My Happy Place #PacificOcean #SundayStills

Sunday Stills

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge by Terri Webster Schrandt is my happy place- water! You can join Terri’s challenge and view her wonderful photos here

The first time I saw the ocean was on our anniversary almost 36! years ago, and I swore then if I ever had the chance I was going to live nearby- and here we are!

Papa and kiddo flying kites
Kayak fun
Swan on the Gorge waterway
DH with his new camera
Wish I lived here!
My brother and girlfriend here for a visit
Tide pools
Airforce patrol
Northern island

Where is your happy place?

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  1. Oh Jacquie, I wish I lived in Canada. I have a friend that lives there also and from both your pics it looks so very beautiful. I love the lake and the beach too. I would say the beach has always been my happy place watching the waves crashing back and forth. One night we camped on the beach and it was wonderful to hear the ocean and be amongst the Sea air. My parents were from Wales so we were familiar with the ocean as young children and it was always our happy place growing up. Some things never change do they. I love your pics. 💕

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  2. I lived on the prairies for the first 40 years of my life and they will always be my home. But like you, the first time I visited the Pacific coast, I swore I would live there one day. And I did live there for 25 years and loved it. When it came to finding a place to retire, it had to be by the water, so we chose the Mediterranean Sea!! Your pictures are wonderful and made me a bit homesick.

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  3. The ocean never disappoints does it, Jacquie? Beautiful images of your favorite waterworld! I’m always amazed to see pine trees on the northern coastlines. So different than the beaches of San Diego where I grew up!

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  4. Beautiful pictures, Jacquie. Its been a year since I’ve been to the ocean, I’m way overdue. I love being by water, ocean, river and lakes, but I’m happy in the forest, too:)

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          1. We’re acting as if the pandmic is over because our press never stops falling for the gaslight, and most people want the isolation to end, I’d love to think it was over. But pver 3000 people have died since yesterday.


          2. I’m mis-remembering Jacquie. I forget I lose time. The death toll was 110,000 on June 5. That’s three days ago. It’s still unacceptable but I don’t want to be a source of misinformation.


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