Solstice Island by Mae Clair #BookReview #Suspense #RRBC @MaeClair1

  Can an ancient leviathan work magic between a practical man and an idealistic woman? Rylie Carswell is an amateur cryptozoologist in search of a mythical creature, the Sea Goliath. In order to reach Solstice Island, a location the ancient leviathan is rumored to haunt, she’s forced to hire charter boat captain, Daniel Decatur. Initially, … Continue reading Solstice Island by Mae Clair #BookReview #Suspense #RRBC @MaeClair1

The Remington Kindle World #Romance #amreading @MoBPromos @colleenmalbert @StacySEaton

THE REMINGTON KINDLE WORLD Kindle World is: Simply put, it’s fan fiction inspired by some of the best books, movies and televisions shows out there! Fans get the chance to write a story that spins off of the series and submit it to Amazon. Amazon then publishes it and BAM! fans can download it and … Continue reading The Remington Kindle World #Romance #amreading @MoBPromos @colleenmalbert @StacySEaton

Unbreakable SEAL by Summer Lane #Thriller #amreading @XpressoReads @SummerEllenLane

Unbreakable Seal Summer Lane Publication date: December 9th 2016 Genres: Adult, Thriller Chris Young has it all. Elite training, undercover missions, and a life of adventure. As one of the best Navy SEALs in the world, he finds himself in the thick of some of the most violent situations on planet earth. He’s a warrior. … Continue reading Unbreakable SEAL by Summer Lane #Thriller #amreading @XpressoReads @SummerEllenLane