Cut yourself some slack

A wonderful post on the Word by Word​ #blog by Kathryn Jane​ on giving yourself a break.

Word by Word

On the first Tuesday of every month, I’m “supposed” to post a blog entry here on Word By Word.

But I’m running a bit late, because over the last week or so life got complicated and much sleep was missed.

Stuff piled up.

My emotional and creative wells hadn’t run dry, but I just couldn’t seem to concentrate. To get words to stick on the page.

My subject of choice had been “planning and goal setting.”

I began to write about how I’m not a planner, therefore don’t set goals. For me, there are lots of dreams that lead to looking at possibilities, and creating options in my mind.

  • If “A” happens, I’ll be able to do ____
  • If “B” happens, I’ll go to ___ instead
  • If “C” happens, I will have three more options

But all these ideas are simply “explored,” as opposed to being thought through in detail…

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  1. Jan Sikes says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jacquie! I’m heading over to read the rest!

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    1. Thanks, Jan 😊


  2. I hopped over to read Kathryn’s post. Giving ourselves a break is hard to do but so necessary. Thanks for sharing. Everyone should pop over to read it.

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    1. We tend to be the hardest on ourselves. Thanks for recommending Kathryn’s post, Mary ❤️

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  3. A nice intro Jacquie! A short story read on cats are no doubt, heartwarming for any time of day and especially with a great cup of coffee! Cheers!💓🍮🍮🔔💕🍂🍂

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    1. I just saw a news clip that a few minutes of reading a day can significantly drop the chance of a heart attack. If that’s not a reason to read, I don’t know what is! lol

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      1. LOL! That’s Jacquie, all things in moderation. A little bit at a time. I think we are moving too fast through too much!

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