Book Review – The Sister Pact: Home Is Where the Heart Is by Jacquie Biggar

Miriam Hurdle​ with a lovely review for The Sister Pact. Thank you, Miriam!

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My Book Review – The Sister Pact: Home Is Where the Heart Is by Jacquie Biggar

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The Sister Pact: Home is Where The Heart is by [Jacquie Biggar]My Review

The Sister Pact is a story about two sisters, Holly Tremaine and Susan, the twin brothers Steven and Levi. Holly was away from home for eight years to pursue her dream and became a violinist in New York. Her Lyme disease drove her home before Christmas holiday. Holly and her sister had grown apart for many unspoken issues. Holly was jealous of her sister marrying Steven who was once her boyfriend, and that her sister now had a husband with successful business as a Family Law Accredited Mediator, and their two lovely children. Whereas Susan was jealous of Holly being able to make her dream come true while she became a housewife and a mother but was short of pursuing her dream as a dancer with her own studio.

Steven invited his…

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29 Replies to “Book Review – The Sister Pact: Home Is Where the Heart Is by Jacquie Biggar”

      1. So sorry she’s still in the hospital, Jacquie. I hope she’s able to come home soon. It’s so difficult when someone you love is having health issues. I’m glad the reviews lifted your spirits. Sending you well wishes and hugs! 🙂

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        1. She lives next door, but there is no visiting in the hospital due to the Covid crisis.
          I’m used to seeing her every day, so this has been hard.
          Thanks, Miriam


          1. I know, Jacquie, it’s so hard for you not to be in the hospital with your mom. Is she able to talk on the phone? It’s still not the same. When I was in the hospital for cancer treatment, hubby brought work to the room and stayed with me. So being able to be there makes such a difference!

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