past? Or will losing Sienna be the only way to heal his dark heart?


Feral – A Many Lives Story by Laxmi Hariharan

He was her destination. She just didn’t know it. When Maya leaves Luke to go in search of her blood family, nothing prepares her for the secrets she uncovers about herself.  An intense, shifter romance, set in a Bombay of the future.


The Beta’s Mate by Bethany Shaw

Nina’s tired of the lies and disappearances. Her marriage is on the verge of dissolving, but fate has other ideas. Now if she could only get in touch with her soon-to-be ex. Logan hates that his wife filed for divorce, even though everyone tells him it’s for the best. He’s the beta of the pack—second in command—and she’s human. When he discovers he’s going to be a father, he’ll do anything to keep Nina and the baby safe. But will she let him back in when she finds out he’s been lying to her for years about turning into a giant wolf?


Night Falls by Nicole Morgan

When Paul, the leader of the Racinitine Pack crosses paths with Kinzey, a tencacious reporter, he knows he’s in trouble. Not only can he see the fire in her, but he can feel it as well. When Kinzey gets too close to his secrets, it may change the only way of life his pack has ever known.


Wounds to Bear (Heart of The Bear Book One) by Lily Marie

A wounded shifter, and a beautiful, curvy woman. Two hearts, with one goal – to save the children taken by an old enemy.

Roman Black’s past has finally caught up with him – and he isn’t the only one paying for his mistakes. Dr. Jenna Morgan is running from her own past – and hopes to find her place in the small town of Pine Heart. When a wounded bear shows up at her door, she discovers that the rumors about this small town are true, and that one of those shifters is bleeding all over her front porch. She treats him, and learns that he was shot protecting a group of shifter and human kids – who are now being held by an old enemy bent on revenge.


“Follow the blitz and enter to #win a grand prize of $50.00 Amazon gift card!”

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For Better or Worse: To Kiss a Thief by Susanna Craig #Historical #Romance #mgtab


To Kiss a Thief

by Susanna Craig


GENRE: Historical Romance





In this captivating new series set in Georgian England, a disgraced woman hides from her marriage—for better or worse…


Sarah Pevensey had hoped her arranged marriage to St. John Sutliffe, Viscount Fairfax, could become something more. But almost before it began, it ended in a scandal that shocked London society. Accused of being a jewel thief, Sarah fled to a small fishing village to rebuild her life.


The last time St. John saw his new wife, she was nestled in the lap of a soldier, disheveled, and no longer in possession of his family’s heirloom sapphire necklace. Now, three years later, he has located Sarah and is determined she pay for her crimes. But the woman he finds is far from what he expected. Humble and hardworking, Sarah has nothing to hide from her husband—or so it appears. Yet as he attempts to woo her to uncover her secrets, St. John soon realizes that if he’s not careful, she’ll steal his heart…


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Sarah smiled inwardly at Mrs. Potts’s insistence on such a grandiose label for the small cottage’s plain sitting room, but curiosity quickly redirected her thoughts. The only strangers who called at Primrose Cottage were those seeking some kind of assistance. Her own means, albeit meager, were still beyond many in the little fishing village. But if Mrs. Potts described him as a gentleman, he was unlikely to be a vagrant begging alms or an itinerant laborer looking for work. “I’ll see what he wants,” she said. Three steps took her down the narrow passageway that ran beside the staircase. She stopped in the doorway to the parlor to observe her visitor.


The stranger stood looking out the window toward the sea, his back to her. He was tall and well-dressed, his dark blue riding coat and snug buff breeches hugging broad shoulders and well-muscled legs. Puddles had collected around the soles of his boots, and his great – coat had been flung unceremoniously—almost proprietarily—over a nearby chair. Mrs. Potts had indeed been most remiss in the duties of a hostess.


Sarah stepped forward. Soft as her footsteps had been, the sound evidently attracted the man’s notice. As he turned his head, the fading light struck a momentary sheen of dark gold.


Her vision blurred as the blood rushed from her head to her pounding heart. The handsome, blond-haired gentleman offered a stiff bow. “Ma’am.”


“My lord,” Sarah whispered. She curtsied automatically, though a moment’s reflection would have forestalled the gesture. As she felt her knees bend, she very much feared she was going to go right on sinking to the floor.


She had no desire to display such weakness to the man who stood before her.


St. John Sutliffe, Viscount Fairfax.


Her husband.




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AUTHOR Bio and Links:


A love affair with historical romances led Susanna Craig to a degree (okay, three degrees) in literature and a career as an English professor. When she’s not teaching or writing academic essays about Jane Austen and her contemporaries, she enjoys putting her fascination with words and knowledge of the period to better use: writing Regency-era romances she hopes readers will find both smart and sexy. She makes her home among the rolling hills of Kentucky horse country, along with her historian husband, their unstoppable little girl, and a genuinely grumpy cat. Visit her at susannacraig.com.


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Book available: August 16, 2016













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With Ties That Bind- Trisha Wolfe #Romance #Thriller #mgtab

With Ties that Bind: A Broken Bonds Novel, Book Two
Trisha Wolfe
Publication date: October 11th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Thriller

A new threat has descended upon Arlington, and lead medial examiner Avery Johnson is in its sights, being targeted by the city’s latest serial killing menace known to the public as the Alpha Killer.

Whether urban legend or reality, the Alpha feeds into the media craze, orchestrating a killing spree to stamp out all rivals. And when Avery’s tangled web of deception pulls her further into to Alpha’s sadistic game, there’s only one thing she fears more: losing Quinn. With just as many secrets to guard as the elusive crime lord, Avery’s time is running out to reveal the truth to Quinn, the stubborn, by-the-book detective bent on protecting her at all costs.

As a lead takes the ACPD task force deep into the bowels of a corrupt law firm, the discovery of a vast criminal network with far-reaching connections threatens to unmask many players. How deep does the corruption go? How far does the Alpha’s reach extend? While the team races to catch a killer, Detective Quinn is faced with an impossible choice. Will he betray the woman he’s fallen for, or seek his own vengeance outside of the law?

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Author Bio:

From an early age, Trisha Wolfe dreamed up fantasy worlds and characters and was accused of talking to herself. Today, she lives in South Carolina with her family and writes full time, using her fantasy worlds as an excuse to continue talking to herself.

For more information on Trisha Wolfe and her works, please visit: http://www.TrishaWolfe.com

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Truly, Madly, Deeply by @Jeannie_Moon #KindleWorlds #Romance #mgtab @BPICPromos



Truly, Madly, Deeply by Jeannie Moon


Kick off your shoes, stick your toes in the sand and indulge yourself in a sweet second chance romance on the island of Mimosa Key.  Nick DeMarco is back in Barefoot Bay and is hoping for Lila Novak’s forgiveness. Little does he know, he’ll get a whole lot more than that. Fans of Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay will love meeting new visitors and residents of Mimosa Key in this Kindle Worlds Barefoot Bay romance by Jeannie Moon.




Release Date: 08/23/16

Publisher: Kindle Worlds

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: Digital


Nick DeMarco was a covert operative who breezed in and out of the lives of the people he cared about often without warning. This included his sister Josie’s best friend, Lila Novak.

Nick and Lila had a torrid affair the last time he dropped into Barefoot Bay, and now that he’s back, possibly for the long haul, he hopes she’ll forgive him for disappearing without a word.

Lila loves her life as a teacher at Mimosa High School, but her affair with Nick has thrown her a curveball she never expected. Carrying his baby, she’s faced with the loss of her job unless she agrees to do the last thing she wants to do – marry him.

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There were few things that ticked off Lila Novak more than busybodies. And when said busybodies were making her life difficult, that really chapped her ass.
She sat at the district office, having been summoned from Mimosa High School by the superintendent of schools, and while she waited she saw a parade of people enter the conference room. Her principal, the vice principal, the personnel director, and her department chair were all part of the group that was going to see her. This wasn’t good.
Nothing like kicking a girl when she was down.
Her department chair, Mary Chavez, poked her head out and motioned to Lila. “We’re ready for you. Don’t let them upset you, and don’t lose your temper.”
Mary was a sweet woman, a joy to work for. Because of her, the math department at Mimosa was a fun place to be. Her colleagues were friendly, and unlike some departments, they all liked each other. However, Mary knew Lila could have a smart mouth, and this wasn’t the time for wit. Even if some people deserved her wit shoved up their butts.
The superintendent sat at the far end of the table, and the other administrators flanked him left and right. This wasn’t going to be easy.
Lila stood at the other end of the large oval table. Alone.
“Lila, have a seat,” the big guy said.
“Thank you,” she replied. That was a load of shit. She had no reason to thank them.
“So,” he began. “We hear you’ve gotten yourself in a bad spot.”
This was really making him uncomfortable, and based on the scowls from a few others in the room, she was in more than a bad spot.
“Sir, I am pregnant, yes.” Lila took a deep breath before continuing. “I’ve tried to keep it private, but that’s hard to do in such a…close knit community.” It’s full of nosy women with nothing else to do, is what she wanted to say. But Lila held her tongue, knowing that sassing the superintendent and his minions wouldn’t help her cause. “While I’m sure it might make some people uncomfortable, it isn’t something I want to talk about.”
“Unfortunately, that’s not an option,” the personnel director broke in. She was new to the district, and Lila didn’t catch her first name, but her last name was Smith. “You have to talk about it. There is a clause in your contract regarding morality…”
Bile stuck in her throat. Sweet baby jeebus. A morality clause. It was the 21st century, wasn’t it? “I don’t understand.”
“We hold our teachers in very high regard,” the woman drawled. “And we’ve gotten a number of complaints about the situation. Parents are extremely upset about having an unwed, pregnant teacher in front of the classroom.”
A knot formed in Lila’s chest. Crushing breathlessness made her audibly suck in air, but she didn’t cry. No, she wouldn’t give this pit of vipers the satisfaction, but there was no hiding how this was affecting her.
No one seemed to care that she was in distress. They were all sitting very still, apparently awaiting Lila’s response.
“I see y’all staring at me, but I don’t know what you want me to say.”
“We thought you could offer some clarification, or explanation, so we can better understand how this all came about,” the nameless personnel director shot at her.
“Ma’am, if you want an explanation for my pregnancy, may I suggest you speak to a health teacher.” Yep. She just snapped at someone who held her fate in her hands.
“There’s no need to get snippy, young lady.”
“I’m sorry, but I believe there is.” Lila wasn’t going to be intimidated. “This is a private matter.”
“Who is the baby’s father?” Ms. Smith blurted out.
BOOM. There it was. That’s what they were driving at. There had been an ugly rumor about her and the father of one of her students. He’d made some unwanted advances in a bar. It didn’t matter that Lila had told him to buzz off; people had talked.
“I haven’t told the baby’s father yet, and I’m not comfortable telling you before I tell him.”
“Lila,” her chair began, “taking a hard line here isn’t going to help.”
“I’m sorry, but he’s overseas on assignment.” That was all Lila could come up with, and it might or might not have been true. She didn’t know where Nick DeMarco was. She hadn’t heard from him in months. “That’s all I can say.”
When she said he was overseas, everyone came to attention.
“Is he in the service of our country?” the superintendent asked.
Lila nodded. She didn’t know what Nick was doing, but he did work for the government. “I think I should tell him first, don’t you?”
“Lila, I don’t like this any more than you do, but something must be done. I have parents calling for your job.”
“Well, sir, with all due respect, you can tell them this is none of their business. I’m sure you’re aware that I am a very good teacher. My students are engaged and do very well.”
“I am. Your reputation in the classroom is excellent, but regardless of how accepting society has become of single parents, our teachers are held to a different standard. Parents are very upset.”
“Am I being dismissed?” There was no use in beating around the bush. If the decision had already been made, the time would be better spent polishing her resumé.
“I don’t want to do that, but I am in a difficult position.”
Of course. His contract was up for renewal. The last thing he needed was a bunch of parents complaining that he wasn’t responsive. If they started calling for his head, who knew how the board of education would respond? Lila didn’t know what she was expected to do. The baby was already in the picture.
“I guess you’ll let me know if I have a job, then?”
She started to get up from the chair when her department chair came to her defense. “Lila is one of our best teachers. Surely there’s a way for this to work out.”
Silence settled over the room, because no one seemed to have any answers. They were looking everywhere but at each other. Glancing off into space or keeping their eyes trained at the table. Except for Ms. Smith, who was staring at Lila. Now she didn’t know if she should leave or stay.
“Lila?” Her principal, Joe Alex, broke the quiet. “How is the clean-up from the fire going?”
That got everyone’s attention. Being a pity case wasn’t her first choice, but Lila would take it. She couldn’t be without a job. Especially not now.
The superintendent’s face dropped. He wasn’t a bad person, but he was a puppet. Now his conscience was getting to him. Lila just hoped it worked in her favor. “I’ll be in touch,” he said flatly. Then he stood and left the room, leaving Lila in the same place as she’d been before, without any answers.“Motherfucker, that hurts.” Over the course of his career, Nick had been shot, stabbed, beaten, and thrown off the roof of the building. But the searing pain from the injection into his injured shoulder was like nothing he’d ever felt. Of course, he’d been unconscious after the stabbing, and the shooting, and during the beating he managed to throw a few punches himself. Getting thrown off a building? Not something he would recommend.
But he’d recovered from every injury. He’d come back to duty stronger than ever, almost like he had to prove himself. Rumor was some people wondered if he was even human. Nick had to laugh at that. Of course he was human, he just took his work seriously. There were a lot of bad people out in the world, and it was Nick’s job to make sure they didn’t hurt anyone.
This time, however, his shoulder had been almost completely ripped out of the socket. The damage had been repaired as much as it could be, but for the first time in his career, Nick didn’t know if he was going to be able to do his job like he had before.
There had been mutterings about a desk job. A fucking desk job. He couldn’t see himself settling into a regular routine, making assignments, even if it did carry a promotion. He was an adrenaline junkie, pure and simple, and if he wasn’t out in the field chasing bad guys, he didn’t know what he was going to do.
“So will the cortisone fix what ails me?”
The doctor shrugged. It was another resident, another no-name who didn’t know anything about him. To the guy in the scrubs, Nick was just another case. He didn’t understand that Nick’s life as he knew it was on the line.
“Dr. O’Neill will be in in a minute. He has more details about your next step.” Without another word, the drone doc left the room. At least he would get to talk to the guy who did the surgery. Maybe he would finally give Nick a straight answer.
His cell phone beeped, and he glanced at the screen. His sister. The text was short. Are you alive?
Nick smiled. Josie, as always, got to the point. This time, he answered. Sent back a simple: yes. But that was all she was gonna get for now.
He was still figuring out how he felt about her relationship with Tony. Never in his life had he suspected his best friend and his sister had been having an affair. Now, Josie was going to be a queen. An honest to God, crown-wearing, scepter-wielding queen. Okay, maybe that was too dramatic. But she would have a crown. His little sister would have a crown.
Nick lay back on the table, knees bent, arm folded over his eyes. Jesus. What if he couldn’t go back in the field? He’d never thought about life after fieldwork, but now it was the only thing on his mind.
He tried to focus on something good, something positive, and immediately Lila Novak’s face flashed in his memory. Talk about secrets. The four days he’d spent in bed with Josie’s best friend had been just what he needed. The woman was a contradiction; on one hand she was full of piss and vinegar, but on the other she was beautiful, smart, sweet, and the sex had been a friggin’ miracle. Nick thought about her a lot, probably too much.
Still, he wanted to see her. He figured whatever the doctor said, he’d head to Florida for some R&R. His grandparents’ house was empty, and while he was there he was sure he could get Lila to see him. As long as she wasn’t too pissed off. He’d left without saying goodbye, and in his experience women really hated that.
He expected Lila was no different.
The door burst open and Dr. O’Neill entered the space. A big man, career Army, Nick peeked out from under his arm and the doctor tossed a wry grin in his direction.
“Hiding, Colonel?”
Colonel. He wasn’t used to being called by his rank. “Just trying to figure out what kind of bullshit you’ll be feeding me about my shoulder.”
“No bullshit,” the doctor said. “Truth only. Your shoulder was a hot mess. I was able to do some repair on the ligaments and tendons, but at this point it’s not stable. I can’t recommend you be allowed to go back to fieldwork at this time.”
“So, I’m going to be a desk jockey? I can’t do that. I’ll go crazy.” Nick’s fear of desk work was what drove him to volunteer for a special covert ops unit. He went where he was needed, working sometimes for the CIA, the NSA, or different branches of the military. When people asked what he did, he said he was a “security consultant”. It wasn’t a lie.
“You can stay in the Corps,” the doctor reassured him. “There are plenty of things a man with your knowledge and talents can do. You’re just not going to be swinging from trees or jumping off buildings anymore.”
“Should I retire? I mean, if I can’t do the work…”
“I didn’t say never, but not now. There’s a lot you can still do. Hell, with all your experience, you’ll be running the Joint Chiefs inside of six months. But you aren’t indestructible. You may recover enough to get back to the insanity you call a job, but I don’t recommend it.”
That particular statement made him think—and the conclusion wasn’t good. Lately, every injury meant a tougher recovery. He knew he was getting older, but his body was finally telling him what that meant. “Shit.”
The doctor took a seat across from him. “Nick, I’ve treated your last two orthopedic injuries. Your missions are more dangerous because that’s the way of the world right now, but even you have limits; you’re almost forty.”
“Thanks for the reminder.” Forty was still a couple of years away, but one thing Nick couldn’t deny was that he was feeling it.
Nick wasn’t a quitter, but he also wasn’t stupid. He knew when there was no point in arguing. He placed his feet solidly on the floor, stood, and extended his hand to O’Neill. “Thanks, Doc. I appreciate it.”
Shaking his hand, the older man wore an expression that told Nick he wasn’t the first to possibly have his career cut short and he wouldn’t be the last. But it still sucked.
Leaving the exam room, he took the stairs five flights down. He didn’t talk to anyone; it was raining, but he didn’t hail a cab, hoping the walk would clear his head. Finally, soaked to the bone, Nick jumped on the Metro. He was sure he looked sketchy, but he didn’t care. It would keep people away. He got off in Foggy Bottom, walked past the White House and down the mall, ending up on the steps of The Capitol. A security guard gave him the eye, suspicious. As he should be.
Nick was a dangerous man.
He was lighter—leaner—than he’d been before the injury. Not surprising, and probably a good thing.
It was pouring now, reminding him of an op that had dropped his team in the middle of a South American jungle.
God, what he wouldn’t give to be back there again.
Looking up, he felt like the heavens were taunting him.
He had to get out of town. He had a couple of options. He could head to an island and decompress in a tiki hut over a lagoon in Fiji. He had a friend with a chalet in the Alps. It was beautiful and secluded, but there would be no skiing or climbing.
The last idea was the one that really appealed to him. Barefoot Bay. He’d head to his grandparents’ house in Florida to regroup and figure out what to do next.
Sure, people knew him, but most of them wouldn’t ask questions, and the tiny coastal island of Mimosa Key was about as far away from work as he could possibly get. Sure, there might be nosy neighbors, but no one would be shooting at him.
And he’d try to see Lila. If she was still speaking to him.
Yeah, no doubt about it. Thoughts of Lila alone made Florida a very good idea.




Jeannie Moon has always been a romantic. When she’s not spinning tales of her own, Jeannie works as a school librarian, thankful she has a job that allows her to immerse herself in books. Married to her high school sweetheart, Jeannie has three kids, three lovable dogs, and resides on Long Island, NY. If she’s more than ten miles away from salt water for any longer than a week, she gets twitchy.

Connect with Jeannie at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | GoodReads| Amazon



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A Rancher of Her Own by Barbara White Daille #Western #Romance #MFRWauthor @BarbaraWDaille

From the cover of A Rancher of Her Own, a stand-alone book in The Hitching Post Hotel series:


A Rancher of Her Own


Ranch manager Pete Brannigan has no interest in playing tour guide to a city slicker like Jane Garland. But spending a few days with the headstrong photographer is a small price to pay for everything her grandfather has given the single dad. Though Pete’s drawn to Jane’s sharp wit and striking beauty, he won’t hurt his young children by falling for another woman who puts her career before family.

Jane’s seen the world through her camera…and used it to shield her emotions. With Pete, she can finally let her guard down. If only he could do the same. Despite their powerful bond, Pete still can’t trust Jane with his kids or his heart. But if he keeps pushing her away, he may ruin any chance their relationship has to develop.

Excerpt from A Rancher of Her Own:

“You know, if you’d really rather not do this,” she said mildly, “you could send someone else to take your place.”

No, he couldn’t, thanks to Jed.

Damn. He owed the boss so much, yet here he was having inappropriate thoughts about the man’s granddaughter.

He turned and looked up at her on the stepladder. “Just looking out for your safety.”

“Thanks, but that’s not necessary. I’ve been in much riskier places than on a ladder in a hotel room.”

“Name two.”

“At the scene of a government overthrow. And undercover in a drug lord’s headquarters.”

She’d made the statements so matter-of-factly, he couldn’t question the truth of them. Her blank expression told him not to pursue this part of their conversation.

He’d heard Jed complain often enough about his granddaughter’s job as a photojournalist. Till now, he’d had no idea of the level of danger involved. He suspected Jed didn’t, either.

“And you’ve gone from that to this?”

She laughed, low and husky, setting off that rattling sensation inside him again. “When Grandpa speaks, I listen.”

He thought of what she had said about her father, another topic she didn’t seem inclined to discuss. “When your dad speaks, you pay attention, too?”

“Something like that.” She swung her leg over the top of the ladder and clambered down the steps, one hand held in front of her to protect the camera on its strap. “I think we’re done here.”

He glanced at the tub. “That’s a waste of hot water. And not to mention all the fun we’d miss out on with the bubbles.”

“Is it your turn to make me an offer?”

“Something like that.” He hadn’t deliberately echoed her words, but they were out before he could stop himself.

“You’re right. Why waste all those bubbles? Why don’t you feel free to jump in—” she raised the camera “—and give me a big smile.”

He stepped forward, reaching out to cover the lens. It put him close enough to see the pure silver-gray of her eyes surrounded by lashes as dark as her hair. “I’ll pass on that offer, too.”

“Why? Are you camera-shy?”

The real answer would take too long and tell her much more than he wanted her to know. “Let’s make things perfectly clear, the way you like ’em.” He tugged gently on her silver chain and watched her eyes darken. “Honey, I’m not shy about anything.”

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Barbara White Daille[1]

About the Author:

Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom.

Her latest release is Cowboy in Charge, a stand-alone book in The Hitching Post Hotel series. A larger print reissue of A Rancher’s Pride, the first book in Barbara’s popular Flagman’s Folly series, is now available exclusively from Harlequin, while the e-book version is available everywhere. And at the end of 2016, she begins a new sweet romance series for Entangled Bliss.

You can find more info about Barbara and her books at the following locations:

Website  http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com
Blog  http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com/blog

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Barbara-White-Daille/e/B002J6B0QQ

Harlequin  http://www.harlequin.com/author.html?authorid=1244   

Goodreads  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/529361.Barbara_White_Daille

Look for Barbara on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/barbarawhitedaille

and Twitter  https://twitter.com/BarbaraWDaille

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A Soldier for Bella- Alison Mello #Romance #YA #mgtab @AlisonMelloAuth

A Soldier for Bella
Alison Mello
(Love Conquers Life #4)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: August 30th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Young Adult

Bella Campbell has a budding modeling career, a terrific boyfriend—and a stalker…

Everything in Bella’s life seems to be working out. She’s landed the guy of her dreams in former soldier Derek Thompson, and now she’s attained the contract of a lifetime—centerfold model for a famous swimsuit magazine issue. The only problem is she has a stalker. He keeps leaving her notes, roses, and now he’s taken to cyberstalking.

If dealing with Bella’s unwanted admirer wasn’t trouble enough, Derek has his own problems…

One of the rehabilitation facilities Derek oversees fails inspection, while another needs new equipment for the returning troops staying at the home. But Derek isn’t about to let the constant flow of bad news interfere with protecting Bella. He decides to take matters into his own hands and lure her unwanted shadow out of hiding, so he can take care of it once and for all.

But Derek isn’t the only one with a plan to end this feud over Bella…

Derek knows Bella’s stalker believes he is simply a complication that can be removed with force, but this soldier is ready for a fight. Bella is everything Derek has ever wanted, and nothing, not even death threats, is going to keep them apart.

Can Derek use his skills to put an end to Bella’s stalker? Or will this unknown villain finally succeed in capturing Bella for his own and take Derek out of the picture?

There isn’t a price Derek won’t pay to make sure there will always be…

A Soldier for Bella.

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**Cover designed by Deranged Doctor Design**

Previous books in the series:

30119304 30324132 30342842


Author Bio:

Alison Mello is a wife and stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy. She lives with her amazing family in Massachusetts. She loves playing soccer, basketball and football with her son.

After having her son, Alison started reading again and fell in love with Contemporary Romance. Reading made her happy and gave her something to do when she had downtime. As she started to read more, she started to noticed things she really enjoyed in a book and things she didn’t. She began to have ideas for writing one of her own. One day she literally woke up and started writing. She realized that if there was ever a time for her to write, it was now. She had a part time job to give her something to do. The hours at work were slow and she was bored with what she was doing, so while her son was off enjoying his friends over summer vacation she got started.

Alison finished the first book in two weeks and decided that she really enjoyed writing, so she kept going. She already had ideas in mind for books two and three, so she kept writing. That is how the Learning to Love Series was born. Somewhere along the line, one of my Beta readers convinced me that Michael, a character from Finding Love, needed his own story. That is when Alison added the fourth and final book. Alison hopes you enjoy her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.

She’s so glad she started this writing journey and hopes you will stay with her for the ride. Chasing Dreams is scheduled to release in April and the first two books of the Love Conquers Life series will be out this summer!

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



Just Kiss Me- Rachel Gibson #BookReview #Romance #mgtab

Southern charm never looked so fine.

Just Kiss Me 

by Rachel Gibson


Genre- Contemporary Romance




New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson returns with this dazzling love story filled with sizzle, sass, and just a bit of southern charm . . .

“Hello, Ms. Vivian . . . it’s been a long time.”

And with those words, Vivian Leigh Rochet nearly melted. It’s been years since she last saw Harrison Whitley-Shuler. She was a teenager scrubbing houses for a living. He was the gorgeous son of rich parents, not fit for the likes of her.

Vivian had vowed to get out of Charleston, become a big Hollywood star, and stick it to the snooty girls who made her cry.

She got what she wanted—and more—but why does her glamorous life seem so trivial?

Harrison got out too . . . making it all the way to Wall Street, until a heart attack forced him to trade in his cufflinks for a good set of hand tools.

Making furniture soothes his soul, but escaping the Whitley-Shuler heritage is nearly impossible. And now he’s come face-to-face with the one who got away. He’s not looking for love. He’s not even looking for sex . . . so why is resisting her the hardest thing he’s ever done?


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About the Author:

With the publication of New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Gibson’s first book, readers discovered one of contemporary romance’s freshest voices. Four of her novels were named among the Top Ten Favorite Books of the Year by Romance Writers of America.

Rachel’s storytelling career began at the age of sixteen when she ran her Chevy Vega into the side of a hill, retrieved the bumper and broken glass from the ground, and drove to her high school parking lot. With the help of her friend, she strategically scattered the broken pieces and told her parents she’d been the victim of a hit and run. They believed her, and she’s been telling stories ever since.

When not writing, you can usually find Rachel hunting for the perfect shoes, or on the tennis court where she is a solid 2.5. Someday she hopes to hit the ball half as many times as she swings and misses.


My Review:

This story is filled with Rachel Gibson’s trademark southern charm and witty banter.

Vivian Leigh Rochet is a heroine we can all relate to. She came from a single parent family, was slightly overweight, and full of an attitude that often got her into trouble with the Whitley-Shuler family, landed gentry, and her mother’s boss.

She keeps a diary in which she states her fondest dream of striking it rich and giving the big so there to everyone who thinks she’ll never make anything of her life.

Many years later we find that Vivian has accomplished her dream, but the sudden loss of her mother sends the young movie star into a tailspin. She returns home for the funeral and runs into the Whitley-Shuler’s eldest son, Henry. He’s grown into a man she can’t stop thinking about.

He helps with the funeral arrangements along with his mother, the once-hated Mantis. Vivian and Henry start seeing one another and fall in love, but all is not as it seems.

Secrets are spilled, and hearts are broken.

Can Vivian and Henry overcome their past to face a future together?

I give Just Kiss Me a solid 5 lovely kisses!


Up In the Treehouse by K.K. Allen #NA #Romance #mgtab @KKAllen_Author

Up in the Treehouse
K.K. Allen
Publication date: July 19th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

I wanted to tell him all my secrets, but he became one of them instead.

Chloe Rivers never thought she would keep secrets from her best friend. Then again, she never imagined she would fall in love with him either. When she finally reveals her feelings, rejection shatters her, rendering her vulnerable and sending her straight into the destructive arms of the wrong guy.

Gavin Rhodes never saw the betrayal coming. It crushes him. Chloe has always been his forbidden fantasy–sweet, tempting, and beautiful. But when the opportunity finally presents itself, he makes the biggest mistake of all and denies her.

Now it’s too late . . .

Four years after a devastating tragedy, Chloe and Gavin’s world’s collide and they find their lives entangling once again. Haunted by the past, they are forced to come to terms with all that has transpired to find the peace they deserve. Except they can’t seem to get near each other without combatting an intense emotional connection that brings them right back to where it all started . . . their childhood treehouse.

Chloe still holds her secrets close, but this time she isn’t the only one with something to hide. Can their deep-rooted connection survive the destruction of innocence?

* * Some sexy time and light swearing * *

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Sale: $1.99



My entire body ached the moment I tried to move, so I stopped trying. I groaned and peeled an eye open, trying to understand why this morning felt so different from all the others.

When I saw the matching sets of green eyeballs peering over the ladder, one glaring and one questioning, I wanted to scream, but the air in my throat went the other direction. I gasped and propelled myself backward into the furthest corner of the alcove.

“Do you think she’s homeless?” asked Eyeballs Number One.

Eyeballs Number Two shook his head as he scanned my body. “Maybe she ran away from home.”

“Yeah, or maybe she’s a troll that lives in the woods. Are we supposed to feed her?”

“I didn’t bring any food. Did you?”

One of the boys threw his eyes around the room, as if afraid to look away from me for long. “No. We should tell dad we need a fridge.”

“And how will we keep it cold, moron?”

“Hey! I’m not a moron!”

While the boys fought, I managed to creep forward until I gripped the edge of the bed with every intention to slip down undetected.

But Eyeballs Number One saw me and placed an arm out across the other boy’s body. “Shh. She’s moving.”

My grogginess cleared, replaced by a rush of adrenaline as I stared back at the twin boys—the boys whose treehouse I’d snuck into the night before. At this realization, I straightened with a jolt. “I-I have to get home.” Panic seized my chest knowing my parents would be frantic looking for me.

Eyeballs Number Two nudged the other. “She has a home, bro.”

I bit my lip to hide my smile, happy they no longer considered me a possible troll. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to—” I didn’t know why I was about to lie, so I stopped myself. I totally meant to fall asleep there. I just didn’t mean to get caught.

“Wait!” one of them called as I headed for the ladder. I turned to see the curious one staring back at me with a sincere expression. “Are you okay?”

All I could do was nod. How could I tell two boys I didn’t know the reason for invading their sanctuary—that I had been watching them for weeks, envious of their home in the woods? Instead of saying another word, I found the ladder and moved down it, missing the last few steps in my haste. The moment I hit the ground, I accepted the impact with a grimace and took off at a sprint through the woods and toward my bedroom window. I climbed inside just as I heard my mom calling me for breakfast.



Author Bio:

Hi all! I’m K.K. Allen, Contemporary Fantasy & New Adult Romance author of the Summer Solstice series (Enchanted, the Equinox, and the Descendants), as well as the short story, Soaring. Look for my upcoming New Adult Romance, Up in the Treehouse, OUT NOW!!

I currently live in Florida with my ridiculously handsome son, Jagger. I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing, so sharing my work with you all is beyond exciting. Thank you all for checking out my page. I hope you’ll give my books a shot, and definitely look out for more from me. This train ain’t stoppin’. 😉

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Chapter One excerpt – 2016 Love, Christmas Collection – Let It Snow – by @StephanieQueen #HolidayRomance #mgtab

This week I wanted to share an excerpt from bestselling author, and funny lady, Stephanie Queen’s holiday romance titled Let It Snow. This will be one of twenty brand new, never-before-seen novellas featured in the Love, Christmas collection releasing October 18/16





Let it Snow

Book 9 – Beachcomber Investigations Series

by Stephanie Queen


Chapter 1

Was it strange that a grown man—scratch that—middle-aged man should feel like impaled gutter trash, so devastated by the death of a mother he’d seen only a handful of times in the last decade?

The bullet that killed Dane’s mother may as well have hit him. It left a cannon hole in him, obliterating whatever had been left of his heart and soul. Maybe there hadn’t been much there anyway. How could there have been? Seemed he’d spent a lifetime fighting the soul killing hurt in all the most hellish places on earth to no end. Saving people, but not saving everyone. Never saving everyone.But he’d survived.

In body anyway.

This wasn’t about his past catching up with him. No. Dane knew what the devastation, the pain and now the numbness was about. It was because he felt responsible for his mother’s death. Any shrink would have told him this.

The problem was—he was responsible for his mother’s death. She’d been murdered on his watch. At the hands of his enemies. It didn’t matter how much of the devastation he felt was guilt. It should be pure gut-gnawing guilt. He deserved to feel guilty as hell.

He should have been able to protect her. Least he could have done. She’d protected him all those years. Without his father. She saw that he got to adulthood when it was not at all a likely thing.

He stared out his kitchen window again. This time snowflakes filled the sky, obscuring his view of the bay and the ocean. Didn’t matter. He wasn’t going anywhere. Or maybe he should pack his bags and leave this place. Head for the next hellish place and destructive mission. Leave a mark. Try to make up for allowing his mother to die by saving someone else’s mother.

He may as well leave. It wasn’t like his beach shack or Martha’s Vineyard held the solace for him that they once had. Too many things happened here. Too much violence. And now death.


“I invited Cap over for eggnog.” Shana’s strident voice cut him.

Dane turned around to face her standing on the threshold of his kitchen. The glint of her beauty cut into him further. She stared him down with her arms folded like she expected an argument. Like she expected to win the argument.

He didn’t bother arguing. He’d retreat to his bed. Bring a bottle with him. Then he remembered she’d hidden or tossed all the bottles. No matter. She could celebrate the season with innocent eggnog and Cap if she wanted.

The thought of Cap—Captain Colin Lynch—and Shana together stirred an ember in him, but not much. Nothing like the spark it might have created before. There was no fire to be had in his belly. Not today.

“Go for it, girlie.” He smiled. It cost him to muster that much for her. But she deserved whatever he had. She tried hard. Probably too hard. He walked by her and headed to his room half hoping she’d follow him and he could seduce her, lose himself in mindless sex with her. But he’d drawn the line short of letting her put up her body for his use to cure him of his self-pity. Besides, sex was never a simple matter with Shana. He’d end up feeling guilty about it. More guilt. If it were possible.

She’d been trying to save him from himself ever since she’d come to the island. It was a matter of time now—a very short time he’d guess—before she realized the futility. Then he’d be left to himself. The only company he was fit for.

He shut his bedroom door behind him and didn’t bother pulling the blinds. It was barely mid-afternoon but the storm had darkened the sky to near nightfall proportions. It suited him. He’d sleep through the storm. Maybe when he woke again all the darkness would be gone.


Shana wished she had some kind of miracle to get Dane out of his depression. She looked at his closed bedroom door. There was no way she’d go that route. Then she’d end up as depressed as he was and there’d be nothing left of Beachcomber Investigations. Or her. Or him.

Cap thought Dane needed a shrink or heavy medication. But short of hitting him over the head and dragging him bodily, Dane couldn’t be convinced to see a professional. Now weeks later, Shana had hoped the Christmas season would cheer him, but if anything he was worse.

So far, today being Christmas Eve hadn’t cheered her much either. Anxiety had moved into her bones. She’d never worried over anyone or anything the way she worried now about Dane. Cap wasn’t the only one who felt the same way. The governor—his special ops unit commander and friend–called almost daily. Acer, a member of their special ops unit and as far as she could tell, his closest friend–texted her every other day. Sassy and Ronnie, their local twenty-something junior investigators came by often and she was lucky they did. Sassy brought pies from her shop and Ronnie brought pilfered food from the restaurant where he worked. If they hadn’t brought the food and forced her to eat, she would have diminished to a stick figure by now. As it was, her clothes hung on her.

And Dane didn’t notice. Nothing stirred him. Nothing made a difference to him. If she left now, would he care? Would he notice? Would he be better off?

Would she be better off?

No. She’d never forgive herself. It was just as much her fault that his mother was murdered. On her watch. She should have been able to protect Dane’s mother, to prevent the murder—should have seen it coming and have been able to do something.

A rap on the back door saved her from sinking further. She’d hidden the bottle from herself just as much from Dane. She hoped she could enjoy a splash of brandy in her eggnog tonight without succumbing to sobbing. But Cap had been a shiny spot in the bleakness, like her north star, for this past month.

Cap pushed open the back door and stepped into the kitchen with a rush of fat wet snowflakes riding on the cold wind.

Behind Cap, in a bright red snow covered sweater and white knit hat, a stranger stepped forward. Shana jumped back and automatically felt for her gun on her hip and then the back of her waistband.

“Don’t worry—he’s with me.” Cap smirked and moved forward. The man stepped inside behind him and pushed the door closed. Shana shivered. Then she remembered she ought to smile at her guest. She was turning into her crazy aunt Shirley and she wasn’t yet thirty years old. She noticed the man had a bag. She looked at Cap for an introduction or an explanation or something.

“This is Father Pedro.”

She looked closer at the man. He had wet graying hair and dark eyes. Maybe they were kind eyes, but right now they were non-committal. Intelligent and searching like he was looking into her soul and sizing her up.

“I’m Shana. Have a seat. I’m about to put the final touches on the eggnog.”

“Do you have anything hot?”

“Of course—you must be cold.” He had no coat and his sweater was wet.

Cap took off his coat and looked around. She knew he was looking for Dane.

As if by thinking about him they had some cosmic pull, Dane’s door banged opened and a second later he appeared on the threshold of the kitchen. Shana was surprised he wasn’t aiming his old Glock at them, but the look he leveled was threatening enough.

“Dane—“ she said.

“Who the hell are you?”

Padre Pedro stepped around her and his face transformed to warm beautific saintliness. He went to Dane with his arms extended. He had to be nuts.

Dane put his arms out too—to stop the man in his tracks.

“Whoa there, fellow—answer my question. Who the f-ing hell are you?”

The padre stopped an arms distance away as Shana went to Dane’s side—or as close to his side as his porcupine mood would allow. She might need to step in to protect one of them.

“Dane—“ Cap began.

Dane glared at Cap to silence him. The Padre stood and took his time studying Dane—brave for a man with Dane the Demon expecting an answer. All the while Shana figured what kept the Padre safe was the new look on his face. It was like he was heartbroken, like seeing Dane made his heart weep. In fact he looked like he was about to cry when he spoke in a sad, deep ominous voice.

“Oscar sent me.”






About the Author:

About USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen A romantic at heart and a writer by nature, Stephanie Queen has the enthusiastic soul of a cheerleader. So of course she loves creating stories where the good guys always win. Although she’s lost count of all the jobs she had before she settled on being a Novelist, her favorite was selling cookies as a Keebler Elf. She is a graduate of UConn (go Huskies!) and Harvard U and lives in New Hampshire with her family, her cat, Kitty, and her (real or imagined?) chauffeur, Myren.

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