The Secret Art of Journaling

Sharon Wray​ shares the values of writing in a journal on the Sisterhood of Suspense​ #blog. This is something I’ve never tried, how about you? Do you have a journal?

Word by Word

“Everybody allows that the talent of writing agreeable letters is peculiarly female. Nature may have done something, but I am sure it must be essentially assisted by the practice of keeping a journal.” ~ Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey.

Despite Miss Jane’s quotation above, what do Marcus Aurelius, Louisa May Alcott, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Epictetus the Roman Slave have in common? They all kept extensive journals, recording their wistful desires, their secret needs, and the history going on around them. Journals that historians have found, read, and preserved for future generations.

While it’s fun to read other people’s words, especially those written during epic historical times, the beauty of these scribblings  is that they were never meant to be public. They were private conversations between the writer, his head, and his heart. I’m sure if Epictetus knew one day, over two thousand years after his death, that his…

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9 thoughts on “The Secret Art of Journaling

  1. I used to, and I loved journaling. Life got in the way, and it got pushed to the far, far back burner of my life.

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    1. I can see how that would happen. I’m boring, I wouldn’t know what to write in a journal, lol

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      1. It’s surprising what might come to you, Jacquie.

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  2. I have never felt the need to journal. I would be afraid I would write something in there and the wrong person would see it! 😂🤣😂

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  3. I always think journaling would be a great idea then I never follow through. Maybe I’ll keep up with it one of these days.

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    1. I’m the same way. I didn’t do a diary as a child, either, though many of my friends loved theirs.

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      1. I didn’t, either. Although my angst-riddled poetry of my teen years is pretty hilarious.

        Maybe I now write too much for a living to write something private for me.

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