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My donation to the #giveaway is an e-copy edition of my latest release, Missing: The Lady Said No.

Early Reviews:

on April 25, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

A few days before the Kentucky Derby, esteemed breeder John Jorgenson is found murdered in his den. Detective Gus Grant is on the case and just when the list of suspects can’t get any bigger, ex-girlfriend Becky walks back into his life and is the last person to see the victim alive.

Becky’s known heartbreak and his name is Gus Grant. She’s built a nice life for herself and her young daughter since he abandoned her a few years ago. There’s no room for love, least of all from the one man who stole her heart. She puts on a brave face but her resolve crumbles when Gus discovers the truth. Is there any hope of them being a family or will Gus discover what really happened in Mr. Jorgenson’s den?

I love the Kentucky Derby and Biggar brings it to life in this delightful mystery. Gus reminds me of Columbo, from his crinkled attire to the way he fumbles around the crime scene. A mind of steel hidden behind a bumbling exterior, that’s the perfect description of Detective Gus. His past relationship with Becky collides with his duty as a detective and he must decide what really matters.

Missing: The Lady Said No is an addictive mystery filled with cagy characters with the backdrop of the greatest horse race known to man. There’s a lot to uncover yet Biggar only reveals what she wants the reader to know at the time. Gripping sub-plots will keep you turning the pages, all leading up to an explosive climax. I read it in one sitting … yes, it was that good. Can’t wait to read all the books in the Chandler County series!

My Rating: 5+ stars

on April 25, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

“Missing: The Lady Said No” (Chandler County) by Jacquie Biggar

I fell in love with this novel almost from the beginning. I truly loved the characters. They are so well written you can feel their personalities coming through the page and feeling what those interacting with them feel.

The plotline seemed straightforward, at first, it or is anything but. Twists and turns are placed in exactly the right moments. Those you suspect…some might be true, others you will be off base, but either way, the ending will surprise you.

I read this novella straight through, even while making and eating dinner. The truly wonderful characters, the great storyline, and the romantic suspense, with a little romance on the side, make this a novella definitely NOT to be missed.

Only problem: I have no clue when the next book in this series will be written and released. It was that good.