Joy of Plants- #SundayStills #Gardenlife

Climbing Hydrangea

Sunday Stills Challenge- Plant Life

This week’s photo challenge by Terri Webster Schrandt is one after my own heart! Stop by and check out her lovely pictures here

Our garden may be small, but it’s mighty 🙂

Strawberry and raspberry beds- loaded with berries!
A mixed be of lavender, sage, Hot Lips Salvia, apple and peach trees, and more- all in a 4X4 bed!
Peony- the first one I’ve ever had bloom!
Center of a strawberry- fascinating
Cherry tree highlighted by a gorgeous cloud cover

I better quit now, though I could go on forever. I love my garden ❤

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  1. Hi Jacquie, I’m visiting from Terri’s Sunday Stills photo challenge. How wonderful that you live on Vancouver Island. I’m in Toronto. I last visited VI last September. Your garden blooms are beautiful. The peony and clematis are stunning and oh those figs! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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  2. At first I thought it was a rose, but it’s a peony! Spectacular, Jacquie. No wonder you liked this challenge, you have an amazing garden and your images do it wonderful justice. As much as I enjoy my small deck and backyard garden, I do not have a green thumb. My silk peonies are quite lovely, LOL. And nice to know that the real peonies grow in your area, which means they might grow in my new area when I get moved up there! I am so looking forward to visiting more of WA state an into Canada and your neck of the woods. Thank you for faithfully contributing your lovely photos to Sunday Stills the last few weeks!

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  3. Gorgeous garden, Jacquie! I liked all the plants in your 4 x 4 bed.
    I planted strawberries when I was in Oregon. I planted raspberries in my current garden one year but our summer is too hot for that. I could go on and on with my garden also.

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