Layers Upon Layers- #SundayStills #Photography

This Week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is all about Texture

Terri Webster Shrandt hosts a fun weekly photography challenge that you can join in on here

It’s autumn in Canada, a time for color and texture, warm coats and frosty breaths.

I love the warmth of these berries against the cool shade of rock. The robins will pick this clean by Christmas!

Our maple has lost its leaves now, but the color was just glorious!

So many wonderful textures to appreciate; from the climbing hydrangea holding on to its summer glory, to the iron table with its charming legs, and my gargoyle friend who watches over our yard.

A Clematis after losing its petals

This cantaloupe is a furry little guy!

A raindrop caught on the petal of my hydrangea

What do textures mean for you?

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  1. Beauttiful photos, Jacquie. I’m also Canadian, so I appreciate the colorful pallette on display every year. I love the red that some Maple trees turn. The gargoyle, by the way, already looks cold. 🙂

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    1. Maybe he needs a toque? 😊 We’ve been blessed with a warmer than normal winter across Canada so far this year. Last year around this time, my daughter was getting unburied by the National Guard from an epic snowfall!

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