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Enchanted Romances ~ Magical Passions



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Come into our world, where guardian angels protect you, Fountain of Youth water revives you, and supernatural beings comfort you.

 Eight paranormal stories with romance and happy ever after endings by eight award winning and bestselling authors. Enjoy the ride into our mystical fantasies filled with superb entertainment!

His Devious Angel – Mimi Barbour – A gorgeous man-hater gets mixed up with a hotshot soldier when he runs her down with his convertible. Now she’s stuck having to accept help from him and his angel.

The Guardian – Jacquie Biggar – Lucas Carmichael and Scott Anderson had it all, money, fame, and fortune. But one night’s stupid mistake takes everything they thought they cherished and dumps it upside down.
Just My Imagination – Suzanne Jenkins – Sheila spends twenty-four hours nursing the half-frozen handsome stranger who appears at the door of her rustic cabin back to health. The next morning, he’s gone, and Sheila longs for the mysterious Tom Caldwell. Was he ever with her or was it just her imagination?
Time in a Little Blue Bottle – Dani Haviland – The quest for the little blue bottle of Fountain of Youth elixir just got more complicated for Bella. A vampire, Elvis, and Mark Twain are after the same thing, plus her young escort has a crush on her!
Garda ~ Welcome to the Realm – Stacy Eaton – Sometimes decisions in death are as hard as the decisions in life. When Officer Corey Hamilton dies in the line of duty, she trains to be a Guardian, but will her choices change her destiny?
Black Tied – Rachelle Ayala – When ordinary you and the Son of the Kitchen God are all that stand between a playboy apocalypse and true love.
A Knight’s Sorceress – Katy Walters – Tania Roberts searches for her lost love, a search that will take her through time to a distant world of the Tree people, an ancient tribe of Britons who lived and worshipped the mighty trees, a world where Lord Devlin the Black Warrior, encounters Forestyne, the Sorceress.
Honeymoon in Coffinville – Susan Jean Ricci – An ancient, haunted mansion, a white cat with different colored eyes, and more visions than they ever imagined leads lovers Shannon and Rick to wonder if their newly acquired cat is a guardian angel or a creature of darkness.

$0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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I know it’s already released, but isn’t this meme by Katy Walters beautiful?


Excerpt from The Guardian by Jacquie Biggar

Scott swayed and made a grab for the chair before he did a face plant in front of… of whatever it was standing across the room. A hallucination from the drugs, had to be.

“Bet you never thought you’d be seeing my ugly mug again, did ya?” the apparition asked.

It sounded like his friend. It even looked like Lucas—well, except for the wings. He sealed his eyes shut, but when they re-opened, it was still there sporting a goofy grin.

Maybe he’d hit his head harder than he thought.

“Are ya goin’ to say something?” The creature took a step forward, into the glow from the moon, and Scott sucked in an awed breath. He was beautiful. His iridescent wings folded gracefully against his back creating a frame for his all-too-familiar head. His body was more defined—muscular, like Lucas on steroids. And where the old Lucas preferred dress slacks and shiny shoes, this one wore worn jeans and biker boots.

“I don’t believe this,” Scott whispered, his head shaking violently in denial.

The creature chuckled. “I know, right? Freaking crazy. Me, an angel.”

Well, at least they were in agreement.

“How? Why?” Scott couldn’t articulate what was going through his head right now. How could this be possible? It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in a hereafter—but angels? Even stranger—Lucas as an angel?

The spirit moved nearer and Scott could see the worry etched on his friend’s face as he stared at him. “You better sit down, buddy, you’re looking pretty pale.”

No kidding.

Seeing a ghost tended to do that to a guy.

Scott sidestepped the chair to get a closer look. If he was hallucinating, this was one hell of a dream. He stretched out an unsteady hand and brushed a downy feather, the color of a cotton ball. He looked up and met the hazel gaze he knew as well as his own.

“You’re real.” A hard ball of emotion choked him. Tears leaked down his face. Overwhelmed, he wrapped his arm around Lucas’ neck and dragged him close. “I can’t believe it. You’re here.”

Warm breath whispered near his ear. “I’m so fricken sorry, Scott. So sorry.” Lucas’ arms hugged him back, pinching his ribs, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t alone anymore.


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