Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the topic, VACATION #RSsos #RomSuspense

Come on a journey with the Sisterhood of Suspense as we share lines with the theme- VACATION

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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with the topic, VACATION

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This wasn’t just a vacation to seek out the man I’d been intrigued by for the past year. No, I also had a deadline for my next book looming in the background.

Follow Me (work in progress)

She looked across the store, wishing the rainbows were real, and she’d come to Woodstock on an extended vacation. But that wasn’t the case.

Marsha West

“Rafe emerged from Leavenworth as if it were a summer vacation. Because he certainly doesn’t act like a man who’s been imprisoned for years.”

 Sharon Wray

My six-one geek wearing rimless glasses, leaned against the railing, and stared into the sparkling blue waters of the high mountain lake. The feathered fowl paddled by.

Vicki Batman

Visitors could get a taste of…

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2 thoughts on “Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the topic, VACATION #RSsos #RomSuspense

  1. Jacquie, I love the seductive opening and lure of reads that follow. I yearn for a vacation, a quiet spot and solitude to read all of these great books. Vacations are a time to play, relax as well as to feed and stimulate the mind with good reads. (-:

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    1. So true! Something we all need 🙂


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