February is National #Bird Feeding Month #Nature #SundayStills

Since moving to the west coast, DH and I have quickly become avid bird watchers. Being in Canada, we know how important it is to have food out for our feathered friends, but I hadn’t realized February was National Bird Feeding Month!

Check out Terri Schrandt’s interesting #blog to learn more and to participate in this week’s #SundayStills Challenge.

Here are some of the many birds we have on the island:







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  1. I didn’t know Feb. was birdwatching month. I love feeding the birds and beasties. We put out safflowers, oilers, mixed seeds, and peanuts, and get a decent selection of birds, squirresls, and chipmunks at our feeders (along with rabbits, opposums, and raccoons at night). A retired naturalist/park manager is in our writing club and brings bird articles to read when it’s his turn. Always interesting.

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