Ichabod Crane and the Van Tassel Feast

Can you imagine growing up in the land of Ichabod Crane? My friend, Sharon Wray, did and lived to tell the story! 🙂

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Because it’s almost Halloween, I thought I’d do something different for today’s blog post.

I grew up close to Tarrytown, NY near where the Dutch settled in the mid-seventeenth century and the story of Ichabod Crane and his headless horseman took place. We took many school trips to Tarrytown in the fall, but I never got tired of wandering around the old cemeteries, Revolutionary War skirmish sites, and throwing apples at the tree where Major Andre was supposedly hanged. (I don’t remember why we did that!) Anyway, I especially loved the bonfires with the live readings of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving’s famous short story. After the reading, we’d go to a nearby inn where we’d drink hot cider and eat apple cakes and ginger cakes.

Why those two cakes? Because they’re mentioned in the story when Washington Irving gives us a wonderful description of the Van…

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  1. Years back, my family and I lived in Ossining and would make the short drive to Sleepy Hollow and walk among the headstones. The stories captured and the stories inspired always sparked plenty of conversation. Thanks for posting this, Jacquie. 🙂

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