My Christmas Gift to You- #VirtuallyGone #Suspense #ReadersCommunity

Virtually Gone is a police procedural suspense novel with engaging characters and enough twists and turns to keep mystery lovers happily turning the pages.

Virtually Gone is #free Dec 22-26, just in time for Christmas!

Have any last minute gifts to buy? A reader in your family? Need a me-moment?

Virtually Gone is a police procedural suspense novel with engaging characters and enough twists and turns to keep mystery lovers happily turning the pages.

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Jacquie Biggar, comes a gripping techno-thriller, part of a multi-author series tied together by an interlocking cast of characters, all centered around the fantastic new promise of high technology and the endless possibilities for crime that technology offers, in a world where getting away with murder can be not only plausible, but easy…if you just know how..

Investigative reporter Julie Crenshaw stumbles upon the case of a lifetime–one that could cost her everything.

When Julie is called on to investigate a string of sexual abuse cases, she doesn’t expect to land in the crosshairs of a serial rapist. Soon she’s in a race to find the facts before a killer makes her the headline.

Detective Matthew Roy is frustrated with his inability to track a rapist terrorizing his city. Added to that, his partner’s reporter girlfriend is dogging his every step and won’t heed his warnings. Time is ticking with the perpetrator escalating his crime to murder. Matt needs to find the killer soon, or chance losing someone he cares for- the question is, how?

★★★★★ “This author is an auto-buy for me. Each of her novels including this one is a perfect mix of angst, suspense, humor, and steaminess.”

Virtually Gone: A Mended Souls Novel (High-Tech Crime Solvers Book 6)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085PQTV69

International: https://books2read.com/VirtuallyGone

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/books/virtually-gone-a-mended-souls-novel-high-tech-crime-solvers-book-6-by-jacquie-biggar

Add to your TBR List: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52329219-virtually-gone

What Readers are Saying

Absolutely the best mystery I have read in a long time. I was gifted a free book from the author, I have never read this author before. She now has a brand new fan and I will be buying this series and I am sure more from this talented author.

Amazon Reviewer

I loved the way that the author writes about the technology used in the investigation. I also enjoyed the interactions and bantering back and forth between the characters. This is a fast-paced book that will keep you guessing. I highly recommend reading it.

Amazon Reviewer

Exclusive Excerpt

Glen Lake reflected the moon’s glow, dancing with ghostly fingers of fog that coiled through the tall fir trees circling the water. The body was a dark mound on the grass near the public restroom, hand splayed out like a silent cry for help.

Matt clenched his fists. “Where the hell were the extra patrols I ordered?”

“Last time I checked, nobody made you captain yet, Roy. We’re already spread thin with these protests and lack of funding. We’re doing the best we can,” D’Costa said, his face grim as he squatted near the woman’s head. “Second homicide in a month—you’re racking them up, Detective. Figure this one links to the rapist case?”

“You know what they say about assumptions, right?” Connor hiked up the sidewalk from the beach where he’d been talking to investigators. “Let’s stick with the facts and leave the guessing to the press.” He nodded to a couple of dark figures stringing yellow tape around the playground. “Mind giving those two a hand setting up a perimeter?”

D’Costa rose. “Yeah, sure. Did anyone hear anything?”

“Esposito is doing a door-to-door as we speak.”

The ME’s van pulled into the parking lot.

“Maybe now we can get some answers.” Connor met Matt’s gaze as D’Costa headed across the loamy grass. “Something you want to talk about?”

Matt frowned. “This is our fault. If we were doing our job, she’d be alive.” He scrubbed the back of his neck. “It’s frustrating as hell.”

Connor nodded. “I get it, really I do. But going off on our guys isn’t going to solve anything. We’re on the same side, don’t forget that.”

Matt thrust his hands in his pockets and watched his friend stride up the walk to meet the M.E. If he didn’t get control of his temper, his days of working this investigation were numbered. He couldn’t stand the thought of stepping back—not now that they were finally getting somewhere. Ten long years his family had been without answers in his sister’s murder—it was time to catch her killer.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


17 comments on “My Christmas Gift to You- #VirtuallyGone #Suspense #ReadersCommunity

  1. Gwen M. Plano

    Merry Christmas, Jacquie, and thank you for gifting Virtually Gone. I’ve just picked up my copy. 😊

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  2. Got my copy – thanks, Jacquie, and Merry Christmas!

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  3. What a wonderful gift! Merry Christmas!

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  4. Thanks for the book Jacqui. Happy Christmas

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  5. Thank you for your virtuai gift, Jacquie. I have it on my Kindle already. Merry Christmas!😊🎄☃️

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  6. Merry Christmas Jacquie.

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  7. I just downloaded my copy! Looking forward to a great read! Thank you, Jacquie. Merry Christmas!

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  8. I have this on my TBR, Jacquie, to read in 2021.

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