Nature’s Wonders- #SundayStills #photography

Nature is filled with wonders- we only have to open our eyes to behold the beauty.

This week’s #SundayStills #challenge from Terri Webster Schrandt is Near and Far. You can join in here.

Above is a photo taken last summer looking from the back of our postage stamp yard, forward. See the apple? First year tree and already producing!

Upon closer reflection, I found this cute little guy wandering the leaves.

My girl, soaking up the sun.

Hide and seek.

Our jungle.

Enjoying nature’s bounty.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to slow down and just breathe ❤

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  1. Postage stamp-sized or not, your yard is a gorgeous, lush slice of gardening heaven, Jacqui! Your images are just lovely and so clear and colorful! I’ve heard this may be a tough theme, so thanks for joining in and showing us how it’s done!

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  2. Jacquie, your post is just the tonic on another grey and damp winter’s day. 😀Your yard looks like a wonderful haven, and congratulations on your Apple tree! Ahh … I see your cat is very happy amongst the bushes! So sweet! Wishing you a lovely start to the week. Xx

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  3. The garden is lovely. The cat is a cutie. I could deal without creepie crawlies and frightening fliers, but I know they’re a valuable part of the ecosystem. I’m choosing to focus on the cat and the flowers. 🙂

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