Sunday #Recipe #Cooking up Memories-Easy Cabbage Rolls


Have you ever been at the end of your rope, ready to walk away from it all and give the world the big one finger salute?

My week has gone that way. It’s raining cats and dogs and our RV has developed a leak (over our bed!), I had an issue with a book I’m publishing in December, and the glass shower door shattered over my head and shoulders when I was trying to fix it the other night!




Luckily, I only received a couple of nicks and a sore head- it could have been much worse!

But enough of my whining, we’re starting a new week and I want to share a family favourite recipe with you- Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls

When my daughter was born, DH and I decided it was important for me to stay at home with her until she started school. This strained our finances, so I decided to join my mom and grandma at the local Farmers Market to raise extra cash. Problem was, me and crafts don’t get along. Mom has been taking baking in and Grandma had doilies. They suggested I try my hand at a lunch table, and the rest as they say, was history.

I started with soup and sandwiches and gradually added chilli, shepherds pie, stew. Whatever I made at home seemed to sell well at the market, but the most popular dish was my Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls and perogies.

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2 pounds med ground beef

2 cups uncooked long grain rice

1 large head green cabbage- chopped

1 med onion- chopped

3 cans cream of tomato soup ( choose a good brand)

Salt and pepper

1 Dutch oven

Preheat oven to 350

In large bowl, mix hamburger, chopped onion, rice, and a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Using the Dutch oven, place a layer of chopped cabbage in the bottom, then add a layer of hamburger/rice mixture. Continue in this order until ingredients are used, ending with a layer of cabbage on top.

Open two cans of soup and pour into the bowl you used for the hamburger mixture. Add a can and a half of warm water, stir until combined. Gently pour over the cabbage in the Dutch oven.

Place lid, or tin foil if you don’t have a lid, on pot and set in oven for 2.5 hours.

Remove pot from oven, uncover, and spread remaining can of soup over the top.

Return, uncovered, to oven and cook for half an hour longer.


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  1. I was raised on cabbage rolls and perogies. I don’t eat meat anymore but I make them without the hamburger and they are still great!! This looks like a quick and easy recipe. I hope your week gets better.

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  2. How come I didn’t think of this? I love this recipe, but red meat is history but ground turkey is in. Hmm. The taste wouldn’t be like memories but worth a try. Thanks for sharing, Jacquie. Ouch about your shower door. Scary to think how much worse it could’ve been.

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  3. I’m so sorry about the leaks and the shower. I hope your head feels better and your cuts are healing.

    We call this recipe cabbage roll casserole. My recipe is nearly the same; we do a mix of ground pork and beef rather than all beef, and we top the casserole with sauerkraut (adds a nice tang). So much faster this way than rolling all those leaves, and it tastes the same. Now you made me hungry for this. I might have to make it this week.

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    1. Lol, Mom would love you. She adds sauerkraut to everything!
      I like this method because the rice is permeated with the soup, rather than the rolls which are often dry.
      Thanks, Staci, I’m hoping this week is better 🙂

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  4. Good luck with your December release! And sorry about the leaks and shower door. I used to make cabbage rolls for my mother every Janurary for her birthday. She loved them but didn’t like the bother of the real things. This made me think of her. Thanks.

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  5. OMG Jacquie you really had no luck this week! My thoughts: I would never have thought adding tomato soup! Something with tomato yes because it must be yummy but isn’t it too liquid by the end?

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    1. I’m hoping my luck changes, lol.
      The soup is actually incorporated into the rice and meat as it cooks and turns into a dish full of flavor at the end 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, Sophie!


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