#SundayStills- It’s a Bird’s Life

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge- birds that visit your yard

Terri Webster Schrandt has a wonderful blog where she posts a weekly photography challenge. Check it out here

My Iphone doesn’t do these birds justice, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite bird pics, anyway. Some are taken from the beach about two miles from home- that counts as backyard, doesn’t it?

Young eagles flying above our yard. I grabbed up my cat before she became lunch!
A hawk stopping for a look-see
hummingbird in flight
Practicing yoga
Mallard and sandpiper
A pelican?
Seagulls standing guard

It’s chilly here on the west coast, this morning. How is it where you live?

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  1. I am SO happy you are back participating in Sunday Stills, Jacquie! I missed you! Regardless of the image quality, you made a good effort! I am super impressed with your bald eagle pics! I can’t wait to capture some of my own with MY lens! They are such stately birds!

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    1. They’re amazing! I was enjoying coffee one morning, staring out my window, when something dropping in the backyard caught my eye.
      The next second a small bird zipped by with a hawk hot on its tail!
      The small bird escaped, but the hawk banged into the arbor bench in the front yard, shook it off, and gave chase straight into the center of a cedar hedge across the road. Craziest thing I ever saw, lol

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  2. Hi Jacquie, these are beautiful bird pictures. I love hummingbirds, we don’t get them here. It is very hot here, already reaching temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius. I think we are going to have an unbearable hot summer again.

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