Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic

The Carrot Ranch celebrates a friend to many- Sue Vincent!

Myths of the Mirror

I’m so pleased to share this, and you bet I’m saddling up!

For those of you who don’t know Sue Vincent, she’s one of those special bloggers in our community who inspires people all over the world with her beautiful posts and #writephoto prompts. Sue has tirelessly supported other bloggers and it shows. She now has 19,000 followers and counting.

Recently, Sue encountered a new and difficult challenge: lung cancer. To make matters worse, the Covid-19 pandemic not only poses a serious threat to someone with a severe respiratory illness but has resulted in the loss of human connection when it’s needed most.

Now it’s time for Sue to receive something back from the community she’s supported for a decade. Let’s come together with hearts full of joy.

Join us for theSue Vincent Rodeo Classicat theCarrot Ranch!

One way to participate in the Classic is to…

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  1. A nice share in tribute, Jacquie. I am not very familiar with Sue Vincent’s works.I do recall her shares as being quite colorful and rodeos are exciting. Miraculous prayers to Sue and thank you Jacquie for being a dear and inspirational friend with helping hands and a big heart! )))❤️(((

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