Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Series – Sunday Author Interview – Coming Soon.

A fantastic opportunity from the the kind and generous Sally Cronin!

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Welcome to the new Sunday Interview series, and this time, the focus is on the authors in the Cafe and Bookstore.

At any time there are approximately 150 authors in the Cafe and Bookstore who have new releases or recent reviews. My focus for the rest of the year is going to be on those authors in the Cafe and Bookstore and on promoting new authors who would like to join them on the shelves.

If you are a new visitor to the blog and an author with recently published books or reviews then please pop in to the Cafe and find out how you can submit your books. It is completely FREE, and all I ask is your participation when your books are promoted. This includes responding to individual comments on your posts and sharing on your own social media.

Now to the new Sunday author interview.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Jacquie and look forward to hearing from you..hugsx

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  2. Staci Troilo says:

    Sally is so generous. So nice of her to come up with yet another way to promote authors.

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    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s a true gem!

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  3. That is very nice of Sally. Thanks to her for helping to promote.

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    1. She has the kindest heart!

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