A stunningly beautiful short story from D. Wallace Peach- one of my very favorite writers!

Myths of the Mirror

Photo prompt “Hidden” by Sue Vincent


Her sable brush roamed the canvas. Delicate strokes of umber and ochre for the barren branches. Burnt sienna for the dying autumn leaves.

She paused. Amused.

Had she painted autumn’s abandoned twigs? Or young buds, heralds of the coming green? She savored her newfound uncertainty. Fall or Spring? Snow a foretelling of what was to come or a last gust of cold breath before the skies turned blue?

Her lover leaned over her shoulder, adding bergamot to scents of oil and turpentine. “Why the gray skies?”

She angled a smile. “Because the liminal world is rarely black and white.”


I wrote (3) 99-word stories for the Sue Vincent Rodeo over at Carrot Ranch. Then, I read the fine print and discovered I could only submit (2). Uh oh. Decisions, decisions. Well, this is the one that I didn’t submit.

Remember that submissions…

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  1. Thanks again, Jacquie, for sharing my flash story. I’m just tickled by your comment and that you enjoyed the read. I hope you’ll play along and add your wonderful talent to the fun. Happy Writing, my friend. ❤ ❤ Hugs!

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