Exploring the Weird and the Wild on #SundayStills #Photography

Aerial shot of helicopter flying over power lines

Weird and Wild Photography Challenge- Sunday Stills

This week, Terri Webster Shrandt challenges to find the weird and the strange in our photos. You can join the Sunday Stills challenge here.

I’m also participating in Becky B’s July Squares challenge. You can check it out here.

I was playing with an app on Facebook and came up with this weird and wacky photo of… Me!

Hello, Miss birdy, why don’t you ever fly away?

This wild hummingbird sat and talked to us for quite a while.

Wild cloud formation

Weird and wild moss hanging off a tree near the lagoon.

Weird and wild car seen on our travels.

My weird and wonderful Mickey dog. He was a 3lb. Mexican Chihuahua with a gimpy front leg, skin that turned pink in the winter, black in summer, and a tongue Gene Simmons would be proud of.

15 thoughts on “Exploring the Weird and the Wild on #SundayStills #Photography

  1. I love your wild and weird collection, Jacquie, quite the array of interesting shots! The helicopter definitely fits that weird category poised so delicately on those wires! You’re a bit like me, taking pics of everything! Thanks for linking up today!

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    1. It sounded like it was going to land on our heads! Lol

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  2. What a collection!

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  3. Definitely fun photos for a Sunday.

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  4. I liked the lovely photo from Facebook, Jacquie!

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  5. I love them all. But the skeleton in the car made me take a second look!

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  6. Love your collection, Jacquie. Especially Mickey, who has a tongue Gene Simmons would be proud of (I’m a KISS fan!).

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    1. Lol, he was a sweetheart (Mickey, I don’t know about Gene Simmons 😊)


  7. What an exciting showcase of weird and wild! I love it!☕️☕️🍃🍃

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    1. Lol, thanks AOC 😊 Hope you have a sunny weekend!

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